Hypocritical Conservatives Call On Fox, Bill O’Reilly To Stop Booking Pro-Equality Activist Wayne Besen

From the conservative coalition's press release:

The SPLC and Wayne Besen are united in demonizing conservative organizations and individuals. Despite repeated complaints about Besen's appearances, producers of the O'Reilly Factor continue to feature Besen, a radical homosexual activist aligned with the SPLC, as a guest commentator.

Last year the controversial Besen and his SPLC ally jointly staged a protest  outside of FRC's Values Voters conference, falsely accusing FRC and the American Family Association of hatred and lies. Besen publicly labeled FRC's conservative speakers as "certifiable lunatics with dangerous agendas."  Both Besen and the SPLC took out an ad in the Washington Post falsely blaming FRC for gays being more likely "to be victimized by violent hate crimes" and "driven to suicide by relentless bullying."

Besen and the SPLC also target the ex-gay community, claiming that former homosexuals are a "myth" and that ex-gays are not entitled to the same rights and respect that gays currently enjoy.  In a bizarre move, Besen and SPLC are now filing complaints against therapists who counsel homosexuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, thereby denying gays the right of therapeutic self-determination.

It is time that the O'Reilly Factor cease using Besen as a guest commentator. Providing Besen with a forum lends credibility to his pernicious tactics and enables Besen to exploit his appearances for fundraising purposes.
When Fox News provides a forum to a radical homosexual activist known for employing inflammatory and hateful language in the service of promoting lies, the network becomes complicit in the damage done to the victims of Wayne Besen's and the SPLC's smear campaigns.
We ask the News Corporation, Fox News, and Bill O'Reilly to find more ethical spokespersons for the liberal view of sexuality. In their infamous Washington Post ad accusing FRC of hateful values, Besen and the SPLC claim that "words have consequences."  Yes, they do. And Besen's may lead to violence.

The press release also uses "liberal journalist" Dana Milbank's assertion that the FRC is not a hate group to bolster their point.


  1. Dave says

    Wonder what the neo-fascists are thinking when they come up with this stuff? A significant percentage of the time it is simple projection. They try to stifle free speech and deny scientific evidence, and then claim everyone else is doing that. Claim it loud and often enough, with enough money behind it, and the public presumes there is some truth there. As they melt in the Midwest and South, they continue to deny global warming. So no surprise here.

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  3. anon says

    The difference is that FRC condemns all gays while Besen only condemns the FRC and similar groups. Were their logic to hold, not only would they exclude themselves but just about any talking head that disagreed with someone would be excluded.

  4. Wdeanis says

    “ex-gays are not entitled to the same rights and respect gays currently enjoy.”

    Everyone enjoying themselves still? Does anyone need their drink refreshed? It’s such a pool party of repsect around here

  5. says

    You will discover absolutely no thoughts which explain just how i feel concerning this lady. Actual bravery when confronted with any devastating reduction and a system which produced your girlfriend another school resident which are not able to perk they will approach hetero newlyweds may. Nonetheless she proceeds!

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    Just remember what a crime telling the truth is to members of the Religious Right (and Republicans).

    “I’m curious what Fox ‘News’ viewers think about Fox starting an all Spanish network in the US. Surly that has to be ‘un-merican.'”

    At least Fox “News” Latino has some independence from Fox “News”. For example, on July 2, 2012 a friend posted a picture on Facebook of the following headlines which ran on the same day:

    Latino: Obama Administration Halts Deportations for Undocumented Children

    English: Obama Admisitration Bypasses Congress, to Give Immunity, Stop Deporting Younger Illegals.

    One can hope that the Spanish service will have a similar independence.

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