Gay Donor Gives $1 Million to Re-Elect Obama

Mel Heifetz, a 76-year-old longtime donor to LGBT causes, who last year interfered with the City of Philadelphia's settlement with the Boy Scouts over the rental of its headquarters by putting in a $1.5 million bid for the property, has made a $1 million contribution to Priorities USA, and writes a piece in the Huffington Post because people are talking about it and Heifetz wanted to explain it in his own words:

HeifetzCall it giving back. Call it paying it forward. What I know is I'm 76 years old, I probably don't have too many big elections left in my lifetime, and I have no reason to hold back now. People I admire like Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman have given significantly so why shouldn't I? Whatever I might want to contribute in the future, the future is now — and I refuse to sit this one out as some try to take us back with policies that will weaken the country I love and have
fought for all my life.

As a gay, man, I have lots of political issues that are personal when I look ahead to the November elections. One issue alone — Gov. Romney's support for a federal marriage amendment — is as insulting as it is harmful, most especially for gay and lesbian couples of my generation. Romney will take us back to the 1950s. And yet, what motivated me wasn't just one issue. I knew that, if I held back now and failed to help re-elect President Obama, I would regret it for the rest of my life. The urgency of donating in future years will be wasted if we don't get President Obama re-elected this year.

Do I think that that $1,000,000 was wisely spent? Yes, I do. Do I want everyone to do what they can to help President Obama win? Yes, I do. Would I like others to do what I did — especially those who have a lot more zeroes in their bank accounts than I do? Absolutely.

Read his full statement at HuffPost.


  1. says

    The donation is really really sweet and everything, however I think that spending millions and millions to get a man into office is absolutely absurd. That’s not to say that I don’t understand WHY so much is spent, but the money could be spent in so many other ways! Why doesn’t Obama take 75% his campaign finance money, and make public donations to organizations fighting for equality, alternative fuel sources, homelessness, etc…that would make a much bigger statement and make him WAY more electable.

  2. says

    Mel Heifetz is a kind, loving and generous man who puts his money on people and causes he believes in. Obama is the right president to takes us into a new era of love and tolerance for all of America’s people. As Mel Heifetz said, “the future is now.”

  3. yonkersconquers says

    He’s like the antidote to Sheldon Adelson. Bless him and do your bit today too – Romney has out-raised Obama for three months straight!

    Donate now or pay later!

  4. says

    Thank You Mel Heifetz! You are a true hero.

    We must re-elect Obama and we must all work together to obtain that goal in any way we can.

    You have donated on behalf all of us who are struggling and just do not have the extra funds to send in money. Any gay American that does not vote for Obama come November should be ashamed. We must let our power be felt. Are we all not tired of being shoved under the bus. Change must come.

  5. jason says

    If Mel Heifetz has money to burn, let him burn it. He’s misguided if he thinks Obama will be good for gay rights. Burn it, Mel – the heat will be good when the winter season starts to roll in.

    As for Obama, note how he has done absolutely nothing executive-order wise for us. Absolutely nothing. He truly is a do-nothing in that regard. I remember on DADT repeal how he had to be pressured into signing off on the legislation.

    I think Romney has a good record on gay rights and will at least be honest, unlike Obama.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    This is folly on a criminal level.

    The money could be used to house LGBT children, provide meds for people with HIV or any number of worthwhile efforts.

    Instead it’s being wasted on the reelection of a bigot who stands at the door, like George Wallace and upholds states rights above the civil right to get married. Obama recently, responding to a firestorm of pressure about the betrayal of his 2008 campaign promise to provide ENDA like protections for federally contracted workers, told us, tongue in cheek, that he was no longer a pigheaded bigot when it comes marriage equality, as his record shows:

    1996: In response to a questionnaire from Outlines newspaper (now part of Windy City Times), Obama, a candidate for the Illinois state senate seat representing the wealthy Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, writes, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

    1998: Responding to an Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test: “Q: Do you believe that the Illinois government should recognize same-sex marriages? A:”Undecided.”
    2004: In an interview with Windy City Times, Obama mentions the religious dimension of the gay marriage debate, says he supports civil unions, and indicates that his stance is dictated in large part by political strategy…

    2006: In his bestseller, The Audacity of Hope, Obama, now a U.S. senator, explains his support for civil unions, again mentioning religion and noting the strategic problems that the push for gay marriage poses.

    2008: At Rick Warrens bigotfest Obama said ”For me as a Christian, it is a sacred union. God’s in the mix…” and repeated it on MTV, sabotaging the defense of same sex marriage and promoting passage of Prop 8.

    In an interview with MTV, Obama says he opposes Prop 8, but also gay marriage. Civil unions, the candidate says, are sufficient: “I have stated my opposition to [Prop 8]. I think it is unnecessary. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and I am not in favor of gay marriage…”

    2008 to 2010 – Defends DOMA in the courts using vile, bigoted language.

    2011 – Refuses to support same sex marriage in NY and continues to prefer that we be second class citizens deserving only civil unions.

    2012 – After a firestorm of anger because he refused to extend ENDA like provisions to employees of companies with federal contracts, Obama announces that he’s no longer a bigot. Except for the fact that he thinks that states rights trump marriage rights.

    ‘States Rights’ has a long history of being a Demorat priority from Jeff Davis down to George Wallace and now Obama and the Clintons.

  7. Francis says

    To everyone who wants to castigate Obama, the alternative is Romney. The alternative is a roll-back on virtually all the progress we have made as a community. The alternative is an even more right-wing SCOTUS. And Jason, being the troll you are, no, Romney is not better for us as a community. Period. At this important stage in our community, we ALL need to be voting for Barack Obama. There are no other options on the table if you at all care about the well-being of our community.

  8. ty says

    Bill and Jason, you need to sober up, the republicans are selling hate and fear in order to push their agenda of destroying the environment with fossil fuels and promoting violence with their lust for guns and war. They are the opposite of Love and Peace, and have no regard for you or me.

  9. till the world endst says

    One of the issues with the poster against marriage is that if they are gay they really hate themselves so much that find faults in Obama. To say you’re gay and voting to Romney means that you do not love yourself…a gay voting American. Whatever Obama has done or going to do with be undone by Romney. You’ll be gay and one day you will fall in love with a man and I pray you never come close to losing him and can’t visit him in the hospital, or can’t buy a house together. then you will say the same thing but a different Prez. Careful what you wish for.

  10. Bill Perdue says

    To Francis – There are few real differences, other than tactical and cosmetic differences – between Romney and Obama.

    Romney is a car carrying member of the ruling class and Obama is a lap dog of the .01%.

    Both oppose socialized medicine with much the same plan.

    Both support wars of aggression that murder GI’s and civilians.

    Both are union busting scabs.

    Neither will fight for ENDA or the repeal of Bill Clintons DOMA.

    Whichever wins, we lose.

  11. says

    “Jason is delusional or a troll or both.”

    Both is the correct answer, under any of his screen aliases. He supported Newt Gingrich, end of story. As for Bill Perdue. He’s learned how to cut and paste. Only fools take them seriously.

    As for Mel Heifetz. Thank you, Mel!

  12. Bill Perdue says

    Ty you need to stop lying. Obama is actually worse than the regarding wars and the environment. The people who vote for Obama will be casting a right wing vote for more wars and for climate catastrophe.

    Obama is a ruthless and racist warmonger whose policies have killed and maimed thousands of GI’s and unknown tens of thousands of helpless civilians from Libya to Pakistan.

    Obama’s administration gave BP and Haliburton a pass on inspecting their Gulf oil rigs and that caused the explosion on Deepwater Horizon. Obama stopped the effort to clean the air and prevent climate change, which is beginning to look a lot more like climate catastrophe.

    NY Times “Obama Administration Abandons Stricter Air-Quality Rules
    By JOHN M. BRODER September 2, 2011
    WASHINGTON — President Obama abandoned a contentious new air pollution rule on Friday, buoying business interests that had lobbied heavily against it, angering environmentalists who called the move a betrayal and unnerving his own top environmental regulators.

    The president rejected a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency that would have significantly reduced emissions of smog-causing chemicals, saying that it would impose too severe a burden on industry and local governments at a time of economic distress.

    Business groups and Republicans in Congress had complained that meeting the new standard, which governs emissions of so-called ground-level ozone, would cost billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

    On November 6th vote socialist, write in Brad Manning or just sit it out. GLBT folks don’t have a horse in this race.

  13. says

    Bill, it’s hilarious for you to call anyone a “bot” since all you do is robotically post the exact same thing over and over again on myriad websites year after year. The only way people know you’re not a machine is that you don’t know how to spell “argument.”

  14. Bill Perdue says

    Stop lying. I post on a variety of subjects, most of which don’t include the bigot you adore so much, Obot.

    They way people know you’re an Obot is that you never raise political questions or arguments, all you do is mindlessly reiterate personal attacks on anyone who dares to criticize the Warmonger, Union Buster and Bigot in Chief.

    You’re a clueless cheerleader, nothing more. And you need new pompoms, yours are getting tattered.

  15. Josey says

    There really are so many more things that this money could be spent on.
    I personally don’t believe in redefining marriage, but do believe in unions and domestic partnerships that provide the same benefits and rights as marriage. Either way I have paid less attention to that than the ongoing turmoil of our economy. I thought this was the attitude of most of the country but this article makes me rethink that seeing as how so many are willing to vote on this one issue alone. I voted for Obama the first time. But I honestly don’t think he has a clue on the economy and so he won’t get my vote again. I don’t care what he does as far as gay marriage is concerned because honestly it will be changed in name only. It’s not gonna affect me entering a marriage, or practicing the word of God so who cares. What does matter is that our economy rebounds and that we all show respect to one another despite our differences. Life is to short.

  16. Jason says

    Mel is a longtime philanthropist and a great guy. Mel, if you are reading this, please consider the following urgent needs:

    – MD and ME. They need money. WA and MN are doing OK, but MD was starting from scratch and is at risk of being outraised and ME has only raised $1MM and could easily be swamped by NOM

    – Roy McDonald – You have already given to him, I know. But he picked up a primary challenger who has raised 100K and he has had to spend a lot of what he already raised.

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