SpongeBob Is A Gay Menace To Ukrainian Children

400x400-annoyed-spongebobSpongeBob Squarepants is gay, according to Ukraine's National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality.

In a report published Thursday and publicized in Ukraínskaya Pravda, the Commission identifies several cartoons and children's entertainments, SpongeBob among them, which encourage the "destruction of the family, and the promotion of drugs and other vices." SpongeBob's gay, anime's sexist, and The Simpsons, Family Guy, Fururama and The Teletubbies are just rotten.

EITB has provided a helpful partial translation of the Pravda article:

According to Irina Medvédeva, a psychologist quoted in the study, children aged between 3 and 5 years, after being exposed to such series, “pull faces and make jokes in front of adults they don’t know, laugh out loud and repeat nonsense phrases in a brazen manner.”

The report goes on to say that “The Teletubbies deliberately aims to create subnormal (men), who spend all day in front of the television with their mouths open swallowing all types of information,” behaviour which, it claims, complies with the “psychology of losers”.

The Commission is may soon propose a Ukraine-wide ban on some or all of these entertainments. As Andy reported last month, Ukrainian lawmakers are also currently considering a St. Petersburg-style ban on pro-gay "propaganda."


  1. Paul R says

    Let’s face facts. SpongeBob is gay. Anime is often sexist. The other shows I don’t care about because they’re usually crap. Are we surprised by malcontents in Ukraine?

    The Teletubbies disturb me as well.

  2. Reggie777 says

    Maybe someone should tell these people about the little switch that changes the channels? Or the one that turns the TV off? Is anyone forcing them to watch? Just asking.

  3. Vitaly says

    The “brochure” is actually by a cultish group that calls itself “the True Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church”; it broke off from the Greek Catholic Church and is not affiliated with any other churches, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant. This group engages in all sorts of xenophobic rhetoric, not only homophobic, although like many religious right groups here it is quite obsessed with homosexuality. Unfortunately their “brochure” has been spreading through Ukrainian-language Internet; it attacks not only SpongeBob and the Teletubbies, but also Shrek, Pokemon, and many other cartoons. It is highly disturbing that the outrageous and awful state organ, “the National Expert Commission on the Questions of Defense of Public Morals” (yes, that is its real real name) decided to take up this issue. The “commission” has been a laughing stock of Ukraine for over 5 years now; it was supposed to be disbanded over a year ago, but somehow still persists; their official website has the too strange to be believed URL: http://www.moral.gov.ua; BTW, the latest press release posted on their site, dated August 16, denies the link between their decision and that brochure, and gives a lengthy bureaucratese spiel on how the commission “cares about protecting children in Ukrainian information space”; it completely contradicts the earlier posting, dated August 14, that can be found on the same site immediately below the latest press release. P.S. “Ukrainskaya pravda” is the Russian-language title of the news site quoted. It would be more appropriate to give the title of this source not in Russian, but in Ukrainian, which is “Ukraïns’ka pravda” (Українська правда).

  4. andrew says

    This Irish-American says it might be a good time to remind people that a large percentage of Ukrainians joined the Nazi party in WWII and participated in the extermination of many Jews.

  5. Vitaly says

    @Andrew: your last comment is an example of xenophobic bigotry. The news story in question has nothing to do with World War Two. Many more Ukrainians (millions of them) died fighting the nazis than collaborated with the nazis (thousands to tens of thousands). Among those who died as soldiers at the front fighting against the nazis were four of my great uncles, so as a Ukrainian-American, I also take personal offense at your statement (luckily, both my grandfathers, who also were soldiers fighting against the nazis, lived to see victory in 1945). By linking the two stories you are engaging in the same type of rhetoric the homophobes use to debase and attack the gay community. Should you, as an American, be held responsible for each and every misdeed ever committed by an American, from the time the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock?

  6. RisaRT says

    Well in my opinion I do not think Spongebob is gay, but rather simple minded. He along with his friend are made to be stupid. That’s the joke. The problem is everyone is taking it very literal.

    Also, this is off topic but I am amazed yet very happy to see that the Ukraine has a “Commission for Protecting Public Morality.” I feel as though we don’t even have such a thing in the US. In the US, no one cares about morality. We only seem to care about become more and more of a bunch of little degenerates. Respect goes out to the Ukraine!

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