News: Paul Ryan’s Mystery Marathon, Penile Suit, Kelly Taylor

1NewsIcon The sad state of American political engagement: shockingly engaging TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo beat the Republican National Convention in the ratings game.

RomneyGay1NewsIcon The book Romney's Gay America: Mormon Leaders, Same-Sex Rights — Bridging the Gap is currently the number one gay and lesbian non-fiction book at Amazon. "[The book] concludes that the LDS Church should apologize for its past regarding
gays, should be more open to gays, and that the whole country should be
more open to Mormons," says author Michelle Beaver.

1NewsIcon This is good news: "The Federal Bureau of Prisons recently supplemented its
workplace-diversity program by adding an LGBT representative at each of
its 125 prisons and administrative offices nationwide."

1NewsIcon A Texas man is suing the makers of an erectile dysfunction drug after he says it "broke" his penis.

1NewsIcon An official ethics complaint has been filed against Brad Wilcox for his role in securing funding for junk scientist Mark Regnerus' "gays make bad parents" study that appeared in Social Science Research, on whose editorial board Wilcox sits.

1NewsIcon Taylor Lautner joining 50 Shades of Grey movie as younger version of titular Grey?

1NewsIcon There is a salad pricing conspiracy
currently squeezing every possible penny out of lettuce-loving New
Yorkers. Does it go all the way to the top, where croutons belong?

SkarsGQ1NewsIcon Alexander Skarsgard looks as attractive as always in the latest issue of Australia's GQ Style.

1NewsIcon RIP UK-based LGBT activist Allan Horsfall. "Under
Allan’s presidency in the 1970s and 80s, the [Campaign for Homosexual Equality] grew to be the largest ever
mass membership LGBT rights organisation in the UK. Peter Tatchell, Director of
the Peter Tatchell Foundation, said: 'Allan was arguably the grandfather of the
modern human rights movement in Britain… We all walk in Allan’s shadow.'"

1NewsIcon LGBT activists in Zimbabwe have a joke that homophobic President Robert Mugabe is "an ambassador for gay rights" because his anti-gay rabble-rousing helps open people's eyes to the abuse and discrimination LGBT people face.

1NewsIcon Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan claims to have run a marathon in under 3 hours. That would be really, really fast, but it's also an unproven claim and Runner's World is currently looking for documentation to verify Ryan's alleged athleticism.

1NewsIcon Randy Jackson out as an American Idol judge.

1NewsIcon The Killers are alright with Mitt Romney liking their music. Said bassist Mark Stoermer: "He's, I guess, a guy and he listens to music and happens to like us. That's fine."

1NewsIcon Did Prince Harry's instantly infamous Las Vegas adventure also include cocaine and prostitutes?

1NewsIcon How does it make you feel to hear that Luke Perry and Jennie Garth, fictional star-crossed lovers on Beverly Hills, 90210, are reportedly dating in real life? Yeah, me too.

1NewsIcon A more pressing question than Dylan and Kelly's love life: "San Diego bus drivers' dizziness linked to pot-laced brownies?"

Patisserie1NewsIcon Openly gay Top Chef: Just Desserts winner Yigit Pura wants to share behind-the-scenes shots of his forthcoming San Francisco patisserie Tout Sweet Patisserie. Go ahead, give him what he wants.

1NewsIcon In this song inspired by Clint Eastwood's RNC speech, the actor speaks to all kinds of objects, including a bucket of mackerel and a dirty, dirty mop.

1NewsIcon Taylor Swift has released the full-length video for every recently jilted lover's favorite song, "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together".


  1. peterparker says

    Of course The Killers are ‘okay’ with Mitt Romney stating that he is a fan of their band. Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, is a devout Mormon whose wife converted to the Mormon faith so that they would be allowed to have their wedding ceremony in a Mormon temple. Flowers has refused to go on record regarding his position on Proposition 8 or marriage equality in general. And Flowers also participated in the recent and ongoing “I’m A Mormon” ad campaign which was clearly dreamed up to normalise Mormonism in order to appeal to conservative voters (check the Fox News website and you are likely to see “I’m A Mormon” ads.)

  2. EchtKultig says

    Very interesting. A writer comes out of nowhere, with no history of writing on LGBT issues (her bio isn’t even listed at ASU’s Journalism school where she supposedly has a professorship) to write a book implying that there even will BE a gay America under Romney? As they say on Weekend Update, Oooohhhh REAALLLLLY? Sure sounds like another propaganda campaign…most legitimate academic writers do not promote their books with “press releases” at Pray tell, is she a Mormon? There are more of them in the western states adjacent to Utah.

  3. Bill says

    I’m glad others have recognized the mormon campaign to look open to gay people at the same time pushing every law possible to restrict gay people’s rights.

    Congrats to Yigit for starting a business.

  4. KP says

    Considering the convention coverage was available on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, and other channels, I doubt more people total were watching Train Wreak Boo Boo. If the convention was on one network, I’m sure the ratings would have been enormous.

  5. EchtKultig says

    Yes, KP, Hollywood Reporter seems to be trolling the angry tea partiers who are evidently the majority of the commentators there. Irritating them is just another way to get them to stay on the site and view ads.

  6. John says

    No gay dollars for tithing Mormons! Hilarious. It hurts with the Killers, ’cause I like ’em. Twilight? That’s an easy pass; like the guy said on Project Runway, “I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I don’t like her”. And luckily Scott Card hasn’t written anything worth reading since ‘Speaker for the Dead’. Any other tithers to avoid?

  7. KP says

    If you read the whole quote, The Killers are pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. The bassist notes that “If it’s just about music, I guess it’s not a negative thing”. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Romney. The bassist seems to imply that if it got political, then maybe he and Romney wouldn’t see eye-to-eye. Just my interpretation.

  8. TonyJazzTon says

    The Killers are the new Pat Boone (unfortunately). I’m glad that I’ve hated every new song they’ve done the last few years.

    Mormons? See the South Park episode where they reveal the origins of the church. It’s a shame that their Broadway musical wasn’t nearly as barbed at that episode. Seek it out, if you are the least bit curious. My ex-Mormon acquaintances confirmed the accuracy of the material.

  9. says

    I could never justify supporting The Killers when it’s band is so passionately and visibly aligned with the most anti gay institution in our American society. And this whole notion of “Oh, you can be Mormon and not against gays”…that’s pretty much like saying, you can be a part of the KKK and not completely opposed to racial minorities. The Mormon Church has been extremely active in stopping ALL gay rights measures in this country. NOT just marriage equality. We’re talking legislation that is inclusive toward us, hiring practices, discrimination laws. They are completely against us, and so, sorry to Brandon Flowers and The Killers, but you’re only “good” with the gays to cash our checks. You don’t deserve my support.

  10. Corts says

    Um, the Mormon Church has very clearly stated they oppose gay people, gay partnerships, gay families, gay adoptions and being gay. So someone who is part of that Church correlates to supporting that belief, or people who share that belief. For that reason, regardless of The Killers liking (copying) Freddie Mercury, or saying they tolerate having gay fans, they are harming the gay community.

    Moreover, their music hasn’t been good in ages, as another poster mentioned. It’s become so generic.

  11. say what says


    paul Ryan’s office has now officially walked back the marathon thing

    1 marathon in his entire life when he was in his 20s and a time for 4 hours

    Ding Ding Ding! Ryan is a pathological liar

    something he totally did not have to ever lie about he lied and so easily

    pathological liar and his ayn randianess = probably a sociopath

  12. Miguel R says

    @Say What. You hit the nail on the head. Pathological liar. He doesn’t even know what Truth is. He is probably convinced, like a lot of Republicans are, that the attempt to discredit his flawed view of things and his disregard for facts is some kind of conspiracy. So they are a bunch of paranoid, pathological liars. Sociopath is more concise.

  13. James says

    Mitt Romney does not listen to The Killers, I guarantee it. The only reason they came out of his mouth is because the members of the band are Mormon. At least the lead singer is. And it’s a popular band. I cannot imagine Mitt popping in a Killers CD, sorry.

  14. velocifero says

    Why should I watch the convention for a political party that lies so effortlessly? And when their real goal is to do everything to discourage people from voting or being engaged, either through their 21st Century version of poll taxes, or denigrating the political discourse in this country to the point that it seems meant to disgust average persons? Rachel Maddow was correct in her lengthy analysis of how badly Romney screwed this convention up. As much as I dislike Honey Boo Boo, she’s probably more honest and has more empathy then the quasi-fascists, corporatists that are Romney and Ryan. At least Honey Boo Boo is a capitalist and working for a living, as opposed to the wealthy corporate welfare queens that are the 1% of the GOP.

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