1. Zac says

    I don’t think you’re using the term “educators” correctly in the headline. It seems that those keeping her from her diploma are administrators and the publicly elected school board directors. The real “educators” in her life have been the teachers who motivated her to work hard and achieve her 4.0 GPA.

  2. OKLAHOMA! says

    I’ll be these are the same type of flat-earth, virgin-birth, knuckle-draggers who complain about too much state education bureaucratic redtape flimflammery and howl for ‘local control’ of school administration.

  3. anon says

    There have been a variety of news stories lately about draconian enforcement of decorum rules at graduation ceremonies, particularly in the south. I’m not sure what the motivation for these rules are, as they seem very odd in many cases (like the no cheering rule for the parents). Technically, you haven’t graduated until you receive your diploma, but it depends on state law. In some states, you’ve graduated when the diploma is signed, or when mailed, or if it exists and they pronounce you “graduates”. But she has grounds for a suit.

  4. russdog says

    I agree with her outrage and am completely on her side, but on a purely pedantic point, her diploma is merely symbolic. Proof of high school graduation is actually posted directly on her transcript. Her college will request her transcript, not a copy of her diploma. Her high school would only be in trouble if it refused to graduate her. Not giving her a diploma is petty, but not the same as denying her graduation.

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