Anti-Gay NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan Conducting RNC’s Closing Prayer

DolanRNCCatholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has confirmed that he'll be delivering the closing prayer after the Republican National Convention next week. His office insists, however, that he's not there to endorse any particular politics.

"The Cardinal made it clear to the RNC (and to the Democratic National Committee as well) that he was only there to offer a prayer, not to engage in any partisan politics and that he would be willing to accept a similar invitation from the DNC if they were to invite him to pray at their Convention as well,” a spokesman told CNN.

Odd that Dolan claims not to be endorsing any partisan issue, because he has been an outspoken opponent of marriage equality, discriminatory politics enshrined in the GOP's official party platform.


  1. Daniel says

    Actually he is dressed like a Christmas Elf.
    I think he does this to get close the kids lining to sit on Santa’s knee.

  2. Rafael says

    As a catholic myself. I feel ashamed these individuals use their power to perpetuate social divisions. Cardinal Dolan should know better.

    Mathew 12:25
    Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.

  3. Seamus says

    Since Cardinal Dolan is the head of the Conference of Catholic Bishops who condemned the Ryan budget plan in an elaborate open statement, I find it interesting from a psychopathological viewpoint that he would accept such an invitation.

  4. Markt says

    Asking an individual in a leadership position from a specific denomination to speak at a political convention would have been frowned upon by the founders. Jefferson refused to speak at churches and said there is an absolute “wall between church and state.” Madison opposed having chaplains of any sort in the military. This is the most unpatriotic event of my lifetime.

  5. Jack M says

    If he’s not there to endorse the GOP’s politics, then why does the Church’s teachings line up so well with them? We are well on the road to becoming a theocracy.

  6. maddM@ says

    my hopes are that this plus Paul Ryan on a ticket wigs out enough of the really conservative protestants that always think catholics in office are really just trying to deliver the leadership to the papacy and will not vote for them *fingers crossed*

  7. anon says

    Has Christmas come early this year? He won this probably because of the marriage fight in NY.

  8. Opinionated says

    And the Catholic church remains disgusting, shocking. Also, if you do not want to engage in partisan politics then you should not accept an invitation from either the Republicans or Democrats. Really quite simple.

  9. Marc C says

    It’s nice to see consistency in the morally vacant. They couldn’t have chosen better!

  10. Rob says

    Do we really have to be nice here? The head of the Child Rape Church in the U.S. on the stage of the Republican Party’s Nominating convention………lolololololololol Oh, this isn’t endorsement? Hahahah Dude you with with red bloated face in the “red” dress are on the stage with all the other politicians who are endorsing candidates! IRS IRS IRS IRS IRS It’s time the Child Rape Church loses it’s tax exempt status.

  11. says

    When is the catholic church going to have to register as a lobbyist? They definately have an agenda, they donate to anti gay and anti gay marriage causes and now Dolan in speaking at the republican convention, when are they going to be forced to register and file the appropriate forms that lobby groups are required to file?

  12. andrew says

    More distressing than Tim Dolan’s appearence at the RNC is the fact that in the U S in 2012 our two major political parties and all our politicians have to continue to pray to an imaginary diety.

  13. EdA says

    Of course, for compliance with tax laws that are supposed to bar non-profits from campaigning for or against candidates, Cardinal Dolan HAS to make it clear that he is not officially endorsing the candidate who shares his hostility towards civil rights.

    It would be interesting to see how Cardinal Dolan addresses — assuming he does at all — the fact that the economic agenda, already being enacted, by the sociopaths and psychopaths of the Republican Party (the only part of the GOP agenda that the bishops have not gone along with) is thoroughly condemned by Jesus.

  14. i could go on, but I won't says

    Maybe he’ll perform an exorcism on the Republican Party!

    Their heads might spin around and cover the arena in green vomit, hey, it could happen.