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Rep. Paul Ryan's Coming-Out Speech: VIDEO


Rep. Paul Ryan is known for his wonky, information-packed speeches. Today, after Mitt Romney introduced Ryan as his running mate -- and after Ryan strode manfully, tielessly forth from the belly of the USS Wisconsin -- Ryan delivered a speech that was anti-wonky, and almost totally information-free. He sounded like he knew it, too. Ryan looked profoundly uncomfortable, save for a brief stretch in the middle of his address during which he talked about numbers and money. Mostly, the message was: Barack Obama's the problem, Mitt's the solution. Rephrase and repeat 'til the message sticks.

Sample applause line:

America is on the wrong track. But Mitt Romney and I will take the right steps, in the right time, to get us back on the right track.

Good to know. Watch Paul Ryan to talk to you like you're a toddler, AFTER THE JUMP ...


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  1. The right track or the far right track?

    Posted by: Ben in Oakland | Aug 11, 2012 1:41:47 PM

  2. Why does Mitt call Paul Ryan the next president of the united states at the very beginning?

    Posted by: Stephen | Aug 11, 2012 1:52:38 PM

  3. Wait a second...did Mitt just say, "Join me in welcoming the next PRESIDENT of the United States, Paul Ryan?" President? Oye. He needs to get better at collecting his thoughts before he speaks in front of so many people.

    Posted by: monsterspuppy | Aug 11, 2012 1:54:05 PM

  4. Let's not give these two idiots any more publicity then what we've already had to endure.

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Aug 11, 2012 2:11:09 PM

  5. Brandon, please don't make the mistake of confusing Ryan with an actual wonk just because the rest of the media does. He's a wonk wannabe, and his "plan" is nothing more than tired old right-wing ideology dressed up in wonky sounding buzzwords. You can look up the plan and read it for yourself. It's not that deep, and you'll see that it doesn't actually make any sense.

    Posted by: Jacques | Aug 11, 2012 2:16:37 PM

  6. It's probably a freudian slip or meant to seem like one. Romney knows none of the really ring-wing members of the Rebpulican party are going to be voting for _him_. This is his campaign's Hail Mary attempt to get itself on track again. Find the most right-wing tea party member they can who seems reasonably sane and isn't likely to have a closet full of skeletons. To my thinking, it's only going to enthuse people who would have voted for Romney anyhow. He's taking the gamble of trying to appease the base rather than widen his electorate. Of course, maybe it's just meant to seem that way. With the millions Romney is probably paying an army of little wonks who have poly sci degrees, I'm surprised by this choice, but maybe there's something I don't know. As several pundits have already commented elsewhere on the web, Romney just handcuffed himself to the "third rail" of American politics. Maybe Romney is thinking a stress free life of enjoying his scores of millions is a better plan for the rest of his days LOL. Maybe he finds merely having crushed the other members of the Republican Primary clown car to have been a satisfactory enough life achievement.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Aug 11, 2012 2:17:58 PM

  7. I love how they strategically place the only black people in the entire audience in the background so that it doesn't look like entirely like a White Power convention.

    Posted by: Dennis | Aug 11, 2012 2:18:13 PM

  8. Jacques is correct. Ryan if often referred to as some sort of intellectual light of the party. But remember it is the party of Bachmann, Palin, and Louis Gohmert. A standard head of cabbage looks smart in that company.

    Posted by: melvin | Aug 11, 2012 2:20:50 PM

  9. a draft dogger = romney who fled to france as a "missionary" 2 times to avoid the draft

    & ryan who has never ever served in the military

    utilizing a Us war ship as a backdrop

    chutzpah!!! the only thing they were missing was the stuffed crotches ala shrub in the flight suit

    Posted by: say what | Aug 11, 2012 2:26:03 PM

  10. Eyan used to patronize numerous gay bars around DuPont circle. I thought he looked familiar.

    Posted by: Guest | Aug 11, 2012 2:29:53 PM

  11. If you cant comb your hair please dont accept the Vice president nomination.

    Posted by: Robert | Aug 11, 2012 2:35:46 PM

  12. "Guest", are you making this up or are you serious?

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | Aug 11, 2012 2:38:05 PM

  13. Mitt said he is an intellectual leader of the GOP. That tells us something about the GOP which produced a lot of "intellectuals" like G.W Bush etc.

    Posted by: simon | Aug 11, 2012 2:39:48 PM

  14. Vacuous, but I hear he has abs. They chose a small venue to make the crowd look bigger but they forgot the "Mission Accomplished" banner.

    Posted by: Lift your shirt up | Aug 11, 2012 2:41:44 PM

  15. The headline made me think think that the video was a supercut of his speeches distilled into an actual 'coming-out' speech.

    Posted by: CD | Aug 11, 2012 2:56:37 PM

  16. Admittedly I don't like either one, but if I saw a stock photo of the two of them I'd title it "Smug country club father and son." They look like the villains of a 1980s movie, the bully and his arrogant dad.

    Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

    Posted by: Caliban | Aug 11, 2012 2:57:43 PM

  17. I hate them both, but at least Ryan isn't obese. That is the only nice thing that I can say about him. Romney has gained 50 pounds in two months.

    Posted by: Paul R | Aug 11, 2012 3:14:01 PM

  18. "Admittedly I don't like either one, but if I saw a stock photo of the two of them I'd title it 'Smug country club father and son.' They look like the villains of a 1980s movie, the bully and his arrogant dad."

    So true!

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Aug 11, 2012 3:19:15 PM

  19. The Just For Men Presidential Ticket.

    Make no mistake, Ryan is the Presidential Nominee. Romney is just the smokescreen automaton who'll be sitting in the chair.

    Posted by: Gry | Aug 11, 2012 3:21:41 PM

  20. http://fablog.ehrensteinland.com/2012/08/11/alice-rosenbaum-strikes-back/

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Aug 11, 2012 3:37:13 PM

  21. cool link DAVID EHRENSTEIN

    Posted by: say what | Aug 11, 2012 3:52:01 PM

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    Posted by: Jeff 4 Justice | Aug 11, 2012 3:58:10 PM

  23. Ryan is perceived as a wrong choice by even some conservatives. See: Rep. Paul Ryan VP Choice Draws Criticism From Some Conservatives/http://www.huffingtonpost.com/howard-fineman/rep-paul-ryan-vp_b_1768137.html

    Ryan's catholicism is out of step with his proposed budgets (particularly Ryan budget 1). He's going to be more trouble than he's worth, I believe.

    Posted by: My2cents | Aug 11, 2012 4:30:01 PM

  24. Face it. He passes the eye candy test. TMZ is reporting that he's got a six pack. Keep digging for the negatives. America is all image. This will be interesting. He may get the shallow vote.

    Posted by: Josh | Aug 11, 2012 4:43:19 PM

  25. No one needs to dig far for the negatives, Josh. All the things Ryan is known for--aside from his cold blue eyes--are hugely unpopular. Somehow I don't think his six pack is going to win over the social security and Medicare set in Florida and elsewhere. They can watch Jersey Shore for that.

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 11, 2012 5:20:12 PM

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