1. Strepsi says

    I’m a Canadian and have never seen this man before in my life, but I have amazing facial recognition gaydar, and it says *ping*.

    Momma’s boy, perma-tan, hiding behind religion…. yep. Closet case. Of the Norman Bates variety.

    Oh, and he may “pray that God, in His inscrutable wisdom, will bring some good out of this”, but I am hoping that the COURT acts in its own very scrutable wisdom — by applying the full force of the law.

  2. Edward says

    I like the last comment. Only, strike the “Maybe”. There is no maybe. God IS trying to show the world what this man is truly like. A little weasel of a bigot. Thank you God (anyone’s God). Turnaround is fair play.

  3. Markt says

    It’s funny how clueless yet clued in a mother can be. She’s happy her son is there with the gays. She says it’s cause he’ll stop their ungodly ways, but deep-down she knows he needs cock. That guy is just laugh happy to be wearing that Barbie meets the Borgia’s outfit. I recognize that smile as a cock-sucker from thousands of miles away.

  4. Bob says

    This NO DOUBT self hating closet case was probably drinking to help him cope with thoughts of being pounded in a Bath House or sucking cock through a GloryHole!

  5. jamal49 says

    Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    “I pray that God, in His inscrutable wisdom, will bring some good out of this.”

    Yeah, right. Drag “God” into this, as if that will make your ersatz piety more believable.

    Hey, Archie. Uh, you coulda killed people driving drunk like that. That’s the only thing I’d thank “God” that didn’t happen.

    Listen, honey. Just come clean with yourself. You’ll feel better about yourself. You won’t have to drink to cover up your true self.

    And, don’t worry. Your Ma will eventually come around.

  6. Mike says

    He made a mistake by driving drunk and this is not the only mistake he made and it will not be the last mistake he makes, the Pope chose a drunk but then again the Catholic church is full of them.

  7. says

    God had nothing to do with it ;God didn’t hold him down and pour alcohol down his throat, likewise the same 2000 year old bronze age sky fairy didn’t force him to get in to the car and drive. Both were volitional acts hope he gets banged up (uk expression for jail) and banged when he’s in there!

  8. God Don't Like Ugly! says

    Archbishop Lush’s DUI is revealing, in a reinforcing what everyone already knew kind of way. This is a man who doesn’t care what effect his own personal actions have on the lives of others, whether it’s a matter of supporting divisive, demeaning, hate-inspired legislation that creates real hardships for gay and lesbians and their families, including their children; or whether it’s risking the lives of others by getting behind the wheel drunk. Then again, what do you expect from a cult-religion led by a Nazi?

  9. NeverEclipsed81 says

    So telling that the one thing she has to say about her son’s job, is about fighting the gays. These people need to find something else to do!

  10. Mitch says

    Amazes me how Mom and the Archie Bishie minimize his responsibility for his personal decision to drive while drunk. “They kept filling his glass.” “I was with Mum visiting with a friend from out the country.” Mumsie he endangered your life – along with college students around San Diego State – when he drove you home. Stop defending him.

    Oh, and it doesn’t look like she was chased down. She was on her front porch – and certainly not out of breath – while defending his drunkenness to the reporter.

  11. Just Askin says

    Mrs. Cordileone, would you be surprised if you found out that your son had had multiple inappropriate sexual relationships with males under the age of 14?

  12. Mick says

    Wow! Where’s the open-minded tolerance? Maybe the arch-bishop was just born this way, can’t change who he is, and needs to be embraced for the love of diversity and differences he brings. God knows there’s a butt load of bars in the Castro district, and there are probably lots of very wet Shirley temples over there. And if his name were Teddy and he left a girl to drown in his car, you’d all vote for him.

  13. hornlongjohn says

    Mick- What are you talking about? Teddy, really, wrong side of the country dude. ANd what exactly do you mean by “born this way”? His hatred? Hmmm, maybe some are born hateful, but the catholic church does a pretty good job of spreading that itself. So question really is- was he born hateful or did he become that way in the catholic church? Truthfully though, we don’t really care. Send him back to the rock that he crawled out from under

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