Upcoming FRC Campaign To Be Called ‘First Liberty Under Fire’


Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute have been prepping "The Survey of Religious Hostility in America," a report that is exactly what it sounds like: a journal "detailing religious bigotry throughout America."

What qualifies as "bigotry" or "religious liberty" is of course open for debate. FRC likes to say that employment discrimination is a liberty, for example, and claim that efforts to thwart such discrimination is "hostile".

"Hostility against religious liberty has reached an all-time high, and the attacks are increasing at an unprecedented rate. America's First Liberty — the freedom of religion —  is being pushed out of public life, our schools, and even our churches," FRC notes on the forthcoming report's test page, under a banner that reads "First Liberty Under Fire."

That text was probably decided on before yesterday's shooting, but perhaps it should be changed to something a bit less incendiary?

(h/t Good As You)


  1. Bryan Irrera says

    Am I the only who thinks the shooting yesterday was a frame job? Meaning: the guy who did the shooting worked as a volunteer for an LGBT organization for six months then suddenly decides to open fire at the FRC. Who’s willing to bet that he’s been on the FRC payroll (as a volunteer at the LGBT organization as a mole, so he’d have a cover) and was hired to shoot them so they COULD have this as their thesis and have something concrete to point to?

  2. Disgusted American says

    religious liberty is a vitcim of bigotry and persecution????….wow, talk about projection ……

  3. odracir says

    Now that you mention it Bryan, the minute I read he’d been a volunteer for A WHOLE SIX MONTHS, that is exactly the thought I had, too. It’s way too obvious — and now with this “under Fire” headline, even more blatant.

  4. Jack M says

    Is it biogtry directed at religous people or bigotry coming from religious people? Time to call the whaaaambulance.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Here’s the deal:

    I have every right to be hostile to religion. I have every right to detest religious beliefs and religionists. Period.
    However, the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that a person does not have the right to engage any and all religious practices. The Christian Bible says that adulterers and gays should be stoned to death. Does this mean that a Christianist who insists on “practicing his religion” should be permitted to stone adulterers and gays to death?! There are many who believe this! Only the secular law and life sentences prevent them from doing so.

    This is the danger they pose.

    Christianists are concerned that their right to discriminate against gays and any host of other people their religion tells them are not “saved” or “pure” might be infringed on. Well, too bad. If your religious practice includes discrimination, then yes, I want to restrict your ability to practice your religion and I will fight to do so.

  6. Christopher says

    Arguments like this (ie, blatant hypocritical lies) are reaching a critical point. Politicians are afraid to say something because it will cost them a big election, but when will someone step up and explain to these people exactly how contrary to American values their argument is? It’s getting downright dangerous and irresponsible that no one is stemming this tide of religious fervor. Soon the bell will be un-ringable.

  7. kpo5 says

    I recently saw a movie that referenced this ‘we’re-so-persecuted-for-our-beliefs’ BS.

    Anyone see the Passion of the Christ? Of course it is one of the most popular movies Christians have ever seen, but why? Why was it significantly more popular with them than other movies about Christ?

    Probably because every scene after the introduction included Christ being bloodied and maimed. Blood spattering everywhere, people shouting at this peaceful man for his beliefs, his faces of agony, OH the persecution.

    I think this movie gave all of them a complex.

  8. Steve says

    All freedom of religion means is freedom of worship. You don’t get punished simply for worshiping a certain way. That doesn’t translate to freedom of action in all situations, no matter how much some theocrats and theocratic judges want to make it so.

  9. woodroad34 says

    I find this statement interesting: http://www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/documents/poltest.htm

    It’s the “I’m not a hater. I have love in my heart. It’s THOSE people who start all the trouble” syndrome. People don’t want to be called “facist”… and, yet….ya are, Blanche. NAZI, facist, hate group, bigot, and accessory to murder.

    And I have to agree with Bryan Irrera…something’s not right here–I just can’t put my finger on it.

  10. says

    So one lone nutbar (and possible FRC plant) shoots someone in the shoulder, and Drama Queen Brian “conveniently” has this propaganda all ready to go to press. This smells fishier than Michelle Bachmann’s bike seat.

  11. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    If the Christianists are describing employment discrimination as a liberty, should employers be free to discriminate against Jesus-worshipers? Oh, I’m sorry. It’s more politically correct to say “Christians.” (Feels a little different when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t it?)

  12. Rob robertss2009 says

    Religions have no right not to expect a backlash when their agenda includes hostility to women, monorities and gays. Several “pastors” have recently called for the imprisonment and extermination of gays. No wonder so many people hate religion, as it is no longer a force for morality but has itself become corrupt, bigoted and immoral. Plus religions have been made into tools for the right wing, so nobody trusts religion anymore.

  13. EchtKultig says

    I’m going to go slightly off-topic to say the SPLC’s press release on the shooting is totally inadequate.

    Firstly, it needs to express some sympathy for the victim. Secondly, it needs to point out that there are over 2000 anti-gay hate crimes in the country EVERY YEAR. Thirdly, it should explain why they have made the statements they have made, and been perfectly justified in making, about FRC in the past. Is everyone there on vacation or something? Without smartphones?
    Really, people, CAN WE WAKE THE F-CK UP HERE? We are the ones fighting the uphill battle! We have to play smarter than they do! This is not rocket science. At least the statement from the gay rights groups was thoughtfully written.

  14. andrew says

    Spin, Spin, Spin everybody. An a$$hole commits an evil deed and all the ideologues of left and right spin it to their advantage. Shameful but typical.