Pat Robertson On The Dangers Of International Adoption

M219393663Rev. Pat Robertson angered some of his co-religionists this week, when on the 700 Club he seemed to suggest that international adoption is bad idea.

What occasioned the corrupt old shaman's suggestion was a letter, read aloud on the air by co-host Kristi Watts, from a woman expressing frustration about her dating difficulties, which she believed stemmed from her having adopted three young girls from different countries. Kristi Watts was sympathetic. Robertson was less so. The Christian Post has transcribed Robertson's remarks:

"A man doesn't want to take on the United Nations, and a woman has all these various children, blended family, what is it – you don't know what problems there are. I'm serious. I've got a dear friend, an adopted son, a little kid from an orphanage down in Columbia. Child had brain damage, grew up weird. And you just never know what's been done to a child before you get that child. What kind of sexual abuse has been, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation, etc. etc." the televangelist said.

Robertson continued: "You don't have to take on somebody else's problems. You really don't. You can help people – we administer to orphans all over the world, we love helping people. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to take all the orphans around the world into my home.

Russell Moore, the massively influential Evangelical writer and dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offered a swift and — in the very best sense of the word — Christian rebuke:

I am taking a deep breath here and reciting Beatitudes to myself. I had promised never to mention Robertson here again. Every few months he says some crazy scandalous thing. He blames 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on gays and lesbians, cozies up to the Chinese coercive and murderous one-child policy, counsels a man that he can divorce his Alzheimer’s-riddled wife because she’s “not there” anymore.

Let me just say this bluntly. This is not just a statement we ought to disagree with. This is of the devil.

… The issue here isn’t just that Robertson is, with cruel and callous language, dismissing the Christian mandate to care for the widows and orphans in their distress. The issue is that his disregard is part of a larger worldview. The prosperity and power gospel Robertson has preached fits perfectly well with the kind of counsel he’s giving in recent years … For too long, we’ve let our leaders replace the cross with an Asherah pole. Enough is enough.

Jesus was, after all, one of those adopted kids. Joseph of Nazareth was faced with a pregnant woman he could easily have abandoned …

And he didn't, according to Robertson's Bible, even though the kid might've turned out "weird."

Robertson, aghast at and unused to being called "of the devil," promptly issued an apology:

Today, on live television, I misstated my heartfelt dedication and commitment to helping orphans. For decades, I have supported adoption, and have helped tens of thousands of children worldwide.

I wanted to say, but it didn’t come out the way I intended, that adoption is not for everyone.

The mother of three adopted children, who wrote in about her boyfriend’s issue with her children, did a wonderful, unselfish act to adopt and I respect her immensely. Yet, adoption might not be a fit for her boyfriend. If that is the case, she needs to find someone who better shares her passion for adoption.

Adoptive parents are taking on enormous responsibility, both emotionally and financially. Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child’s background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared.

In answering the letter writer, this is what I meant to say. If any doubt remains, I ask you to please look at what I’ve done over the years to help orphans.



  1. Matt26 says

    What could be worse than adopting from abroad? So many children need parents and so many adults want a child. But no, Pat says it is a bad idea! He is a shameful, hateful excuse for a man.

  2. says

    the first thing i thought, before reading Moore’s words, was just what he stated.

    here’s pat robertson basically telling people to not take care of people who come into this world ….uh..the way that JESUS is attributed with coming into this world.

    seriously. “know some pregnant lady that’s poor and unmarried? don’t help her – her kid’s gonna be WEIRD”

    Wow. Literally, WOW>

    We’ve always known this man and his kind are bigotty nitwits who don’t know anything about that book they’re throwing around, but this crystallizes it for all time.


  3. Jack M says

    Pat has obviously gone senile and can’t remember the Christianist propaganda party line. I do hope he gets what he deserves, and I mean in this life.

  4. ? says

    Never understood why white Hollywood celebs adopt black children (from Africa and the like). It’s almost like a trend thing. “Oh look at ME, I’m so not racist as I’ve adopted a black child.”

  5. GABE says

    Just shaking my head at this buffoon. Again. Just when you thought the religious right couldn’t get any more stupid. The flock have certainly lost their way.
    The millions of adopted children across the country should find offence with this idiots latest ramblings. As should people raising children with brain damage. How many children have you adopted Pat? You surely have the means, how many children have you rescued and given a better life in one of your mansions? I’m sure his god will want to have a discussion about these comments (and a few others as well) when he shows up at the pearly gates. If he does.

  6. GABE says

    @? What does it even matter what color child they adopt? I’m SURE you aren’t trying to stoke some racism here with your stupid comments? Nah!

    For one thing, not ALL celebrities are adopting “black” children. Even so, the fact is there are more children of minority backgrounds awaiting adoption, so if one is truly a loving person it wouldn’t matter what color or ethnic background the child is. But, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. Sounds like you would let those kids live their entire lives un-adopted…keep them black kids away from the whites? Jerk.

  7. Mike B. says

    The devil, indeed. I wonder how much influence he actually wields, and how much influence the media conflates to him because he makes a good story.

  8. Polyboy says

    Maybe they want the children. Maybe you do not understand because you are racist question mark and prefer your families nice and color coded?

    Then again, you did not ask that dumb question about celebs or any American who adopt Asian children so maybe you’re just racist.

    It’s okay, it’s totally in vogue now. More stylish and widespread than adopting black babies.

  9. revchicoucc says

    Good for Dr. Moore for taking him on and naming his cruelty for what it is: not at all in keeping with the teachings of Jesus.

    And good for Dr. Moore for calling him out on his “prosperity and power gospel.” For those who don’t recognize the “code,” his use of the term “Asherah pole” is a way of saying Mr. Robertson is an idolator, worshiping a false god. In the Bible, idolators are the ones who get struck down by lightning.

  10. simon says

    It is not just “of the devil”. It’s dementia. His wife should leave him if he still has one.

  11. ? says

    Did they think it would start a trend among the masses? “Oh look dear, Tom Cruise adopted a black child. Let’s go out and adopt one ourselves!!!”

    Please! I don’t think Hollywood celebs realize that the public typically considers them to be batshit crazy. But then of course, crazy people never do realize that others consider them so.

  12. says

    i think they’re too busy raising their “black children” to worry what some anonymous loser on the internet thinks about them raising “black children”

  13. Bryon says

    I stopped watching the 700 club a long time ago for this exact reason. I got tired of evangelists and tv evangelists talking like they know what’s better for everyone else and they think they’re more christian then other people. What about Christ saying “suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” He’s saying children are innocent and because God loves them, so did he. After the children came to Christ, it says he took them in his arms and blessed them.

  14. gregory brown says

    This is the Pat Robertson the world sees and hears. Just how hideous and repulsive is that magic painting he keeps hidden in some vault, accumulating and preserving all the
    evil things he says, thinks and condones?

  15. jeff says

    Dont excuse Mr. Robertsons HATE as a symptom of dementia. He has been spouting hate on TV for decades. He hasn’t just started being hateful because a tragic disease has afflicted him, he’s just a hater with a big audience. Has been for a long, long time. He’s got a big big file up there at the Pearly Gates that he is going to have to explain…

  16. Paul R says

    Let him ramble. He’s clearly insane, and anyone with his best interests in mind would have made him retire years ago. Everything he says is offensive or stupid. It’s worth ignoring.

  17. scott says

    I can’t wait til his kids or spouse follows his own advice on elders with dementia?health issues. This disgusting excuse for a “Christian” has swindled so many people out of their money- thinking they’re helping children in third world countries- when it’s gone to HIS DIAMOND/GOLD mines in those same, war-torn countries.

    I don’t know how ANYONE could be associated or work for him and go to sleep at night… unless they’re messing with or stealing from his corporation to give to people in need.

  18. andrew says

    Pat Robertson is a crafty old devil. He throws verbal bombs so that he can stay in the news, and it works. Yep, here we are talking about the old b**tard.

  19. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    I never thought I would agree with a Southern Baptist on a social policy. Dean Moore rocks!

  20. andrew says

    I’m not one to gossip, BUT, did you know the Pat’s wife was pregnant with their oldest child before they were married. I kid you not!

  21. Kyle says

    ? Mark poster is a known homophobe. You guys don’t get these trolls ploy. They come on here and say something outlandish to get you all distracted from the homophobia of the original attacker. They want to derail the convo away from attacking the conservatives and want is to turn on each other. Classic case of divide an conquer
    And it happens here ALL the time with these troll plants

    Stop feeding them! That’s ALL they crave… Attention!

  22. Greg Cali says

    I agree guys. Stop feeding the trolls an focus on the story at hand. The enemy is the religious zealots, not what some useless troll who tries to derail the discussion says on here. Focus.

  23. Darrell says

    As a adopted child who was born with a cleft palate, speech, and hearing difficulties and thus having a rather sickly life my parents raised me as their own and my mother is a pillar of support and love even though I was not born as “Hers”… Pat Robertson is a wing nut who is about as sincere and kind as a staph infection and he should be “cured” with a endless holiday in a small room alone.

    There are endless children on the planet who could become fantastic individuals if they were adopted by someone who wants to love and care for a child that becomes “their own” That is what makes humanity work not mindless, selfish, bigoted rants and ideas such as someone like Pat Robertson does to gain support or attention from the worlds oddballs.

  24. Kent Poteete says

    I am Wondering If Rev. Pat Robertson Has Schedule the Surgery to have his head and my foot removed from his Ass? This Is One Person That Does Not Deserve To Have The Title Of REVEREND Before His Name. Last time I heard “JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN, ALL THE CHLIDREN OF THE WORLD” the word EXCEPT was no where found in the Lyrics. This is from a man who has attempted to run for President of the United States. Imagine What This Country would be like now, if he had on. WHAT A JOKE AND A BIGOT!!!!

  25. Mary says

    I’m not generally a fan of Pat Robertson. He’s said way too many crazy things over the years and many of us in the evangelical really wish he’d retire. However, here I think he might be defended. Possibly he really didn’t explain his views clearly enough. He wasn’t dissing ALL adoption, or even all foreign adoptions. I’m sure there are cases where adopting from a foreign country turns out to be a mistake, altough the only foreign adoption I know of personally (an Italian-American relative of mine who adopted a Hungarian boy) worked out well.

    But the good news is that Robertson apologized and explained himself more fully. Also, note that the criticism came from WITHIN the evangelical world. Also, note that this other pastor condemns Robertson for blaming 9/11 on gays and lesbians. This is a step forward for gay rights. OK, a small step. But it’s something.

  26. Mary says

    I re-read this article and now realize something else – maybe the men this woman has been dating just don’t want to be a Dad to someone else’s kids. Taking on 3 kids that are not yours is a lot to ask of anyone. Maybe they’re using the fact that the kids are foreign-borm as an excuse to reject dating this woman.

  27. james says

    @Mary. I see what you’re saying. In which case Mr. Robertson should have said “Maybe he’s not the right man for you since he can’t accept your adopted children.”

    Instead, Mr. Robertson said “You stupid woman! Didn’t you know that no man would want you if you adopted kids. What every man really wants is his own kid, made with his very own sperm. Get rid of the kids and this guy will go crazy for you!”

    I wonder what he would have said if the woman had three children from her deceased husband, who had died while serving his country in the war in Iraq? I bet old Pat would have gotten after the boyfriend for being unpatriotic by not marrying her.

  28. Nathan says

    It’s better to adopt a minority child; they make up over half of foster children yet account for much less than half of adoptions.

  29. billyWingartenson says

    He’s just another wlaking hate group who takes the fools money

    the same ahole who said of the hatian earthquake “they deserved it”

    his wierd smile is almost identical to a pix a jewish holocaust survivor showed me of Eichmann being led to the Gallows, proud of what he had done

    Right wing xtianity is just like extremist islam – a curse on humanity and a business to fleed the fools of their money.

    Selling them an insurance policy against death.

    Time to end religious freedom and try all these crooks under the RICO act.