Hunter Parrish Not Hung Up on Sexuality


Hunter Parrish talks to Jarett Wieselman about the last season of Weeds, and a recent episode where his character was hit on by a male pot dealer:

No one told me about the RJ thing before I read the script, so my heart was pounding. That can be scary for an actor because you have to get out of social ideas and just focus on the character but I think Silas responded exactly how I thought he would — and exactly how I would have as well.

He adds that the sexual openness of his character Silas to is a reflection of the times:

I think it's so fantastic, and such a great advancement. Obviously we have a ways to go, but it is the reality of today. I grew up in Texas, so it's great to see that in their common experience, young men and women view their blooming sexuality as less cut and dry. I don't know if that's something people always understood, grow to understand as they get older or are realizing earlier now because of the current climate. Maybe it's a mix of both. But yes, I don't think Silas is hung up on any of that sh*t. Silas prefers women, but in that scene, he wasn't disgusted by RJ. It was more like, "Oh man, I'm sorry … you just have the wrong idea."

Parrish also says he's flattered by the hundreds of gifs and screencaps of his character's on-screen nudity:

I love being naked. But career-wise, I hope that my part in this eight year show was not just "the guy who gets naked."

Posted August 3, 2012 at 1:40pm ETC by Andy Towle
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