Anti-Gay Russians File $10 Million Suit Against Madonna For ‘Moral Suffering’ And Procreative Anxiety

MadgeRussiaA group of ten anti-gay activists are suing Madonna after the singer praised equality during her concert in St. Petersburg, where saying nice things about LGBT people is against the law.

According to the activists, Madonna's pro-gay comments caused them "moral suffering" and so they're each entitled to one million bucks.

"[Madonna] had been warned with words that she should behave in line with the law and she ignored it. So we will speak in the language of money," disturbed plaintiff Darya Dedova said, according to Reuters.

Another activist worried that Madonna's LGBT-friendly ways would adversely impact Mother Russia's procreation rate: "Maybe someone does not see the link but after Madonna's concert maybe some boy becomes gay, some girl becomes lesbian, fewer children are born as a result and this big country cannot defend its borders – for me it causes moral suffering."

The group says they plan on donating the money to an orphonage. Sadly for those hypothetical orphans, these people will never, ever see that money. Nor, I'm guessing, will St. Petersburg see the $17,000 they fined Madge for the same appearance.


  1. Roman Bolliger says

    These aggressive russian anti-gay activists present themselves to the world as fragile and hypersensible mimosas, real sissies….Unlike mature humans they’ re unwilling to cope with differences and demonstrate the poisonous and debilitating effect of religion on weak creatures. Russia seems to be full of these…Poor Russia!

  2. Homo Genius says

    I have a feeling most boys have “turned” gay BEFORE going to a Madonna concert. They have the cause and effect backwards.

    But seriously, Russia has some real real problems they should be dealing with. Like Krokodil.

  3. Drake says

    Well I think as an european, that Russia is following the lead of their former nemesis. They have found that religion is the cure for everything and gives the people a sense of nationality. Ask the patriache Kiril in russia, I guess he likes that the leader of the land has to say God bless after every nationalist statement. And I am sorry that you still haven´t posted the sad conviction of pussy riot.

  4. Janice is Here says

    Madonna is trying to copy Lady Gaga now by being a gay rights activist. She doesn’t realize that Lady Gaga is a respected worldwide celebrity that most people look up to. In turn, Madonna is doing damage by plagiarizing Lady Gaga.

  5. graphicjack says

    Janice… gawd, what a revisionist you are. Madonna has been a gay ally and activist since the beginning of her career… over 25 YEARS ago. Nice try trying to say your Mother Monster is the first and only gay activist. I am soooo tired of reading assinine comments like yours on posts about Madonna. Saying lies about Madonna doesn’t help your precious “Mother”. Why not be gracious and grateful to both celebrities for what they have done and continue to do to help out our community? We all know Gaga wouldn’t have become a gay activist if Madonna didn’t do it first, since she seems hell-bend on stealing her entire career. However, I am grateful for her work regardless of her motivations… every bit helps.

    As for these wimps whining that Madonna has caused them “moral suffering”, I say grow a pair and good luck trying to take on Team Madonna. Her lawyers are going to eat you alive.

  6. Todd says

    They wouldn’t have such MORAL problems if they’d stop two of their largest exports, which are porn and brides. I mean really, when did they stop trying to be a new world leader. They had so much promise after the Kremiln fell and the USSR broke up. Now it seems they are reverting to the staunch days of sad represiveness.

  7. MaddM@ says

    Russia was having many pogroms against jews around the time the Nazis rose to power in Germany, and I think it was only by grace of goddess that Stalin and Hitler ended up at each others’ throats instead of allies in hardcore nationalism. Although the fact that these lawsuits are given even a shred of legitimacy shows how absolutely out there these russians are, which I think was Madge’s point, on this tour she’s been baiting extremists both prudish and xenophobic.

    I watched the clip of her speech, it must have been awesome to be in that queer space at the concert in that awful hateful city. The fact that they claim the money would have gone to orphanages is just too over the top even for me, and as a madonna fan I had thought the area of my brain that senses over-the-topness had burnt out

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