Boycott Launched Against Amway for President’s $500,000 Donation to ‘National Organization for Marriage’

Fred Karger's organization Rights Equal Rights has launched a boycott of Amway for its President Doug DeVos' sizable donations to the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

Writes the group: Amway

On August 3, 2012 Rights Equal Rights launched a global boycott of Amway / Alticor and all its divisions and family owned businesses because of its President and company owner Doug DeVos’ $500,000 contribution to the National Organization (NOM) for Marriage. This contribution recently came to light from the federal IRS 990 tax filing of the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation.

NOM is boycotting Starbucks and General Mills for simply supporting marriage equality in their home states, and is busily defending its staunch ally Chick-fil-A. We at Rights Equal Rights feel that it is important to support our friends and equally important to keep pressure on the mega- donors to NOM and other likeminded organizations and individuals who so vigorously oppose Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) equality.

A global boycott of Amway will let others know that there are consequences for giving massive amounts of money to take away the rights of a minority. We will be closely watching the donors who contribute to the anti-gay sides of the four upcoming November 6 th marriage elections in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington State.

A laundry list of Amway's products and brands (here) is targeted in the boycott.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Geez! Does Amway still exist? They kind-of faded-away after a surge in the 70s-80s and I thought they were gone. No need for me to boycott; I wouldn’t buy their stuff anyway.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    This is an outrage. This will have a chilling effect on our first amendment rights.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Alex that what I thought also.
    Lets see if the NOM bunch runs out and buys up there junk products.

  4. Icebloo says

    I had never heard of this company so I checked out the petition and I don’t buy any of their products anyway. I signed the petition in support !

  5. Craig says

    Yeah, this one’s easy. Never heard of any of their products. Is this a mid-west thing? I see a lot of Michigan in that list. Of course Chit-fil-a is easy too, never eaten there so apparently I’ll never know what I’m missing.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Beef and Fur: I guess it’s OK when anti-LGBT groups exercise their 1st amendement rights but not for LGBT groups to do so?

  7. Mike B. says

    So what? We’re supposed to support businesses we don’t agree with? When’s the last time your church donated to the porn industry

    The huge mental disconnect Xtians experience is incredible.

  8. Drew Boo says

    Amway is a Pyramid Scheme under the guise of “multi-level marketing” – the president has likely has billions of dollars. $500,000 to him is a tuesday lunch. I dont know why anyone buys Amway – their products are way overpriced.

  9. AJ says

    @MIKE: Their religion is not based on reality. It’s not a concept. They really do believe there is a magical man somewhere floating around watching us. It doesn’t surprise me that their arguments are so face-palmingly ridiculous because I think all of it is.

  10. EchtKultig says

    Wow…the 15 LGBT households across the country who use their products aren’t going to anymore. I’m sure they are really quaking in their boots LOL. BTW this company’s “christian” and Republican affiliation was well known over 20 years ago. The person who tried to sell it in my neighborhood was an obnoxious church lady. It’s probably mostly sold by people through connections they form in a church congregations. Might be why some of you haven’t heard of it. Another silly, hysterical boycott that will serve no purpose other than to negatively foreground the gay community before an election.

  11. Disgusted American says

    I thought AMWAY went out of business years ago – everyone knows thwey are a Pyramid scheme

  12. Beef and Fur says


    Apparently you don’t get cable at the rock you’ve been living under…or sarcasm

  13. say what says

    uhm; who besides dominionist name it claim it xtianistas do amway anyway?

    Its a financial psudo religious cult

  14. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Beef and Fur,

    Why are boycotts an outrage? African-Americans boycotted the Montgomery bus system after Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955, and no one ever accused them of suppressing the First Amendment rights of the people who ran the Montgomery public transit system. Boycotts are an expression of First Amendment rights, not a threat to the First Amendment.

  15. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Beef and Fur,

    By the way, what is your take on the Christian-led boycotts of J.C. Penny and Starbucks? You think those are legitimate expressions of free speech, and you don’t have a problem with the Christian-led boycotts of pro-gay businesses? Please explain your thoughts for the rest of us.

  16. Francis says

    I’m getting pretty tired of reading how some of you self-hating queens are up in arms that the community and our allies are actually standing up and speaking out against anti-gay bigotry. If you want change, we have to make it happen, now more than ever. If you don’t like the current direction of this path towards change, then why don’t those complaining do something about it themselves. But don’t whine about others doing the dirty work that you’re clearly not willing to do.

  17. Brian says

    I never purchase Amway products because several groups who monitor such things consider them to be a cult.

  18. EchtKultig says

    Francis, there’s a little expression you should know: “choosing your battles carefully”. Crazy Christianist pyramid scheme owner funds antigay organization…news at 11 LOL. Big surprise there. I don’t have a problem with a boycott but it’s not a politically opportune time to announce yet another one…given what a debacle the CFA situation has turned into. I hardly ever eat fast food but I’d decided years ago not to eat there…they might not have publicized their donations then, but they didn’t make a secret of why they closed on Sunday. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Now Faux News can spend another week energizing the Republican base by covering the likely “Amway Rallies” to follow…which as I’m trying to pound into people’s little skulls around here, are only going to help Romney in the election.

  19. says

    We should ABSOLUTELY boycott companies that work to target us. Some gays TRULY are desensitized to being told to go in the back of the bus. They’ll march right back there before even being told to. The rest of us have way too much self respect. We will continue to speak up and speak out against any and all who aim to target us. The days of “nice little shy gay” are over. Our community found it’s back bone and we’re not begging for respect anymore. We’re DEMANDING equality. Don’t like it? move out of the way, and do your own approach. You have that right. But don’t for oen second think this gay community, who is entirely fed up with overwhelming homophobia will easily put up with it. Hell no!

  20. Ken says

    Does anyone know what happened to the boycott of Century and Cinemark movie theatres after their CEO gave to the Prop 8 campaign in 2008? Point is if we start these things we need to follow through if we want it to have an impact.

  21. Beef and Fur says

    @ Fartie in Lauderdale and others

    Jesus Christ on a triscuit…SARCASM…it’s the exact comment that Sara Palin made in response to our calls for a Chick Fil A boycott. Sarcasm. >_<

  22. Morton says

    @ Ken

    No point is, you don’t work in public relations. Trust me, as someone who does, one of the first things you learn is NO BRAND wants to alienate ANYONE in anything, much less gays. Many companies go out of their way to not offend gay people because it spells disaster. Chik Fil A may be getting support, but trust me when I say, they wish this all never happened because their reviews and cosumer number has declined, and their PR people have been working over time. Not to mention, the consequences of the backlash they’ll face behind the scenes (want to open in a liberal town? watch theextra rules & regulations a gay friendly town will stamp on them to make it hell for them) they realize that, and regret it.
    Trust….no comapny wants it to be revealed that they are homophobic. NONE. If it slips, they may get temporary celebrations from their ilk, but the corporates and PR peeps are NOT celebrating.

  23. Jackson says

    I don’t put my earned earned money toward those who wish to eliminate my rights. THIS particular boycott will be especially easy.

  24. MajorTrunk says

    It just feels better to spend my money where I know it’s appreciated, or at least I know I’m not shooting myself in the foot by spending it in a known homophobes establishment. I really feel sorry for the mental state of any gay person who *donates* (and that’s what you’re doing) money to known bigots and their companies. Why not just directly donate to NOM and cut the middle man out? And don’t answer. I don’t engage in conversation with sell-outs.

  25. says

    This one is going to be way easy to boycott. I love knowing who’s on my side, and who I have to avoid. It makes things more transparent.

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Beef and Fur: Apparently you also live under a rock but are new to the internet and gay websites. If it looks like a troll, walks like a troll, and quacks like a troll, you are a troll, no matter how much you are now trying to scream “sarcasm”.

  27. Ricky K says

    Amway did 10.9 billion last year–and since almost nobody in the comment section bought any, or didn’t know Amway still existed, I doubt if a boycott will be noticed

  28. David Black-Downes says

    Remember Iraq sub-contractor Blackwater? Founder Eric Prince is married to one of DeVoss’ daughters.

  29. Art Smith says

    Be loud and be proud to be gay. Never apologize or ahy away from being gay or people knowing you’re gay because thats the mission of these people, to shame you back in the closet. I always hold my partners hand.

  30. says

    The lack of intelligence OR the inability to grasp the fact that Beef and Fur was being SARCASTIC is beyond the pale.

  31. Beef and Fur says

    @ Tre

    Thank you. Artie and Diowhatever could possibly just be suffering waffle fry withdrawal. I know I miss the sugar free lemonade the fascist bastards made.

    I can see how they can be confused. I’ve been commenting here for 5+ years using this handle. Also confusing, since the new plan from the conservative right is to infiltrate gay blog sites and go under the radar using names like “Beef and Fur”…

  32. Beef and Fur says


    I am outraged that you think me a troll. This is a chilling effect on my first amendment rights. As soon as I can find batteries for my camcorder, I am going to do a video in front of my trash cans holding a bag of Amway Ultra Concentrated Carpet Shampoo and Men’s Essential Multivitamins.

  33. Beef and Fur says


    Of course, you could be using sarcasm…’s just sooooo hard to tell around here.

  34. howard says

    this is no joke. there is an attempt to defeat american democracy and replace it with a combination theocracy , nazi type of government. corporations have boycotted al gore’s current cable network , and now it is up for sale . they claim that this country is not watching progressive programs. yet the 2012 election shows that fox news can not deliver these neo nazi candidates to office. we all must remember that together , all of us can preserve democracy for our children and grandchildren.