Wanda Sykes To Headline Logo’s Election Coverage


Gay cable channel Logo has caught election fever. The Hollywood Reporter passes on word that the Viacom-owned outlet will air two civic-minded specials before the November election.

The first will air directly after the Democrats and Republicans wrap up their national conventions and the other hits the waves on election eve. Both are being hosted by out comedienne Wanda Sykes, who said "I'm excited to be working with Logo, the network that offers a voice to the LGBT community."

"These specials will be thought provoking, exciting and the perfect forum to discuss important issues facing our community. Plus, it is Logo so maybe I'll get to dress in drag!”

Logo General Manager Lisa Sherman had a more measured tone about it all, telling THR, "While there has been much progress in civil rights for LGBT Americans over the course of the past few years, this is a crucial time for our community and our quest for equality on all fronts. Wanda will be the perfect host for the specials, providing her one-of-a-kind take on LGBT concerns and challenges."


  1. Craig says

    Logo? Sounds familiar. There used to be a cable channel called Logo but it got overtaken by MTV as a place to show reruns of horriblle non-gay related reality shows like Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, True Life and Celebrity Rehab. Oh look! Right now they are showing Poltergeist I followed immediately by Poltergeist III!

    Okay maybe I’m being harsh. Once in a while they show this incredibly blurry show about drag queens that seems to be stuck on repeat.

  2. Iwontgrowup says

    How is this going to work? She’s not a drag queen or a drag king or for that matter she wasn’t in Buffy.
    Lets face it her voice makes me wanna sho0ve an ice pick in her throat.

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