France Almost Certain To Adopt Marriage Equality


In an address on Saturday to fellow members of his Socialist Party, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said

In October, we will send a bill to the National Assembly and the Senate to allow same-sex couples to marry. It would also allow them to form families and adopt children.

In so stating, Prime Minister Ayrault keeps a promise made by President Francois Hollande, who's stumped for full marriage equality since his run against Nicholas Sarkozy. (Sarkozy never did support full equality, even when trying to woo back the gays he'd lost to Hollande.) And he's keeping that promise ahead of schedule: Marriage, said Hollande during the campaign, would be a priority of his government in 2013.

With the Socialist president and Socialist prime minister in agreement, a bill legislating marriage equality will pass to the National Assembly and the Senate. The former's controlled by the Socialists. The latter has a left-wing majority. Paris is about to get a lot more romantic.


  1. Brandon K. Thorp says


    Doesn’t the UMP technically have more seats, even though the Socialists have more allies?

    – BKT

  2. willyag says

    Brandon, the socialist party has 280 (+17 for the green party) elected seats, the UMP party have only 194 in the national assembly. Socialists also have 90% of the regions, and the senate, France is almost entirely pink right now, and that’s a very good thing !

  3. simon says

    Why the conservatives in Britain still dragging their feet? Why such a long consultation. The bigots are going to say what they are expected to say. Just introduce the bill and have a vote on it.

  4. Michael in the UK says

    Brandon is correct; the Senate has a left-wing majority but does not have a PS majority.

  5. Brandon K. Thorp says

    WillyWag, Michael:

    I thought for a sec that I must be using old numbers, but even the French Wikipedia page says the UMP’s got more seats:énat_(France)

    (Unfortunately, the actual Sénat’s website doesn’t list members by party. That’d make life easier.

    – BKT

  6. Flop says

    Simon, Britian’s still dragging it’s feet because Britian is America’s lap dog and they only do things after America does it first.

  7. anon says

    I guess since he can’t get his economic package through he can do this at least. Gays becoming the beneficiaries of political paralysis is interesting.

  8. Ben says

    Even as we fight trench warfare here in the US, we continue to make progress abroad. This year, Denmark joined the club. New Zealand looks to be a sure bet for this year too. And as noted here, France will join this year or next. The UK and Scotland will join within 18-24 months. The addition of the UK and France will influence all of Western Europe, especially Germany. Certain states within Australia will join this year and there is some prospect that Nepal and Vietnam could join in a few years.

    It is going to be hard to argue that gay marriage destroys civilization when all the great democracies have it.

  9. nn says

    8 out of 11 countries who have married equality belongs to western europe. Eastern Europe, however, need better protection for gay people in general.
    And many states In USA is not good at all, when it comes to gay rights and equality. USA is so behind many other countries when it comes to gay rights.

  10. willyag says

    BKT, sorry, i was talking about the “assemblée nationale” who votes the lows, senate in France have a smaller impact than in US.

  11. aaaack says

    If Obama had not wasted 2 years in office when the dems controlled both houses and was able to enlighten himself on gay marriage a little earlier, there is no doubt we would have gay marriage before the end of his term. At least he had fabulous cocktail parties for all the A-list gays who could then post their fabulous photos shaking Obama’s hand on facebook. Oooh I get goose bumps just thinking about what could have been. What a leader. I still can’t understand why you all wet yourself over him.

  12. LLM says

    @AAAACK, are you an American? Or did you take a civics class? In America, it doesn’t matter if your party has control of the Senate if they do not have a full 60 votes (and that also presumes that you will not lose even ONE of your super-majority party members to regional or special interest politics, which rarely happens). Only a party with 60+ members voting 100% lockstep in every single instance has “control” of the Senate. This used to only be necessary for high-profile, non-divisive issues, but for the entire duration of the Obama administration, it’s been a requirement. The reason for this is something called the “filibuster” (Google it), the current procedures required to overcome one, and the current state of party politics. Short answer: the Republicans were able to block any Obama priority unless the Democrats could peel off roughly 8-12 Republicans (depending on what year it was)to get to 60 votes and replace any issues-based Democratic defectors. This has happened dozens upon dozens of times since the Obama administration began. There was NEVER any chance 10 or so Republicans were going to defect (or that all Democrats, including the conservative ones and ones in tough re-election fights in souther states) were going to vote for a straight repeal of DOMA and legalization of gay marriage. It wasn’t ever going to happen, under any circumstances, for President Obama. This is not his failure and it speaks quite well of the Administration that they did go to bat for big, divisive things their vote-counting and deal-making WERE able to make happen (comprehensive health reform, repeal of DADT). You either are trying to stir up division among gay people and suppress gay turn out/support for the President or you are uneducated and uninformed about how our legislative process actually works and what the President can and cannot personally do. Whether this is willful or not, I suggest you proactively *do* educate yourself as soon as possible before making pronouncements about what the President should or should not have done when “his” party controlled “both” houses of Congress.

  13. aaaack says

    LLM you are so whipped by this administration. I do remember one thing from civics class is that as an American I have a right to my opinion. Another thing “evolving” on marriage equality is the same as flip flopping. HE should’ve tried working across party lines just like they did in NY. If it wasn’t for the Republican congressmen voting for gay marriage it wouldn’t have happened. Unfortunately until politicians start working together neither side will get anything done and we are the ones that lose. i myself think politicians at any any level care only about raising money for their next campaign and I don’t place them on a pedestal and wet myself thinking about them. Please keep your CAPS to yourself.

  14. says

    Yes, AAAACK, sounding like an lunatic is a surefire way to win people over. Screw logic! Screw protocol! I AM AN AMERICAN AND MY OPINION IS GREATER THAN REALITY!

  15. Javier says

    The UK is not likely to pass gay marriage under the Conservatives. The Conservative backlash has been strong, unified, and vocal in the media and streets. In contrast, the pro-gay side has been very meek and muted in response to the anti-gay galvanization. Moreover, Conservatives are threatening to revolt against Cameron if he tries to “force” gay marriage. Additionally, religious groups have vociferously opposed the move with very little counterargument from so-called religious liberals. The pro-gay side seems very impotent in the UK to meet the opposition.