1. Bingo says

    If I had to make a snap judgment based on that pic…..I’d said let’s wait until we know more.

  2. Rick says

    “He only has 12 friends on Facebook.

    Obviously a crazy person!”

    LOL. Number of Facebook friends tells you everything you need to know about somebody, right?

    Of course, what really drives ENDO crazy is the idea of a gay man actually having some balls for a change, rather than being the limp-wristed cowardly pseudo-woman that he is…….

  3. endo says

    Equating a deranged lunatic shooting people with courage is all you need to know about Rick.

  4. John says

    If there’s going to be a violent revolution, can’t we at least get a cuter person to be the revolution’s face?

  5. Iwontgrowup says

    Let’s see how they spin this. Someone attacking a conservative organization.
    MMMMMMMMMM. Is he a liberal or another conservative “nutcase”, or just plain crazy. I say the media will spin it to say he was nuts, because afterall there couldn’t possibly be a gun toting liberal against a conservative organization. Only the other way around. But you can bet the media on both sides will spin it for their own side.
    Now.. have at it… I can take your hateful
    attacks because I know I’m right. The news media (on both sides) is the most dangerous thing we face in this nation.

  6. yuninv says

    So, attempted murder of a Christian security guard may be domestic terrorism, but shooting up a theatre, liberal’s politicians event, or a Sikh temple is not? Yeah, there’s no bias there.

  7. MJDNOLA504 says

    It’s sad that a security guard was wounded, he was just doing his job. I don’t approve of what this gun man did, but I understand, and had he managed to get to his intended targets, I wouldn’t had felt bad. They’re the ones who declared war, not us. It is what it is. Let’s not forget that the “Family Research Council” is a hate group.

  8. WHAT? says

    Rick is once again spouting off about the effeminate gay man. Get over it already! Weren’t you also the one making a bunch of assumptions about the Colorado shooter? How is your investigation going there Columbo? There is no excuse to go shooting people (especially when other people who might have nothing to do with his issues may get hurt or killed) – at all.

    ENDO: since when did Facebook become the standard to which we judge people’s sanity, or even value in this world? Believe it or not, there are lots of people who aren’t even on Facebook! It’s not the be-all and end-all of society. Geeze.

  9. WHAT? says

    @Yuninv: where does it say the security guard was christian? Many security guards who guard office buildings usually work for a private security company that is contracted to do the work. Where did you get your info?

  10. WHAT? says

    Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t get the universally recognized sign of joking: the exclamation point. Maybe a “ha ha” or even “lol” would have made your point (pun intended!!!). Sarcasm.

  11. say what says

    looks like one of them, not one of us….. so Im leaning towards he confused frc with hrc

  12. Francis says

    LOL. Right-wingers are reading the comments here, from towleroad’s twitter link. They’ll of course use them for their agenda, and castigate all gay men as evil. Although, we don’t even know what this Floyd Corkins nut is all about. And he is a nut. Just like the FRC weirdos and their supporters except on the opposite side of the political spectrum, this man does something irrational out of hate. Now, of course, the hate towards this hate group FRC is completely warranted, but gun violence isn’t the answer, although another nut, RICK, seems to believe it is.

    What I think we all do know is that the picture above is certainly not very flattering in the least.

  13. Strepsi says

    @IWONTGROWUP, nope, they’re not spinning it that he’s nuts. The Christianist media is already spinning it as more of the VIOLENT BULLYING we homofascists inflict on poor Christians all the time as part of our gay agenda.

    Because we all know how the gays continuously violently assault Christians for their beliefs — remember when that nice Christian boy Matthew Shepherd was crucified to a fence by the gays? Remember the time that young boy Lawrence King was shot by a gay classmate for being Christian? No? Because it never f***ing happens.

  14. says

    Sorry guys but I wouldn’t apologize for this incident, after all its the family research council thats been spreading hate, lies and promoting bullying and even the assaulting of LGBTQ people. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine, I’m tired of being treated like a door mat.

  15. Pete N SFO says

    When did the tenor of T-road get so idiotic?

    The media gets ‘played’ daily; even the mention of Marriage Equality in this snippet is inappropriate.

    They say, ‘officials could not confirm’ It’s a bit like asking if you still beat your wife.

    And, even if he were motivated by his (easily understood) displeasure of FRC, he’s still craZy, because rational people don’t attack offices to win people over to their position… liberal or conservative.

    Now grow up.

  16. endo says

    @WHAT?: In addition to the exclamation mark, you may also have noted the absurdity of the comment.

    Clearly, your reading skills are questionable.

  17. V-8 says

    I bet there will be no discussion of gun control in this situation…

    and ENDO, the best way to view one’s popularity is KLOUT, not facebook!!!!!!!! (I’m also joking)

    the whole hate crime thing is leaving a sour taste in my mouth… while I am anti violence for every situation, and god knows what has happened here, this compares to nothing with the Wisconsin shooting…

  18. Rick says

    I am NOT an effeminate man, you simpering limp-wristed sissies.

    I’m a real tough man. So tough that I could take a good five or six direct punches to the face before I finally relented and sucked my dad’s d**k.

    And he made me do it in blackface drag. Which was the part I hated. The fellatio was great, but I hated having to dress like a black girl while I did it.

    But still, I did it and that makes me tough.

    Also, I use bricks for dildos.

  19. WHAT? says

    No, you have trouble writing the correct point you are trying to make. Your post reads like you are serious in what you are saying. It did not come across as a joke.

  20. says

    Wow, the avatar thing has really caught on. WOW.

    Anyway, just don’t get confused folks. If these bigots can use ONE attack against “them” to justify their claim to persecution doesn’t that mean we can finally play the “numbers game” they’ve been avoiding for eons?


    yes, the bigots will try to spin this. but they’ll still be as full of s**t after this incident as they were before.

  21. homonomore says

    When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a pink swastika wrapped in a rainbow flag. AND IT HAS. Defeat homo-fascism, support FRC, AFA, ACLJ, ADF, TMLC. And Eat Mor Chikn!

  22. Joseph Singer says

    Why is the “fair and balanced” Fox footage always so prominently show all the time?

  23. ratbastard says

    Of course all gay men are pretty, skinny and metrosexual, so something is wrong with this picture.

    *sarcasm off*

  24. Brian Brown's Worst Nightmare says

    It’s like the tranny kickin’ the white boy’s ass in the subway station.

    She was wrong, but you know he had it comin’. And you probably wouldn’t have stepped in.

  25. mld says

    thanks shooter, for setting back the movement…maybe a month(progress is good at the moment)

    and ignore rick, he wishes he were born a svelte woman, its obvious how hard he has to try to be a ‘man’, evident by the constant attempts to knock down sissies in order to masculinize himself.

  26. Attmay says

    Can we please retire the “violence is wrong” line and look at it for what it is? Violence is not always wrong; only violence for its own sake is wrong. We gays need to look at world history, particularly the history of the Jews in Nazi Germany. The Nazis started by banning marriage, too. And they didn’t stop with it either. If, as is so often accused on this and other gay blogs, the opponents of gay marriage are morally equivalent of Nazis, shouldn’t we react the same way? I’ll be glad if we don’t have to, but if we do, we can ill-afford to be ill-prepared.

    The Nazis believed in violence for violence’s sake. So do our opponents. How else can we stop the violence against us? We’re protected by federal hate crimes laws, but they are seldom used. We preach pacifism, but it fails to sway those who attack us. They accuse us of the worst crimes against humanity, and every time a gay man has a moral failing, he or she is held up as an example by then.

    Let me clarify my position. I’m sorry the Security Guard got shot. There’s no reason to assume he was as bad as they do. If I did believe he should be punished, I wouldn’t ask for more than a misdemeanor.

    But the Religious Wrong is going to be calling for Corkins’ head. They’re going to want the government to treat him as a terrorist.

  27. Sam Molloy says

    Nobody could think that this helps the acceptance of Gay people. This guy is obviously deranged. Questions have been raised about the background check to buy a gun not picking up valid diagnoses of being a nut.