NEWS: Heightening The Contradictions, A Terrible Day In Wisconsin, The Diving Unicorn

Lindsey-Graham_shouting copy

Towleroad-roadicon Sen. Lindsey Graham urges government contractors to lay people off just before the election:

I’m urging every defense industry that could be affected by sequestration to put your employees on notice before November … The more it becomes real to us as to what comes the nation’s way, the more likely we are to solve the problem.

Towleroad-roadicon Stop The Deportations responds to the big DHS announcement:

After a two-year campaign urging the Obama administration to stop the deportations of spouses of gay and lesbian Americans, we welcome the announcement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that it will formally recognize same-sex marriages as part of its year-old ‘prosecutorial discretion’ deportation policy and other related enforcement matters.

… This move is significant beyond the immigration context, as it constitutes the first time any agency of the federal government has created a policy explicitly recognizing same-sex marriages.

Towleroad-roadicon At least six dead in shooting at Sikh temple:

The shootings occurred about 10:30 a.m. at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the town of Oak Creek, just south of Milwaukee, officials said …

Towleroad-roadicon The New York Post didn't think much of Friday's Chick-fil-A kiss-in, but did at least offer this hilarious description of a homophobe:

… Nearby, an older gent who refused to give his name was freaking out.

Mitchadorable“That’s disgusting! That’s not why I came here,” he said.

“Why don’t they go to Sbarro and do that? Why don’t they go to Subway?”

Towleroad-roadicon There is such a thing as a "Chick-on-chick" sandwich, and you can get it in Houston.

Towleroad-roadicon A BuzzFeed contributor builds a treacly but compelling case for Matthew Mitcham's adorableness.

Towleroad-roadicon Vietnam's first Pride Parade:

… it was a scene that was unimaginable a few years ago, when Vietnam still labeled homosexuality a "social evil" alongside drug addiction and prostitution. The country's gay community was once so underground that few groups or meeting places existed, and it was taboo to even talk about the issue.

Towleroad-roadicon Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands Corporation is under investigation for money laundering.

Towleroad-roadicon Mass death at the beginning of the last millenium linked to a super volcano:

Scientific evidence – including radiocarbon dating of the bones and geological data from across the globe – shows for the first time that mass fatalities in the 13th century were caused by one of the largest volcanic eruptions of the past 10,000 years.

Such was the size of the eruption that its sulphurous gases would have released a stratospheric aerosol veil or dry fog that blocked out sunlight, altered atmospheric circulation patterns and cooled the Earth’s surface …

Towleroad-roadicon Dick Cavett: Gore Vidal hates being dead

… unless of course we die and go somewhere where you can write, drink, have sex, appear on TV and, above all else, talk.

… he was — I feel safe in saying — the best talker since Oscar Wilde … You felt you had just had a lovely bath in the elegant and witty use of our sadly declining English language. Gore's talk, if transcribed, could be printed without editing. If there seemed to be some preening in his prepared remarks on television — and he knew a good line was worth repeating — it was outweighed by the quality of the verbal prose.


  1. Kristofer says

    Seriously? Just a casual mention of the WI Sikh temple shooting? Too bad it isn’t a group of white kids with potential for a photo-op with a hunky white actor, then maybe it would deserve its own post.

  2. say what says

    chill kristopher

    all the details about the shooting aren’t even known yet

    all that is known is 7 dead , many wounded, shooter apparently shot….cops still searching if multiple shooters and they havent even cleared everybody out yet

    when all the info is know im sure there will be an individual diary thread about it

  3. says

    Republican politicians’ playbook:

    1. Suck up to the rich in hopes of landing a 20 million dollar a year job after they’ve done their bidding.
    2. Suck up to the craziest conservative media types. They more to the right you are, the less likely you’ll be thought of as a loose cannon. No right is too far.
    3. Suck up to the Tea Baggers. Don’t want to take a chance of losing your primary because you have sensible views of issues. Example positions to curry favor: actively wreck the economy to try to make the President look bad; disagree with the President on everything (including positions you yourself held until the President took those positions); slander, libel, and all around disparage anyone who points out the flaws in your political positions — doesn’t matter if they are scientists (global warming), economists (deficit reduction), or the legal profession (DOMA, Issue 8, etc.).

    Lindsey Graham is just following the playbook.

  4. Bossy Aussie says

    Damn, but Matthew Mitcham is 10,000,000x hotter than Davey Wavey.

    And his unicorn costume could pass for a chicken in the anti-Chick-Fil-A/anti-Hate public service message I just produced in my head.

  5. gregory brown says

    It sounds as if the guy who wanted the gay protesters to find another venue might have been one of the small number of regular Chik-filth diners. Did anybody ask the “supporters” who showed up if they’d even set foot in the place before?

  6. Miao says

    Sad and ironic that the same Republicans whose policies created private sector job losses that have almost been reversed by a Democratic President are openly calling for companies to give employees termination notices in order to warn them of the consequences of re-electing the Democratic President.

    So their logic is that as long as the jobs are lost when a Democrat is President, it’s always his fault, even though he can’t actually PASS the legislation (which is the duty of Congress, which is inundated with anti-gov’t. and anti-Obama Teabaggers who would do anything with glee if it means the Dems would lose) and can only set the legislative agenda? These are the same people who excused G. W. Bush for eight years and hardly ever blamed him even though his administration is more culpable. Sadly, too many Americans will buy into this crap because they hate Obama and/or love their freedumb.

  7. thanks for the memories says

    A recent Charlie Rose show, last half, was a remembrance of Gore Vidal. Samples of his appearances with C.R. over the years. He did give good talking head. Available on the web.

  8. Contrarian says

    @Miao. Layoff notices are required by law under certain circumstances to go out 60 days before the layoff date. The law doesn’t cover all employers; there are qualifications. It is not some right wing plot (just politics), and sequestration of defense dollars is a possibility under mandatory cuts to the budget agreed to previously by Boehner and the big “O”.

  9. says

    Hey guys,

    Just a few things I forgot to mention that I’d like to state here, the blog I’ve checked every day since I was 17. First, the LGBTQA community is one of the most diverse in the world, and so friction is understandable. However, we, especially gay men, are some the cruelest, coldest people around, including to one another. Mostly to one another. Biphobia, transphobia, femme-phobia, religious intolerance (even as a militant atheist it’s upsetting to me), racism, classism, sexism… They’re all running rampant in our own community. It needs to stop.

    Please, learn to embrace your community; don’t bully others because you’ve been so tormented by society yourselves. (Side note: catty queens, please lay off Gaga, she really does mean well). Love each other so you can be loved. Love yourselves. Rupaul said it best.


  10. mld says

    what do you expect, this is towleroad not cnn, get your sikh shooting news from a news source.

    and im sorry i ever clicked on that ny post link. the comments on that article are simply disgusting. regardless of whether its just a vocal few, and their several hundred plus and fav fans, its still shows there is a lot of work to be done.

  11. Charlie says

    I didn’t find the article about the supervolcano very credible. They failed to explain why it would take a hundred years to cause a mass death.

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