A Burning, Unanswerable Wingnut Question From The DNC: PHOTO


Joe from Joe.My.God is neck deep in the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and posted pictures of one of the many, many wingnuts who have converged on the North Carolina city to combat the President and his allies.

As you can see, this lone conservative wonders, "How can we expect God to bless America when we butcher babies and lead children into homosexuality?"

I suppose that would be a relevant question if either of those things were happening and if we had definite confirmation that God both exists and is Republican.


  1. Alejo says

    Ummm… may be in the same way as the God bless any other overly populated, homophobic country know for its religious fanatics like say, Indonesia. Isn’t it more blessed than America ‘coz it incorporates all your bigotry?

  2. says

    I thought the vast majority of children ( including we gays) were lead into hetrosexuality ?

    At least my parents and siblings and school and peer groups were all leading me into hetrosexuality.
    [But being lead into homosexuality ? That don’t happen dude.]

    Then I just saw the light .
    Maybe that’s the blessing they are talking about.

  3. johnny says

    “…confirmation confirmation that God both exists and is Republican.”

    A pretty big slap in the face to the millions of gay people who support our cause, support this site and who also believe in some kind of higher power.

    Atheism is fine and I have no problem with people being free to believe what they way, but it’s not necessarily what everyone agrees with that comes to this site.

    Bash the republicans, gay haters and the right all you want to, but leave people who believe in God, spirituality or a higher power out of it. There are good and bad people on both sides of religion.

    Or simply change the name of this site to Towleratheist and leave it at that so at least people know what their in for.

  4. says

    @ johnny
    the question posed is “how can god…” first you would have to prove god exists, then wether he blesses anything and so on. Pointing out this argument is flawed is not a personal attack towards you or “believers”… it’s just shows out how illogical this question is. Your comment makes you appear to think you are as entitled and “beyond question” as those who oppress us. The article mentions nothing about atheism. Your comment makes it appear that you are so insecure in your beliefs, whatever they are, that any logical argument is a direct threat to you. it isn’t.

  5. anon says

    There’s a lot of …’s there. What blessings have we received? Which ones will be taken away? Why just those two sins? Are there no counter-vitues? He’ll be up all night thinking about it.

  6. johnny says

    It’s not about whether God or some other higher power exists, that’s a diversion tactic and obvious bait for some other discussion.

    It’s about the respect that EVERYONE’S beliefs – religious or atheist – deserve, regardless of opinion. I don’t bash atheists or believers, everyone is free to believe what they want.

    I truly drags this site down a notch whenever that respect is not present, at least in the initial report. Much easier to ignore the comments, but I don’t remember Towle himself being against the various belief systems of people, especially those on the side of gay rights who’ve done nothing to harm us.

  7. Schoolmarm says

    Johnny, the wonderful part about the Towleroad comments section is that if you don’t like what others write, you can attempt to rebut their statements or you can simply stop reading that which is causing you distress. If other people do not “respect” your pseudo-christian feelings and “believes”, then possibly you might need to find another source for your “news”. Articles posted here and commented on here are going to have various slants to them based upon the format in which the information is presented. You were invited to participate. If you don’t like the presentation, then reject the invitation. Isn’t America a grand place to try and express ourselves.

  8. Alan says

    Johnny, we’re saying that unless they can prove god exists and agrees with their opinion then we’re not going to take them seriously. I respect everyone’s right to believe, but you need proof if you want to be taken seriously. Sure, some people here are disrespectful of religion, but you can always ignore them.

  9. JJ says

    @Johnny, if someone claims that God exists, it’s perfectly fair to ask for proof. What’s unreasonable about that? What’s so tender about your beliefs that you suffer when they’re questioned? Is it that you have no evidence to support your beliefs, and being asked for it makes you uncomfortable? If indeed you cannot prove your beliefs, why should you–much less anyone else–even believe them? And since when does “respecting” mean not questioning, or challenging, or expecting “cconfirmation” before accepting unsubstantiated claims.

  10. Caliban says

    I’m not religious but I was raised in a church. Assuming one believes there is an all-powerful being, creator of the universe, isn’t it the height of arrogance to claim you speak for Him or that He agrees with you? Isn’t it pure hubris to think you know the mind of God?

    Frankly, if I was religious I’d worry about being smote for that instead of worrying what everyone else is up to, especially with all that “do unto others…” and “judge not…” business right there in my own holy book.

  11. LOU says

    How can we expect god to bless America when some people who claim to be christian claim to be pro life but yet have no problem with starting unecessary wars, have no problem kicking the poor to the curb and have no problem being against affordable health care coverage to those who need it?

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