1. Matt in NYC says

    I object, why SF, why not NY? Now I’m going to have to ask my friend’s boss (Founder of Atari) and his husband if they can send us. I’ll even volunteer be an honorary ‘booth babe’ as it’s termed at E3. (crap, I need to loose 10 lbs)

  2. Landon says

    You don’t have to wait until 2013. You can also get your queer geek on this year at Gaylaxicon 2012 from October 5-7 in Minneapolis (disclaimer: I’m on the con committee). We won’t have an official video game room but there will be a space dedicated to 24-hour tabletop and role-playing games.

    Good for Gaymercon though. $32K is a huge leg-up for a new convention and making a splash with a Kickstarter page is brilliant. I hope it’s a big success and encourages more LGBT influence in game design.

  3. charcus says

    Hehe that video is hilarious, “also you will get to see batman and spiderman make out with thor and the hulk 😮 SOLD!!
    I’m a gaymer, LOVE my games, currently playing civilization 5 like mad and eagerly anticipating Guild Wars 2 whitch will probably rob me of the little social live i have left for months to come 😉
    I used to play Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons but have sadly outgrown those games… probably because it required actual face to face communication :)

  4. luke says

    anime is the name for japanese cartoons, they are vastly different from anything produced in the west. manga is equivalent to comics aswell, with so many more genre’s. i think typically speaking western comics are mostly just superhero’s and the archies, manga genre’s are so widesperad to be able to cater to everything from gay-porn to school-life with a focus on sports, or love, or whatever float’s the writer’s boat.

    personal preferences vary, but yotsuba is probably one of the more universally ‘good’ manga’s if you’re tempted. don’t forget you read right to left (or left to right for manwha’s, the name for korean manga’s).

  5. Todd says

    @MATT IN NYC, SF seems like a pretty obvious choice: it’s the gayest city in America, and California is the center of the video gaming industry in the U.S.

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