Marriage Equality Passes Tasmania’s Lower House

TasmaniaLawmakers in Tasmania brought the Australian state one step closer to marriage equality this morning.

Sky News reports that members from the Labor and Greens parties in the state's lower parliamentary house united to pass a bill granting same-sex couples the same marriage rights as their straight counterparts.

"In the 21st century moral disapproval is no reason to deny or curtail rights and freedoms" said Labor Premier Lara Giddings, one of the bill's co-sponsors. "The denial of marriage to lesbian and gay couples and their families is discrimination that must be changed."

Giddings went on to say that she and her colleagues "have an opportunity to lead the nation" and "at the core of this debate is the belief that we are all equal." Opposition Will Hodgman said such legislation comes with a "whiff of self-indulgence."

The vote now heads to the state's upper house, where there's more political opposition than the lower.


  1. Hoyden says

    I went to Tasmania for the first time last year and I noticed three things,
    1. It was beautiful
    2. There were a lot of old people.
    3. I have never met so many esbians in my life.
    Complete generalizations all, based on a very short trip and of course I was staying with two old people and two lesbians, so that could have effected my experience. I wonder statistically if there is anything to that though.

    How great that the last state in Australia to legalize gay sex becomes the first state to successfully pass (sorry ACT, I know you tried first) marriage equality. What a long journey they’ve come in such a short space of time.