Lady Gaga Fires Back at PETA Over Fur: ‘Please Credit Hermes’

Yesterday I posted a letter from PETA VP Dan Mathews to Lady Gaga objecting to the fact that she wore fur on several recent occasions.

GagafurGaga fired back over Twitter late yesterday:

"For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real, please don't forget to credit the designer HERMES. Thank You! LOVE, gaga"

Mathew suggested in his letter that her response would determine whether she would be "targeted" like Kim Kardashian, who was flour-bombed at a red carpet event.


  1. hartzprod says

    Gaga is just trolling for some media coverage. Who where’s a fur coat (real or not) in the summer? She’s so tired, yawn.

  2. says

    ‘Somebody else killed it, I just wear it …’ is NOT an excuse. If Gaga wants to go down in flames I can’t think of any better way for her do to so then to continue wearing real fur.

  3. Rick says

    Filthy little self-involved b!tch responding exactly the way you would expect a filthy little self-involved b!tch to respond.

    Please, please, somebody throw a bucket of paint on her when the opportunity presents itself…..and try to hit her face and her head as well as her fur when you aim…..

  4. SteveC says

    Good way for Gaga to alienate that section of her audience who actually care about animal welfare.

    Stupid, heartless, awful woman!

    (I used to be a fan!)

  5. mld says

    i cant believe a bunch of old men are bitching about not liking teen idol lady gaga. so her music and image doesnt cater to you, and she is the one who is self involved?

    boo hoo, go add your tears to the peta pity party

  6. willyag says

    well, Hermes is a french company, and in France we eat rabbit, as chicken and cows, so it’s the same that wearing a leather jacket, or sleeping on a plums pillow. I’m against fur, and i’m vegetarian, but i wear leather shoes, just sayin…

  7. greg says

    Please, who cares what PETA thinks, says or does. They’re like Ron Paul supporters. Wild and rabid. You’re not going to get through to them or ever have a discussion with them. It’s not worth it.

  8. Ha! says

    That’s a fantastic response. Whether or not you agree with PETA’s aims, their methods (throwing stuff on people wearing fur, who then have to buy more fur) do little to serve those aims. This is how a person should respond to a threat made by a bully.

  9. Polyboy says

    If you wear leather or eat meat you are just as guilty as fur wearers.

    Get off of your precious sky horses.

  10. JMJ says

    Gurl… Fur is for old douchebags.

    And what’s up with you PETA haters? They help animals. What’s your issue?

  11. John says

    I miss the Gaga of the first two albums. She produced such great music. But she’s really become a caricature of herself and has bought into her own hype.

    And even if the poster is just a character, as many people said yesterday, that’s not an excuse to wear real fur. Real fur on a real person is not excused because the picture is of a character.

  12. Mike says

    @POLYBOY Unless you know where people are eating mink burgers, leather and fur are not the same issue.

  13. says

    Isn’t PETA still opposing any AIDS research that uses animals? I’m listening to some PETA guy on Signorile yesterday and he’s all “Us Gays” are better then that and I’m thinking about how many people, gay and straight, he’s willing to let die to keep AIDS research, and any other medical research that uses animals, from being done.

    But also, his dollar store equivocations regarding the wearing of leather and the eating of meat were really pathetic. PETA isn’t “targeting” celebrities who eat meat and wear leather apparently because fur is a more egregious crime. Yeah, pull the other one. They target fur wearers because fur is expensive and targeting people rich enough they can afford fur won’t alienate as many people.

    We’ve come a long way in this country from a time when horses were routinely worked to death and left to die on city streets, but PETA is just another single issue extremist group, not that very different from the NRA or Right To Life groups in mindset and groups like these don’t help anything. You get the sense that’s okay with them, they are on a mission and if you aren’t 100 percent with them you are 100 percent the enemy.

    Fine. There are a lot things done to animals in the name of profit and fashion that I absolutely despise and would love to see outlawed but if PETA wants to lump me with everything else done to animals because I eat meat, my shoes and my belt and my camera straps are made of leather, my jackets have goose down in them and my art brushes are made with mink hairs and pig bristles so be it. I’m not a Gaga fan but her comeback delighted me. I was afraid she’d cave like so many others.

    And probably PETA will “target” her and we’ll see her get flour bombed or worse and the next time an animal cruelty bill comes up in congress or some statehouse addressing the conditions in factory farms or some such it won’t get passed because everyone knows animal cruelty is something only kooks care about.

  14. RandySf says

    I don’t get it. She wore a suit made out of animal meat. It’s kind of her thing.

    @Rick: I had a nice steak salad last night because of your comments in yesterday’s thread. Glad to see that you opened this thread off with some misogyny.

  15. Graphicjack says

    I agree that equating leather and fur is a misnomer. We kills cows because we eat their meat… Using their hide as leather for shoes and jackets is just using all parts of the animal so nothing goes to waste… Hot dogs make up for what the rest of animal is used for… Lol. But the fur industry either traps live animals like mink, sable or ermine, or raises them in farms, kills them, but only for the fur and the rest of the animal is wasted. Since we need meat in our diets (and vegetarians could certainly argue that we don’t)it’s not like we are killing cows just for the leather. But with fur, which is a luxury item that we don’t need to wear anymore with modern coats using down and such, fur is definitely murdering animals for no valid reason. The Gaga quote may be funny, but it’s tactless. Nobody in this day and age should be wearing fur.

  16. Gabe R L says

    This is the first time I’ve felt any admiration or liking for Gaga, and I’m a vegetarian. I do not agree with wearing fur, though. I just admired her witty response.

  17. SamIAm says

    I fail to see why PETA being involved negates the fact that fur comes from the torture and death of animals who are bred and raised for no other purpose than to make fur. PETA might have horrible tactics and misguided approach, but it doesn’t negate that wearing fur is absurd. Hate PETA all you want, but they’ve successfully gotten many designers and celebrities to avoid buying and using fur.

    And frankly, they’ve done a lot to convince people that eating meat is wrong as well. I’ll admit I’ve not yet gotten there on removing meat from my diet, but I don’t think that makes me a hypocrite to say that wearing fur serves absolutely no useful purpose.

    Also, fur? Seriously. Dynasty was cancelled years ago. Tacky.

  18. anon says

    I guess people have forgotten how PITA used to opposed AIDS research because it harmed animals. They were almost anti-gay.

    Don’t confuse PETA with the USASPCA. The latter is a public awareness group that raises money to fund themselves by showcasing the abuse of domesticated animals. Local chapters, which are not affiliated with the national group run animal shelters, though their placement success rate is very low so there are now many rival “no kill” shelters.

    PETA is more recent group that remains shadowy. They’re original goal was the ending of fur industry by banning fur and all product and medical testing on animals. They’ve also had a large campaign trying to promote veganism. Various splinter groups have been charged with domestic terrorism.

    So, the ASPCA is a traditional do-gooder money raiser while PETA is more like a religious organization. Their pronouncement on Lady Gaga is essentially equivalent to the Pope saying she should tone down her lyrics.

  19. Jeremy says

    If PETA doesn’t protest silk, I don’t see why they should oppose fur. After all, silk is the product of the enslavement of poor little silkworms.

  20. Andy says

    Why does PETA focus so much on exotic furs when it SHOULD be focusing on the deplorable living conditions of chickens, hogs, cows, and other livestock. At least that wolf, or whatever she was wearing, got to live a natural life in the wilderness, and was shot and killed out of the blue. The animals that we eat every day have to live in cages their whole lives knowing that the only thing they have to live for is to become hamburger.

  21. MichaelJ says

    Regardless of what one thinks of either PETA or Lady Gaga — personally, I don’t have much respect for either — Graphicjack’s comment above explains why many of us regard wearing fur as a despicable inhumane act.

  22. John says

    You don’t win arguments by attacking the speaker rather than the argument. I’m always confused when commenters here use tactics of the far right to defend gays and allies from criticism.

    Are you all saying it’s okay to wear fur? Or are you just hating on PETA? I’m no fan of PETA but I can still recognize that killing animals for fashion is wrong.

  23. Philip Wester says

    While I’m against the wearing of fur, I do not equate fur wearers with criminals and evil doers. And I certainly do not support PETA’s way of trying to change the world.

    All their attention whoring does is alienate people from the cause.

  24. jeff says

    Not sure that if the wearing of the skin of dead Gay and Lesbian men and women became fashionable, that PETA would oppose it. They are truly a one issue freakshow. Gaga never wears real fur, and they know it.

  25. Opinionated says

    Screw. PETA. Gaga does way more for HUMANS than PETA has ever done for ANIMALS. Ugh. PETA.

  26. Sam says

    Hey PETA, you do know that Lady Gaga already wore a dress made completely out of meat, right? Just checkin’. *YAWN*

  27. says

    It has now been revealed the fur she is wearing is fake fur created by Hermes.

    Lady Gaga may now return to my good graces. She can wear as much fake fur as she likes and we should applaud her for doing so.

  28. fern says

    Both PETA and the SPCA do good work for animals, just in different ways. Groups like PETA and Mercy for Animals challenge the systems that oppress animals by exposing corporate and institutional cruelty and advocating for dismantling these systems or giving animals rights to protect them. The SPCA and other similar animals welfare organizations work primarily to help companion animals through anti-cruelty laws and finding homes for homeless pets. I think all this work is valuable.

    I agree with other commenters posts about leather being a by-product of meat production whereas fur is the reason for the animal being killed. People who wear fur are thoughtless and shallow imo who lack in basic compassion. That’s not beautiful imo. I’m over Gaga now.

  29. fern says

    Andy, I agree more focus needs to be placed on the treatment of animals in the food industry. However, animals used for fur are caught in the wild using leg hold traps, which resemble horrific medieval torture devices, and other animals on ranches are kept in cages during their short lives and then killed in a number of horrible ways to keep the fur untarnished.

    But, again, agree about the food industry just think BOTH industries are extremely cruel.

  30. Dan says

    PeTA most certainly does not help animals. They routinely euthanize animals they take from people claiming they will help find them a new and more appropriate home because they view pet ownership as on par with slavery. For the past few years they have killed more than 90% of the cats and dogs they received. There were two activists in VA caught dumping the bodies of several dogs behind a Piggly Wiggly dumpster.

    If you want to do something to support animals, look for a local no-kill shelter. They can always use volunteers and donations.

  31. Dan says

    PeTA most certainly does not help animals. They routinely euthanize animals they take from people claiming they will help find them a new and more appropriate home because they view pet ownership as on par with slavery. For the past few years they have killed more than 90% of the cats and dogs they received. There were two activists in VA caught dumping the bodies of several dogs behind a Piggly Wiggly dumpster.

    If you want to do something to support animals, look for a local no-kill shelter. They can always use volunteers and donations.

  32. Markt says

    Our modern society is somewhat removed from the sources of its food and shelter. From an objective, logical, scientific standpoint, PETA’s approach to fur and meat does not make sense. At least beyond the point of limiting unnecessary pain and cruelty.

  33. Lucas says

    I am not member of PETA, or care for them specifically, but i think they have mostly spread awareness about animal rights, despite their actions (im not really informed) the MESSAGE is good. So it doesnt matter if its PETA or any other organization who points out Gaga´s hipocrisy. She said, i hate fur i dont wear it, and she gets credit and fans love her more for her involvement with animal cause. Now we see the truth: she has chosen the fashion cause, over any other. For me that shows a lack of ethic, i dont want to follow her anymore… no wonder she thinks Kim Kardashian, the emptiest talentless celebrity we have right now, is so fabulous. They belong together.

  34. MaddM@ says

    everyone that made a point to say how over gaga they are are just so cool and sophisticated…. she will continue laughing to the bank

    that snappy smartass response is emblematic of her brains, keep it up sister. PETA are terrorists.

  35. Izzy1 says

    For all those *so called “humane” people concerned with the welfare of animals, please remember that mankind is ALSO a MAMMAL. You are being disingenuous when you call for

    “somebody to throw a bucket of paint on her when the opportunity presents itself…..and try to hit her face and her head as well as her fur when you aim…”

    So you are advocating attacking a human being? You are advocating resorting to violence to further your agenda? I am sooo happy that we live on American soil, where there are such things as personal and civil liberties.

    Spitting on and throwing something at a person are misdemeanor offenses of a disorderly person, punishable by LAW. It is ASSAULT. You are too stupid to realize that you don’t correct law by breaking it. Your message falls on deaf ears with the insistence of this behavior.

    A person of GOOD character does what is correct even when no one is looking. Attacking a PERSON for what they wear is NOT THE ACTION OF A PERSON OF GOOD CHARACTER!

    For those who would attack this post and the FREEDOM offered me by this country to express myself, I say to you…I have no f*cks to give. I am an animal lover of all INCLUDING the human animal. Stop lying to yourselves about being “humane” there is nothing humane about you or your behavior!