1. just_a_guy says

    This video was amazing, really hit home with me in a personal way, and made me cry actually. I too quit a sport that I was dedicated to as college approached, suspecting that if I was in fact gay, then I would never be accepted among fellow athletes.

    Yeah, I know, it’s not made to benefit me; but maybe I would have benefited very concretely had I came across this video some years ago.

    IMHO, this is THE most significant and relevant project related to gays in sports right now. More support and coverage of this dude’s project, please.

    love ya, as always, TR. If I didn’t follow ya, I don’t know how I’d ever be clued in to stuff…

  2. says

    Having been in publishing, including self-publishing and publishing other authors, I’m surprised at the cost. $50,000 seems high to me, unless he is planning a very large print run, which doesn’t make sense to me in a niche market.

  3. athlete says

    As an out athlete at Vassar College, I hope that work like this will make it easier for athletes from schools were being out isn’t so simple and easy realize that they too don’t have to be someone they’re not in order to be athletes.

  4. Boston Dave says

    I find Mr. Sheng’s work truly inspiring in a way, but it seems to focus solely on the elite athletes who are gifted enough to be worthy of our attention. What about the not-so-fantastic athletic gay men and women who are tearing down stereotypes and are out in H.S. or college. I find his promotional video truly annoying.

    I was never a professional athlete. But, after a high school and college career totally avoiding athletics – especially team athletics. A few years later, I became a professional instructor in an accredited “outward bound” program. That program included all sorts of daily athletic activities: technical climbing, skiing, backpacking, mountain climbing (I summited Mt. Rainier in WA), long (20 mile) day hikes, etc.. I learned a lot about myself as a gay man and that I was not the physical weakling I’d assumed a gay guy naturally was.

    Now, I find Mr. Sheng’s video, although I understand that he needs money to complete his project, wrong headed. It’s important to seek support, but there was nothing about any of the individuals he is profiling and everything about his work. His subjects are his work, not his (one more) coffee table book.

  5. silvra says

    Um boston dave, this is High School and College athelets, not professional and it doesn’t say anything about whether they’re winner or not, the only thing he looked for were those who were out.

  6. Rocky says

    @Boston Dave: “What about the not-so-fantastic athletic gay men and women who are tearing down stereotypes and are out in H.S. or college. I find his promotional video truly annoying.”

    What about you yourself making your own video/coffee-table book about these athletes? Why does Sheng (or someone else) have to do it?

  7. says

    i encourge Boston Dave to put together his own book. and for a fun free way to start, you can open a blogspot account and put the photos up for free, by yourself, without a need for a publisher. then you can send people the link to your own blogspot wherein you show everyone how YOU would do things.

    so, boston dave, let us know the URL when you’ve got it going. deal?

    p.s. rock ON Jeff Sheng!

  8. Patrick says

    I found this amazing! Though I wish the schools were diversified and it seemed some were not as recent. I recently graduated from the University of DE where the OUT LGBT population is quite small, however we make waves of change and understanding as much as we can.

    Our Women’s basketball team this past year had 2-3 out lesbians on the star team. While on the Equestrian team saw an openly gay student. There is also an openly gay diver. Apart from athletics, the University saw its first openly gay male student lead the Black Student Union a student group on campus, and in the same year the first openly gay male to become president of Greek life. The university is largely conservative with several on the board of trustee’s reluctant to wave or support any LGBT subjects. I enjoyed the video I hope he searches harder and has more flow to his slide show.

  9. Iwontgrowup says

    Very good, one thing, don’t drop the narration entirely but add some form of music as background. The narration makes it hard to listen to it and read the captions, as they are flashed rather quickly, and I am a very fast reader.
    Otherwise this is a terrific concept, I hope we see more. Maybe even with professional athletes in the future.

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