1. says

    Might I suggest a single, once-a-week post detailing all the Chick-Fil-A updates in one read? I’m exhausted reading about a company that I never gave my money to in the first place. I’m tired of reading about their hate. This way, I can just skip right over the whole damn thing.

    Besides, I thought this was a boycott? For a boycott we sure are talking about it a lot.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Not quite the image of an ideal American: he’s not a team player (at least not on Team America), selfish, destruction-oriented/doesn’t build or create anything, not very erudite for a Harvard Law grad; resistant to fair-play, apparently not very moral, a bully, and cruel to animals unless he’s showing a horse in the Olympics. What happened to the moderate Romney that I suprisingly felt good about as Massachusetts Governor?

  3. Opinionated says

    @Kevin – You actually just talked more about Chick-Fil-A than this post does and in fact didn’t mention a word about this posting, a video slamming Romney for his failed and idiotic budget plan which will seriously harm what is left of the middle class. Not sure if you actually watched the video then but the only Chick-Fil-A mention in this entire posting is ,”Now, in news that is not about Chick-fil-A, though does involve some clucking…”. Despite your own that is.

  4. gr8guyca says

    This is an important period in the election cycle. There are a lot of independent voters who are just beginning to think seriously about the election. Their opinion of Romney is still being formed. This one-two punch by Obama – hiding tax returns and he’s really rich – can really define Romney.

    It’s nice to see Democrats playing hardball, for once. While I don’t like the tone, the Republicans have been doing this for years – as in the “Swiftboating” of Kerry.

  5. Josh says

    And Obama has friends who are professors at Harvard who get invited to the White House for “Beer Summits” because the cops mistake him for a burglar There is more to that story, but who cares if Romney knows Trump? All the desperate misleading ads won’t matter when that big old Gay plank hits people in behind in the voting booth. If it passes at least we know we’ve made Barney Frank and Andrew Sullivan happy.

  6. KDNA says


    maybe i did mention it more than the piece, but you read it didn’t you, and THAT was the point.

    as for the video, it kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

    cluck off.

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