Missouri Woman Says She Was Brutally Attacked by Group of Teen Neighbors Because She is Gay

A Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman is recovering from injuries she sustained from an attack by teenage neighbors, directed at her over her sexual orientation. She says the teens have been harassing her and her partner, Southeast Missourian reports:

TerryThe couple say the teen began shouting slurs at them, as had happened on several other occasions, and they responded by telling her to get off their property. There have been other times in the past several months, the couple said, that they have told the children's parents that they were concerned with anti-gay slurs coming from the children. But no physical threats had happened until now.

The couple say the 16-year-old girl brought her younger brother onto the couple's porch and pulled Terry outside when she opened the door, then began hitting her. The fight was then joined, Terry said, by the 13-year-old sister and two friends, who neighbors say were summoned by the oldest girl by phone just before the commotion began. Neighbors said the two friends were able to get away before police arrived. They are not in custody.

Another neighbor says she's terrified now:

"Now I am afraid to come down here and visit," Poole said Friday as she sat in the couple's living room.

What she said she saw when she looked out her front door last Tuesday evening is why.

"They were kicking, stomping and beating the hell out of her," Poole said of the alleged attack on Terry, 41, by three siblings who live in a house across the street. Two girls, ages 16 and 13, and their 11-year-old brother are still in custody in the Mississippi County Regional Juvenile Detention Center, authorities say, charged with assault and burglary.

Terry and Lange are gay, and believe what they experienced — they say the oldest girl rounded up her siblings and some friends and came onto their front porch with the intention of an attack — is a hate crime, though the juvenile's mother tells a different version of events.

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  2. A says

    I agree with the victim that the assailants will try and make it a racial issue because they are black. They’ll try and play the victims. The fact the woman renting to them has tried to serve them an eviction notice a number of times tells you what kind of people these are.

  3. Scott Rose says

    The mother alleging that her children were provoked into attacking the victims has no credibility. If the police are crediting her account, complaints should be made about those police to the state A.G. and to federal law enforcement authorities (the FBI). Police are supposed to be trained to determine who the initiating assailant is in a violent crime, when that is a matter of dispute. The attack against the lesbian victim took place on the lesbian’s property, with corroborating direct evidence showing that the attackers organized the attack through cell phone calls to their fellow mob members.

  4. Hot Lead Massage says

    They really should’ve involved the police after the first incident. And you know what? Sometimes you just can’t be above putting a bullet through a teenaged punk’s head.

  5. Fenrox says

    this really doesnt need any added weight from a hate crime. It’s a pretty simple case against the girls that they arent going to win anyway.

    Unlike the common response to crime and legal explorations, the focus shouldnt be on “what can I get, what will make me happy”. the focus should be on “how can this problem get fixed” “Does this punishment work?”

    Because in this situation, lets say the 16 year old gets the worst possible punishment, who is at all aided or comforted with that? The victims boon is that the attacker faces justice, that is a reward by its self.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “I agree with the victim that the assailants will try and make it a racial issue because they are black. They’ll try and play the victims.”

    That’s not the main argument the any defense lawyer would use to prove it wasn’t a hate crime. It’s the fact (according to the mother) that the kids’ aunt is Gay. The defending lawyer will ask, “how could they hate Lisa and Terry for being Gay when they have a relationship with their openly Gay aunt?”

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “Why hasn’t towleroad mentioned that the assailants are black? Political correctness? Let’s admit it – black culture is very homophobic.”

    Because the article mentions that they’re black. Read it, don’t be lazy.

    And which “black culture” are you talking about?
    Black Southern Christian Fundamentalist Poor, Black Southern Fundamentalist Middle-class? Black Conservative Republicans?
    Black Northern Urban? Black Southern Urban? Black West Coast Urban? Black Non-Fundamentalist Christians? Black Southern Intellectuals? Black Northern Intellectuals? Black West Coast Intellectuals?

    Black Gay & Lesbian & Transgender? Blacks in the White House….Black Irish?

  8. ratbastard says

    This is a good example of a REAL homophobic hate crime, unlike some of the other highly questionable ones reported on in the past.

    Look, there’s no easy answer here. This tension is not going to go away for this couple, will probably get worse, because that’s how ‘trash’ roll. My suggestion is to MOVE ASAP. I’d normally say stand your ground, but not in this instance.

  9. Icebloo says

    There is a direct correlation between the extremism of the Republican Party and the amount of violent attacks on gay people. The extremism is being ramped up daily by the Romney campaign so expect more attacks on gay people.

  10. BillinSonoma says

    @icebloo is exactly right. As the repub leaders stay silent on the excessive hate speech, it is probably unavoidable that increased violence will follow. The wackadoo’s feel emboldened and see no real barrier to acting out. Also remember that Cape Girardeau is a sad little ecoomically depressed town that spawned Rush Limbaugh. I lived in MO for 27 years, so I know from where I speak.

  11. Rick says

    @ICEBLOO and BILLINSONOMA How many blacks listen to Romney or take their cues from Republicans?

    Despite the truly desperate attempts on the part of some of you to make the connection between this epidemic of anti-gay violence and the political right, the simple fact of the matter is that the attackers in these instances are almost always black and undoubtedly Democrats.

    You are simply going to have to face the fact at some point that the black race is THE principle cause of homophobic violence in this country and very nearly the exclusive cause of it….regardless of how politically inconvenient that fact is for you.

    And if you continue to try to spread your lies in an attempt to avoid facing the truth, the end result will be that both the number and intensity of attacks will increase as the assailants realize that they can get away with i–because liberals like yourselves will refuse to hold them accountable out of a twisted desire to adhere to political correctness.

    Indeed, that is already happening.

    You have noone but yourselves to blame for this epidemic.

  12. BillinSonoma says

    @Rick: no mirrors in your house? Or are racists like vampires and cannot see their own likeness in one of those shiny devices? I’ve been attacked…. and had bricks thrown at me walking down the street. Those were all white peeps. Hate can come in any color. Seems to me it’s white southern baptists who wanna put me behind an electrified fence. The truth too inconvenient for you ? And for you to assume that I would fail to hold perps accountable is light years away from the truths of what I think, feel, and believe.

  13. Mike says

    With the rise of the new Nazi right wing antigay Christians they seem very similar to the old Nazis who destroyed any religion (Jews, Jehovah Witnesses etc.) and gay persons or other minorities they did not like. Things seem to be going that way again people, time to get ready to stop them before history repeats itself.

  14. NVTodd says

    Rick, lets see some stats that prove your assertion that :

    “the black race is THE principle cause of homophobic violence in this country and very nearly the exclusive cause of it.”

    I don’t think you can back this assertion up.

    I also think that YOU are the one desperately trying to adhere to your own failed (racist) agenda.

    I’m not sure how anybody is so certain religion or politics played a role in this incident; I also don’t see how you can just automatically assume political or religious affiliation and be considered reasonable or intelligent.

    Kids trespassing and attacking people on their own property can be handled with a baseball bat or two.

    Give it a try, it’s worked for me.

  15. ratbastard says

    When I was a kid there was a lot of violence and tensions in my mixed neighborhood caused especially by outside agitators, mostly well educated, upper middle class leftist [progressive they probably like to call themselves] who tried indoctrinating mostly uneducated poor black folks especially kids to hate whitey and blame whitey for everything. The BS and violence goes BOTH WAYS and always has.

  16. Gay Dude says

    Black people reinforce every negative stereotype about their people. From my experiences, most are ignorant, uneducated and ghetto. These disgusting children are clearly no different. Here’s hoping they and their mom who is probably on welfare, all have a miserable life in the future

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