German Lawmaker Thinks Gays Almost As Big A Threat As Euro Crisis

KReicheCharming German politician Katherina Reiche claimed yesterday that proposals granting more rights to families headed by same-sex couples threaten her homeland's future.

Sweden's The Local has more on the comments made by Reiche, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union:

What [Reiche] called, “this demographic development”, was “next to the euro crisis, the biggest threat to German prosperity.”

Merkel's Union must, Reiche added, “clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.”

Certain critics, local paper the Berliner Zeitung said, have revelled in pointing out the hypocrisy in the fact that Reiche herself had two of her three children out of wedlock, while others have taken to Facebook to air their disappointment.

And despite Reiche taking her own Facebook page down after it was flooded with angry comments, some 6,000 gay marriage supporters have moved to a group made specifically for the Berlin-based politician, called No Future with Katherina Reiche.

The comments on that page definitely pull no punches. A letter from organizers reads, "We expected more from you, because thanks to your illegitimate children you know that 21st century family does not automatically mean “husband + wife + children… Your statements are a slap in the face for all families that do not conform to your idea of normal."


  1. says

    Katherine “Third Reich”(e), eh?

    nice to know she didn’t learn squat about her own country’s history with persecuting minorities.

  2. Caliban says

    She looks like the villain in a WWII Wonder Woman comic. I bet she says “Zut!” a lot. (In WW comics the Nazis said that a lot, for some reason.)

    And tell us, Katherine, what did your grandfather do during the war?

  3. says

    Me thinks she protesteth too much. Perhaps a bit of lesbian lurks in her belfry. Nothing to be afraid of, dear – it’s just who you are. And a miracle at that. Don’t resist, surrender to it. You will be much happier!

  4. Jack M says

    She was born about 100 years too late. With an attitude like that, Hitler might have married her instead of Eva Braun.

  5. Disgusted American says

    Hmmm, now who could it have been that had similiar types of thought towards another Minority 80yrs ag0…? hmm, whom could it have been…? ..and who was the Minority then……..JEWS!

  6. woodroad34 says

    Hmmmm, unmarried with children…she should go on Dancing With The Stars or get a reality show (several of them). Or start an organization for the protection of the institution she seems to shun personally.

    Yes, heterosexual marriage, like… say the marriage of Alois Hitler and Klara Polz, doesn’t quite bring about armageddon as gay marriage would.

  7. jamal49 says

    Angela Merkel has consistently expressed her opposition to marriage equality in Germany. Angela Merkel is no friend to LGBT people.

  8. Sam says

    Love this comment in The Local article.

    “Dear Ms. Reiche. Kindly sod off and join the US republican party. Thanks”

    Apparently the Republican party here isn’t well liked in Germany. Go figure.

  9. Rick says

    “Angela Merkel has consistently expressed her opposition to marriage equality in Germany. Angela Merkel is no friend to LGBT people.”

    And she, herself–like this Reich woman–is unmarried and without children–the perfect model of the “independent” “empowered” career-oriented feminist that so many of you misguidedly adore and admire.

    One of these days you all will understand why I am right. Women are not the friends of gay men. Feminists are not the friends of gay men. When push comes to shove, women understand that their power ultimately is derived from keeping men emotionally, socially, and sexually dependent on them…….and a male culture that is free of homophobia would therefore be anathema to their interests.

    That fundamental equation is as close to a zero-sum game as there is and that will become evident in time.

    The “sympathy” that gay men have received from women in the past was conditioned on the assumption that the homophobic male culture would remain intact, preventing us from every becoming a real threat to them.

    Now that that homophobic culture is beginning to unravel, you are beginning to see their true colors emerge.

    Stay tuned and the truth will reveal itself.

  10. Rick says

    And, by the way, why is it that every single time any German does or says anything that someone doesn’t like, they are called a Nazi?

    Come on, people. All countries have shameful episodes in their past.

    Germany has been as responsible a country in the world as there has been for the last 60 years, much more responsible than most, and its responsibility is all that is keeping Europe from sinking into the abyss.

    Enough, already.

  11. charlie says

    were you being sarcastic when you described her as charming….i find nothing charming about this hate monger…ignorance and hate seem like the greatest threat to this planets future.

  12. charlie says

    were you being sarcastic when you described her as charming….i find nothing charming about this hate monger…ignorance and hate seem like the greatest threat to this planets future.

  13. codyj says

    what a jerk…she looks jus like the female robot in Fritz Langs “Metropolis”,1927,silent,yup it mus’ be her, she looks her age 105 or so…

  14. MaddM@ says

    Yikes, I seem to recall the last time some germans wanted to “take back” Germany for “real germans” there were a lot of “gas chambers” involved.

    Forget her grandfather, her parents were of the right age to be ardent Nazi supporters. All of germany didn’t flip a switch in their brains when hitler blew his own out like they were under some kind of spell. Nazism grew from deeply held self-assigned superiority from white christian germans that thought they were just standing up for the motherland and all of this “otherness” coming in to threaten white christian culture.

  15. Freddie says

    Typical, dumb yanks, seizing on this woman’s intolerant comments and comparing her to Hitler or the Nazis, probably the only foreign history taught in American schools.

    P.S. Is Rick nuts?

  16. Alex Parrish says

    This headline is a lie; specifically the part that says “German Lawmaker thinks.” Clearly she is inca[able of rational thought.

  17. KZ says

    It’s so easy to forget sometimes…

    But there are idiots on the other side of the North Atlantic.

  18. Mike says

    It is about time those wacky Catholic Nazis got a new crazy German who thinks gays are a threat just like that crazy mad man Hitler who wanted to take over the world not that long ago.

  19. Derek Pearce says

    Oh Rick, just as hateful as always– and as hateful as the object of his derision Ms. Reiche.

  20. andrew says

    Don’t misjudge the very progressive German nation of today because a few of their politicians have absurd ideas. Imagine if the world judged us using that standard.

  21. Peter D says

    What sort of journalism is this?

    Compare the headline with the comment. She said, the demographic development in Germany is a threat as big as the Euro crisis. She did NOT say gays are a threat as big as the Euro crisis. The headline is just plain NONSENSE!!!

  22. Mike says

    Just to put the record “straight” on a couple of points:

    Reiche is a unimportant little wheel in the government here in Germany. Her statement has not received much attention.

    More prominent members of the CDU, which does lag behind public opinion in such matters, have recently suggested same-sex registered partnerships get tax equality with “traditional” marriage. If the law makers don’t do this, the Supreme Court is likely to force them.

    Angela Merkel has been married – twice, once to a guy named Merkel, but they divorced. As a now prominent figure, she has understandably not taken her second husband’s name. She is clearly not leading on any pro-LBGT activities – she does have a couple of other things to think about – but she has no problems with her gay Foreign Minister being in a registered partnership.

    As someone who has chosen to live in Germany, I must say how impressed I am at the way most (obviously not all) people here have learned from the horrors of the Nazi past.