Brit Pols Call On Freedom To Marry For Equality Strategizing

DcameronPrime Minister David Cameron and other British conservatives who support marriage equality have been having a spot of bother trying to convince their party peers to join them in the march toward progress.

In an effort to bolster their argument, and eventually their political ranks, the Tories recently rang up the U.S.-based equality advocates at Freedom To Marry to ask for some help.

"…Senior Tories met a group of lobbying experts, who have worked with the US campaign group Freedom to Marry, ahead of a renewed charm offensive within the party," reports The Telegraph. "They are understood to have discussed tactics at a 'cross-governmental meeting' last Monday."

Many Tory members also privately say that gay marriage is one of the biggest subjects of correspondence from constituents and fear that it will cost them votes from their own core supporters in marginal constituencies.

The drive is expected to focus less on arguments about equality and rights and more about gay marriage as something which could be “good for society”.

There will also be renewed attempts to bring religious leaders on board. So far only a small number of Church of England bishops have voiced support, with most strongly against.

“[The meeting] was to try to explore with the conservative leadership how to best play the argument for a conservative audience,” Mr [Ben] Cohen explained.

A representative from Prime Minister David Cameron's office on Downing Street told the paper that, yes, Americans had come to their assistance, but also insisted that the Brits imparted some wisdom as well: "The Americans were there to learn from us as much as we were from them. The UK is leading the way in this area in many respects."

One of them is Cameron's oft-repeated note that marriage equality is indeed a conservative value, something we very rarely hear on this side of the pond.


  1. Chris says

    I love how they say that they will “lose votes”! To whom exactly? Labour or The Liberal Democrats? Both of which support marriage equality.

    PS: Telegraph and Daily Mail are both (openly) radically homophobic, and so are their readers, so careful what you hear and report — just in case you possibly didn’t know already =)

  2. simon says

    It is not good news. The conservatives seem to have second thoughts about all this and so far more talks than actions. Perhaps UK has to wait for the next Labour government to have this done, just like the Socialists in France, they don’t have to worry about votes.

  3. Javier says

    Conservatives are doing all they can to block marriage equality in the UK. The anti-gay forces have dominated the debate and response to Cameron’s plans. Why are the pro-gay marriage forces so quiet and unorganized in the UK?

  4. ratbastard says

    Cameron is despised among most rank and file Conservatives in the UK for his gay marriage stance. He is on a very weak political footing to begin with. It’s interesting why he would continue to push it. It really hurts him politically more than help.

  5. Ken says

    “It’s interesting why he would continue to push it. It really hurts him politically more than help.”

    Perhaps he really believes in equality. Crazy that a politician would try to do what’s right instead of what’s best politically.

  6. Icebloo says

    NEVER NEVER NEVER trust a Tory. NEVER.

    They have voted against every piece of gay rights legislation every time. They want our votes but they won’t give us anything in return.

    People may hate him now but you have to give FULL CREDIT to Tony Blair and the Labour Party. They brought gay rights in the UK forward by about 30 years – and the Tories even voted against that !

    A gay voting right wing even in the UK is insane and stupid. They hate us – don’t give them any power over us.

    The Conservative Party has NOT changed no matter how many times snake Cameron tells you they have. DO NOT trust them !

  7. MaryM says

    Cameron’s support for equality is skin deep.

    He supports it because it’s what a majority in the UK wants.

    If he thinks he will win the next election by being a bigot, his opinion will change.

    He’s a career politician. He has no values.

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