1. sweetdog says

    Whatsa matter? Afraid that friends and family will see that beneath that Bible-toting christian-loving personna you’re really a hate monger and bigot?

  2. AJ says

    If it helps at all, I just wanted to point out the GOOD NEWS I have heard about the turnout at the MN State Fair this year. The MN For Marriage booth is swamped every day, and these bigots barely have a trickle at their booth.

  3. Mary says

    Probably these ladies are afraid of being harassed by pro-equality activists. I know that most folks on any side of an issue act peacefully and respectfully to opponents, but there are always the few that will physically threaten or intimidate. For the same reason that pro-equality activists might not want to be photographed in areas of the country that are more “red state.” I live in New York City and tend to keep my socially conservative (on most,but not all issues) views to myself.

    Years ago I was working on the campaign of Bush the Father (in Manhattan) and a group of gay activists protested his campaign by leaving the dead body of a friend of theirs outside the door to the office (yes, a dead body – the man had died of Aids.) Fortunately, I wasn’t there on that day, or I really would have freaked out over this (of course, before the man died he gave permission for them to do this.) While their action was extreme, it could have permanently affected my attitude toward gays. Fortunately, it didn’t and I was able to switch from being neutral to being sympathetic later on because of people like Andy Towle and Jonathan Rauch.

  4. JT says

    I actually think leaving a dead body outside the office is a brilliant idea. If I died of AIDS during that time, that’s what I’d want my friends to do for me.

  5. Jeff says

    Okay, to be fair I was at the fair this weekend and it looks like this was taken later in the day and their booth faces directly into the setting sun. It is blinding. So they’re not that smart. The no folks set their booth up to face South.

    And pretty much whenever I passed there was a young person debating/berating them about being assholes.

  6. Mary says

    Fine, JT. But if stunts like this set back the cause, gay couples in “swing states” like Minnesota and Maine may be denied marriage rights. This is a high price for them to pay so that others can get revenge or feel validated. I’ve said many times here that social conservatives often rely on social liberals to do themselves in by making decisions on the basis of emotion. The pro-equality side is increasingly winning and doesn’t need stunts to persuade people anymore.

  7. says

    how odd. *we* have to Come Out in order to claim and take control of our lives….and they want to be able to be Closeted Bigots while seeking to control OUR lives?

    these old women are worthless.
    Oh, look how kindly we are as we peddle hate. Congrats, b**ches. You’re the reason lgbt youth take their own lives.

  8. says

    No stunts here, Mary. The only thing “setting back the cause” is bigots like this voting to deny us rights.

    Oh, and according to the wingnuts, the AG had changed the ballot language to “Limiting the Status of Marriage to Opposite Sex Couples”, but that was overturned by the MN supreme court and returned to the more benign sounding “Recognition of Marriage Solely Between One Man and One Woman”.

    I still think it should be called DENYING marriage to gay couples.

  9. says

    please provide a link showing that there was indeed a dead body left as protest, mary the c*nt troll.

    citation. that would have made the news. so back it up.

  10. Mary is lying says

    @Mary I participated in that action. It was a political funeral that went by the Bush campaign headquarters, but the casket was not left there nor was the body. I continue to be shocked by the ease with which these alleged champions of traditional values, such as Mary, lie with such ease. I had thought that not bearing false witness was among the values that these people profess.

  11. says

    mary is a troll, of course. doesn’t change the fact that whomever it is behind his/her computer screen would do the world a big fat favor by chugging a bottle of dran-o.

  12. Mike says

    What have these antigay bigots done that they have to hide? We need to keep asking these antigay people this question until we find out what crimes they have committed and then report them to the authorities for any and all hate crimes they have done or are doing or plan on doing to cause harm to LGBT people and their allies.

  13. MNDFLer says

    To be fair, I don’t know what people were doing or saying at the time of the photo.
    However, I was at the DFL booth (right down the street from Vote No and Vote Yes) all weekend and definitely noticed a difference between the two groups. Those of us who don’t want this hurtful (and unnecessary) amendment were proudly wearing our buttons and shirts, waving our stick fans. And when a lesbian couple posed for a picture kissing in front of the Vote Yes signs, people passing by clapped. The Vote Yes crowd were stopping by the booth and signing the pledges, but rarely wearing their gear. The majority of those I saw wearing stuff came into the booth to yell at or lecture us.

  14. JQ says

    To the folks hiding:
    The excuse that one needs to hide because of fear of retaliation, is as shameful as hiding. If you believe in discriminating against others, be honest about it. Just for being who I am, I need to live with the fear of retaliation. I can’t hide that. I won’t. Be honest about the fact that you want to make laws and create a society where I need to hide my face just for existing. Be honest about the fact that you have a choice about whether to hide or not -while you’re trying to make me invisible. It’s cowardice of the highest order. And you should hide your face in shame.

  15. Mary says

    I’ve posted this but it hasn’t gone through: hoping it will work this time

    I never claimed to have SEEN the body. I said I wasn’t there that day and was TOLD there was a body left. But I don’t believe there was a funeral procession that passed by the office. Our office shared a building with many other offices, and Manhattan is so congested. Who would know that the funeral procession even passed and what the meaning was? And for the record, there was no anti-gay talk at the Bush headquarters then (1992) The one person, a young man, who I heard talk about gay issues was pro-gay.

    And Kiwi, won’t you ever tire of calling me names and telling me to die? How many times have I complimented you and said I think you’re fascinating? My marriage equality support makes no difference to many people here. A lot of you won’t be happy until I become a lesbian and have a gay wedding ceremony in Times Square. I’m almost tempted to say “pick a woman and I’ll give her a call.” (sarcasm.)

  16. GABE says

    @MARY: “you heard”? Come on! Anybody with an ounce of sense would know this doesn’t pass the smell test. Dumping a body is a crime and extremely inhumane.

    You seem very gullible, know wonder you fell for the religious brainwashing. Did you get a good deal on that Brooklyn Bridge they sold you?

  17. GABE says

    @MARY: “you heard”? Come on! Anybody with an ounce of sense would know this doesn’t pass the smell test. Dumping a body is a crime and extremely inhumane.

    You seem very gullible, know wonder you fell for the religious brainwashing. Did you get a good deal on that Brooklyn Bridge they sold you?

  18. Mary says

    As I said Gabe, when I went in to volunteer after missing a few days I was told this by fellow volunteers. None of these people seemed anti-gay to me. Gay issues were not discussed among us – either pro or con. And this was a campaign with New York City Republicans, who tended to be more socially liberal than most, even in 1992. I don’t see why they would make up a story like this. And as for the stunt being inhumane, I mentioned that they had their dying friend’s permission to use his corpse in this way. I didn’t want to make it sound as if gay activists would cross a moral line by using someone’s body without his permission.

    Since this activity occured before the internet, I’m not sure how much info there is about it. And it’s not likely that the press in NYC would want to highlight an action like this. They wouldn’t want to create sympathy for social conservatism in any way.

    As for Brooklyn, I live there and know all about its bridges!

  19. GABE says


    I disagree strongly, the New York media would be all over a story like this! They aren’t known for holding any punches. Even if it happened pre-internet, most major NY newspapers have archived a lot of stories from the past. Or, at the very least would have been mentioned in at least some AIDS, or related story since. I don’t know how this would create sympathy for social conservatism?

  20. NeverEclipsed81 says

    and here lies the need for the infamous white hoods.. it wasn’t just a fashion statement for their favorite color.