Irrepressible Andrew Shirvell Still Defending ‘Homosexual Agenda’ Attacks

ShirvellAndrew Shirvell hasn't changed a bit.

You'll recall that Shirvell is the former Michigan assistant attorney general who lost his job in 2010 after launching a heinous one-man crusade against openly gay University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, whom he accused of pushing the "homosexual agenda".

Well, Shirvell made that very same claim yesterday, when he acted as his own lawyer and defended himself against Armstrong's federal lawsuit against him.

Insisting he has "no hatred in his heart" from Armstrong, Shirvell told the court Armstrong advocated a "radical homosexual agenda" during his tenure at the school, according to Detroit Free Press. And Shirvell also claims that his blog about Armstrong was "political speech" designed to topple's the student's presidency.

Shirvell questioned himself on the witness stand for more than an hour Wednesday, trying to convince the jury he was upset by Armstrong's push for gender-neutral housing at U-M. Shirvell graduated in 2002.

"My blog was political speech," Shirvell testified. "I viewed my blog as a movement to get Mr. Armstrong to resign. I personally felt Mr. Armstrong was too radical for the position."

Armstrong's attorney, Deborah Gordon, questioned whether Shirvell was really upset with the gender-neutral issue, or whether he was "obsessed" with her client.

Armstrong's suit, which is asking $25,000 in compensatory damages, says Shirvell defamed his character and inflicted emotional distress.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    From what I have read about this, I surmise that he was stalking Armstrong. For whatever reason, he decided that Armstrong was his “Object of desire” in a negative way and pursued him relentlessly. I suspect Shirvell probably has some gender-attraction issues which he has failed to address. In other words; I think Shirvell is a closet-queen lashing out in denial.

  2. says

    shared it before, but will share it again – i had actual interactions with shirvell on Facebook just days before he went on CNN and proved to everyone just how obsessively insane he is..

    check it out. his obsession with armstrong is incredibly unhealthy. does this sound like a sane man???

  3. StarGem says

    It’s my hope that Mr. Shrivell will get some professional help before his denial and obsession fueled imbalance causes him to inflict physical harm on himself or others. The man is plainly unhinged from any semblance of reality; I fear he may become much more dangerous after he loses his case.

  4. jamal49 says

    My dyslexia keeps reading the cretin’s last name as Shrivell. Which is probably what his soul is like: shrivelled into a piece of embittered longing for someone he cannot have or a life he will not let himself have to enjoy to the fullest. What a sad, sad man.

  5. Ninong says

    The segment the Daily Show did on Andrew Shirvell was one for the ages. At no time during the entire segment did he realize that the joke was on him. They were making a complete fool of him and he didn’t realize it.

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