Bill Banning ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Headed To California Gov. Brown

BrownInterviewCalifornia state senators put the final stamp of approval on a proposed law banning so-called "ex-gay" reparative therapy for minors in the Golden State.

"The entire house of medicine has rejected this phony and sham therapy. It really is junk science," Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu said before the final, 22-12 partisan vote that came after the Assembly gave the bill a thumbs up this week.

He continued, "The American Psychiatric Assn. says it poses great risk to individuals including feelings of guilt, self-hatred, shame. Some people commit suicide having gone through this."

Lieu's Republican colleague and an opponent of the bill, Doug La Malfa, claimed the law infringed on family rights. "The Legislature should not be meddling in that level of a decision that families would need to make on whether psychiatric help is needed," he claimed.

"There are people who may want counseling on this, and this legislation is so far reaching it eliminates the option. That’s not right." What's not right is that such therapies often lead to more psychological woes and, in some cases, suicide.

Gov. Jerry Brown (pictured, many years ago, on Interview) will now review and hopefully sign the bill into law.


  1. Pete N SFO says

    There’s no restriction on counseling… there’s about to be a law on idiotic ex-gay therapy.

    It’s 2012, Loser.

    The only place people like you survive in America, is in your insulated, crazy-enabling world, or in Politics!

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    “There are people who may want counseling on this, and this legislation is so far reaching it eliminates the option.”

    As I understand it, the final version of the bill is more political theater than of any import, as it applies only to people accredited by organizations, like the APA, which already believe that reparative therapy is harmful.

    There is no such impact on therapists who are not so accredited.

  3. Mark says

    Doug La Malfa is the biggest redneck, republican racist ever. I mean seriously…have you investigated his history? of course he’d vote against a bill that seeks saving gay childrens lives.

  4. says

    In this bill, if the child feels there is any type of conversion therapy happening without the childs will…it is illegal. And an investigation can and will take place if this bill passes. It basically gives some freedom to these voiceless children who didn’t have any before. Now they can object…to an actual authority process of the state, because this form of forcing children to change who they inherently are is viewed as a form of child abuse. Rightfully so.

  5. Dynex says

    It IS child abuse. Not if, not maybe, the studies, statistics, research, reporting, documentaries, and thousands of lives suffered and lost prove the damages are beyond abuse, they are brutal abuse. That’s not really up for debate. Glad it was important enough to be passed so prominently and a law be made. About time!

  6. Dan B says

    The link to this article was a bit misleading. On the main page said:
    “A few days ago we reported that California had banned ‘gay conversion’ therapy for minors and now a bill banning ‘ex-gay’ therapy altogether is now headed to the state’s Governor.”
    This makes it sound like there are two separate laws, one banning it for minors and another banning it for adults, but that’s not the case. This should be clarified on the main page.

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