Paul Ryan Associates Chick-Fil-A With ‘Free Speech Rights’


Rather than conducting a traditional interview with Paul Ryan, journalist Orlando Salinas from Roanoke, Virginia's WDBJ used his limited time to play a little game of word association with the vice presidential candidate. It's a pretty telling exchange.

So, what does Ryan think of when he thinks of Chick-fil-A, the chicken franchise whose chief executive thinks marriage equality will come with a side of God's wrath?

"Good chicken," Ryan said. He went on: "Good chicken. Free people exercising their free speech rights."

Ryan also said, when prompted with "United Nations", that the U.S. government is "outsourcing" its international power. As for "global warming," Ryan's free association produced this assertion: "All the solutions that people like Barack Obama are trying to impose on the American people, cost us jobs, make us less competitive and I think there's a big debate about the scientific veracity of some of the solutions or so-called solutions."


  1. cbhermey says

    now y’all just leave those good christian boys be, y’hear? It’s freedom of speech when you contribute to right wing hate groups, but stifling freedom of religion when y’all protest. Got it? Those are the rules! Y’gotta play by the rules!

  2. paul says

    Paul Ryan is the kind of man who smiles as he makes decisions that he knows will hurt people. There is something robotic, shifty and uneasy about this guy.

  3. says

    every time someone associates chick-fil-a with “free speech rights” they are proving one of two things – they either get all their info on the chick-fil-a thing from Fox News.. or….wait, no. thats’ it.

    that’s all they prove. because it had nothing to do with free speech rights, you stupid f***ing republican pieces of s**t.


  4. andrew says

    I will vote for Obama/Biden but there is nothing wrong with Ryan associating Chick-Fil-A with “Good chicken. Free people exercising there free speech rights.” In the U S people even have the right to spout the nonsense found in that primitive collection of myths that some people call the “Holy Bible”. LOL

  5. Wavin' Dave says

    Now THERE’S the campaign slogan as they head steadily into irrelevancy:

    And good riddance.

  6. say what says

    he also said on august 20th 2012 (just 4 days ago) that rape is just another way of getting pregnant

    add that to his fetus rights bill = abortion of said rape just another way of getting pregnant baby would be murder

  7. HadenoughBS says

    The mythology of an ostrich sticking its head in the sand is overtaken by Rethuggists like Ryan theoretically sticking his head up his ass to avoid the realities of climate change, outsourcing US power to the UN, etc. No wonder these
    “know-nothing” pols behave they way they do toward women, immigrants, the GLBT community et al.

  8. Mikemike says

    “All the solutions that people like Barack Obama are trying to impose on the American people, cost us jobs, make us less competitive and I think there’s a big debate about the scientific veracity of some of the solutions or so-called solutions.”

    As Krugman says, an unserious man

  9. Jack M says

    It’s freedom of speech when you agree with them, Mr. Ryan, but what about when you don’t?

  10. Miao says

    The way he so nonchalantly spouts all these ignorant, offensive, and outright dangerous beliefs is more than a little unsettling. This guy and RMoney should be kept from taking office at all costs.

  11. Strepsi says

    He’s a theocrat, and evil.

    But he’s my shamef*ck. I find him just incredibly hot… I want to pull those ears hard as I force his head down…

    I’d hit it like Thor’s Hammer, then hate myself on the walk of shame home.

    Unless of course I had photos to out him once and for all…. ūüėČ

  12. Tarc says

    You know, I really hate liars. Dopey Dwarf and his appallingly stupid agenda can go very far and blow away any time now.

  13. mike flower says

    While the Mormons & the Catholic Church join force$$ in a “perfect storm” I hear nothing from the “gay media” about the forthcoming disaster.

  14. andrew says

    @Miao: Your comment that Romney “should be kept from taking office at all costs” is very troubling. Would you care to modify that statement?

  15. Ask Tougher Questions says

    Interesting position by Ryan. Similarly, would like to hear his assessment of the recent court case filed in Texas wherein the plaintiff sued a grocery store owner alleging violation of his 1st Amendment rights because an African-American employee touched his food purchases. Is this free exercise of religion, Congressman Paul?

    When the plaintiff argues that the grocery clerk is of an “untouchable” social group, and therefore should not touch his food, is this simply an exercise of free speech? Shouldn’t decent people among the citizenry repudiate such views? Do you share these views, Congressman Ryan?

    What, precisely, is the difference between an ignorant redneck religious zealot saying that African-Americans shouldn’t touch his food purchases, and ignorant redneck religious zealots like Dan Cathy saying that two men or women entering into a legal marriage is an abomination before “God”, and damages the institution of marriage? Don’t decent citizens have an obligation to denounce the bigoted views in both instances?

    The public awaits your wisdom, Congressman.

  16. GregV says

    Imagine, hypothetically, that Dan Cathy sells a large interest of his company’s shares to the same Wahabbis who own large interests in News Corp. Now imagine that Cathy then converts to Wahabbism himself, becomes fanatical about it and diverts millions of dollars into groups that demonize Christians with falsehoods and in some cases even support the death penalty to “apostates” in Saudi Arabia (which might be called the Kill-The-Christians Bill).

    Now imagine that a couple of mayors had said (really beyond the scope of their authority and without any real challenge to his free speech rights) that they wouldn’t welcome anti-Christian bigotry in their cities.

    In such a case, would these fanatical “Christians” have lined up around the street to buy fried chicken to support Cathy’s “free speech rights” regardless of the content of the speech? Of course they wouldn’t.
    This is not, and has never been, about free speech rights.

  17. andrew says

    @Funme: Paul Ryan is no more a fascist than Obama is a socialist. They are both patriotic American politicians who have differing political and social views. I intend to vote for Obama but I choose not to slander Ryan.

  18. Diogenes Arktos says

    On global warming, he’s just the mainstream of the Republican party. During the primaries Santorum said, “It’s not real science, it’s political science.”