Rep. Aaron Schock Speaks His Mind on Gay Marriage, DOMA


Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner caught up with Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL, pictured above, right, in June, 2010) at "Newt U" in Tampa at the Republican National Convention on Monday, and questioned him about LGBT marriage issues.

Schock seemed uninformed about measures in the Land of Lincoln:

Asked about ongoing lawsuits brought in Illinois by the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal seeking marriage equality in his state, Schock replied he was unaware of their existence, saying, “That’s all news to me.”

He disagreed with Obama's order to the DOJ to stop defending Section 3 of DOMA in court:

“I think that it’s important for us to follow the law of the land. And so I think if we’re going to have a debate federally, like the president has started with him changing his position on gay marriage, then that’s all fine and well,” he said. “But, I think what’s more harmful is that, no matter who the president is … I don’t think you just say to your chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general, ‘Hey, don’t enforce the law because I don’t agree with it.’"

He believes marriage should be left to the states but is not sure about how he feels on a federal marriage amendment:

When it was explained to him that a federal marriage amendment that would prohibit states from allowing same-sex couples to marry under their state's law, he then hedged, saying, “I haven’t really thought too much about it.”

He then asked if the amendment had been voted on in Congress in the past four years. When told that it hadn’t and that he had not taken a position on it yet, he replied, laughing, “I’ll have to read it.”

BuzzFeed has a request in to his office get an answer on whether or not he supports the amendment.

Read Geidner's full interview here.

You may recall schock as the Congressman with the six pack.


  1. Paul says

    Obama has made it clear that he will continue to enforce the law as is his duty to do so. What he did say is that he will no longer defend the law in court because he believes that it is unconstitutional and therefore indefensible.

  2. jamal49 says

    The joke’s on me.

    I scanned the first paragraph quickly and I’m reading on and I’m thinking “OK, old geezer Republican (the guy on the left) doesn’t know what’s going on either in his state or federally regarding DOMA or marriage equality. Why is this news here on Towleroad?”

    Then the punch line: “You may recall Schock as the Congressman with the six pack.”

    Oh, duh. Back to the photo. Yeah, I remember him. The white-pants-blue-belt-pink-checkerboard-shirt-guy-who’s-not-gay. Who just gave an interview showing off his ab-solute ignorance about everything.

    That guy. OK. Back to the original question:

    Why is this news here on Towleroad?

  3. Paul R says

    He is such a sad person with a sad little almost mind.Everyone knows that he’s gay. It’s a dated joke. Him coming out would probably help the GOP at this point.

  4. Craig says

    Jamal, It is rumored that Schock has a big closet. When that picture hits the tubes a few years ago, it became a twitter sensation and prompted a hilarious fake twitter account So it is news worthy of Towleroad when a possibly closeted gay Republican expresses or feigns complete and utter ignorance on a major LGBT issue.

  5. hugo says

    We have to cut him some slack, lol. Not that he was ever supposed to be a deep thinker of even well-informed congressman, anyway.

    He’s suffered some pretty big blows (no pun intended) to his ego… From what I read there may have been more speakers than attendees at “Newt U” and he’s probably still miffed that his workout buddy Ryan is getting all the attention these days while Schock himself is very much last year’s model. As you know, in fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out…

  6. Alex says

    He’s clearly the real-life prototype to the character Rep. Sean Reeves (D-OH),a closeted Republican congressman in the USA series “Political Animals”, who has an affair with the President’s son.

    He can’t be as stupid as this interview suggests…this is part of his closet act.

  7. Jack says

    It’s pretty commonly known that Schock frequents gay bars both in Chicago (I know people who have seen him at Minibar) and in DC.

    If he thinks nobody knows…he’s got to be insane.

  8. johnny says

    His feigned ignorance of the latest legal goings on is just an act to get out of having to really state where he stands on ANY issue that involves being gay. I mean, seriously, this is happening in his own state and he isn’t informed? I doubt that, even the stupidest politician knows these things are happening.

    In his own deluded way, it allows him to avoid the larger question:

    ARE YOU GAY, Aarron???

  9. Jack says

    They just know they hate/are grossed out by gays so they oppose this, but it doesn’t make a lick of difference to them. They don’t even bother to follow it. It’s just lazy opposition.

  10. endo says

    I always have to roll my eyes when people say things like “it’s commonly known that he frequents gay bars.”

    What century do you live in?! Every person in any gay bar in America is carrying a cell phone; half of them have their noses buried in Grindr. If someone as well-known as Aaron Schock was going to gay bars, there would be photographs.

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t think he’s gay. Just clueless.

  11. thom says

    ….Whatever Mr Schock is (or isn’t) he is puts a confusing spin on his wardrobe..WTF is THAT? I know the Midwest has some fashion issues (I’m a Midwesterner, so don’t trach my comments)but this is over the top. I had a uniform years ago as a waiter at a Ho-Jo’s and I am quite sure this rig he is wearing was pretty much the same. Oh my, Aaron….just, oh my…

  12. Bingo says

    Geidner missed the chance to ask this talking point mannequin if he even knows the difference between not enforcing DOMA and not defending it in court.

    Could be he and his like know the difference but obscure it to make a political point. More likely they’re just not that sharp.

  13. me says

    the “i haven’t thought too much about it” strikes me as the type of thing i would say if i were closeted (and had thought a lot about it but didn’t want to reveal that). why would a straight congressman say something like “i haven’t thought about it?” They would instead spew some ignorant opinion, instead of “protesting too much” about how little they think about gay issues.

  14. Jack says


    Scoff all you want. You think most guys know who the hell Schock is? No, they’re too busy looking below the belt. Put him in a bar full of cute gay guys and I’ll give you $500 if you can find 5 people who recognize him without any hints.

  15. Jack says


    Scoff all you want. You think most guys know who the hell Schock is? No, they’re too busy looking below the belt. Put him in a bar full of cute gay guys and I’ll give you $500 if you can find 5 people who recognize him without any hints.

  16. endo says

    Jack, sweets, you specifically said Chicago and DC bars. Yes, I guarantee you most guys in those cities, especially in DC, know who Aaron Schock is.

    I’ll keep scoffing. You keep lying.

  17. Rich says

    Come On Now! Is it new news that Aaron’s gayer than a Pride parade? Aaron has worked out his Crew Club membership card harder than my gay ass…and that’s sayin’ somethin’!

  18. Daniel says

    Why o why are so many people having a hard time with the two vocabulary words “Defend” and “Enforce?” DOJ is clearly enforcing section 3 of DOMA, however they refuse to DEFEND it in court….those are two separate items. Any jackass out there who uses them incorrectly or thinks it is OK to use them interchangebly should think again. Prez ordered DOJ to stop defending the stupid law…under his executive authority he has the right/privilege to do so. this act is not unheard of. However, he has NOT broken the law by refusing to enforce a pre-existing law. Why can’t we get this right?

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