DC Campaigning For Trans Respect


Following a recent spike in anti-trans hate crimes, the District of Columbia recently launched a new campaign aimed at combating anti-transgender discrimination.

In their first ad, unveiled today at BuzzFeed, the city introduces us to Kisha, who tells us, "I love wandering through Smithsonian museums, eating on H Street with friends, and going to shows at Howard Theatre."

She goes on: "I’m a transgender woman and I’m part of DC. Please treat me the way any woman would want to be treated: with courtesy and respect."

Kisha says her first experience with true discrimination came when she left the house, "Growing up in a household with a single mother and nine siblings, my mother always taught us about equality. When I started living as a transgender woman outside of the home, [that] was the first time I saw the discrimination [against LGBT people]." She also told the site that she believes the campaign will finally put relatable faces on transgender people. 

"People will see transgender people," she said." They’re going through everyday life, everyday struggles — the same as straight people, rich people, everyone. Getting the message out there … is going to be great." Let's hope so.


  1. DJ says

    Maybe for the next ad they can show trans activists attacking and physically threatening lesbians attending their music festival in Michigan. Or throwing a molotov cocktail at Wells Fargo Bank in Portland, OR, which happened in June. Or throwing a glass jar at Dan Savage’s head.
    Or attacking gay people for fighting for marriage equality. Or demanding that no gay rights laws be passed anywhere in the country unless they cover transvestite bathroom selection.

    No matter how many times Towleroad pushes the lie that gay people are in one “community” with transgenders (who are overwhelmingly heterosexual), it will always be a lie.

  2. MateoM says

    DJ is yet another Rick/Jason/Ratbastard alias. You can tell because he/she uses the exact same transphobic talking points Rick/Jason/Ratbastard always uses.

    Ignore DJ, everyone. DJ is the same troll with a new name.

  3. MateoM says

    DJ is yet another Rick/Jason/Ratbastard alias. You can tell because he/she uses the exact same transphobic talking points Rick/Jason/Ratbastard always uses.

    Ignore DJ, everyone. DJ is the same troll with a new name.

  4. G.I. Joe says

    I think this is great!

    Transgender rights are the new frontier. The spiteful rhetoric of trolls like DJ is just another proof of the prejudice transgender people experience everyday. This needs to stop.

  5. scotsyank says

    I know that poster kids need to be pretty, and I love a nice face. But do you know who floats my boat? The large, hair-thinning, vaguely man-ish trans women who have decided, after decades of pretending to be who they are not, that they are all the woman they need to be, just as they are. I love these women. Their bravery lifts me up.

  6. DJ says

    Sorry, I am not Rick and am absolutely not the detestable Ratbastard. Although it may shock you, there are plenty of people who understand that “LGBT” makes no logical sense and that trans activists are a nasty, homophobic, violent bunch. We should have nothing to do with them.

    That having been said, I support laws that protect trans people from discrimination. But supporting them on a few discrete issues is different that warping my identity and concocting a bogus connection between LGBs and largely heterosexual Ts.

    Paul B., you are the shut in, posting your inane comment at 9:25 pm on Thursday. LOL!

  7. Icebloo says

    OK this woman is not too smart is she ? She’s saying the only time she noticed any prejudice against the LGBT community was when she decided to dress as a woman and go outside her own home ? Did she walk around with her eyes closed until then ? What a self absorbed moron.

  8. Rafael says

    they are the most awful people you have ever met. i started out being very pro-trans and i was all about how they are family. i was totally wrong. these people are really antigay and are just using us. also they really hate lesbians for some reason and they are very open about this.

    Lesbians are my sisters not these bullies.

  9. Donna says

    I’m a lesbian trans woman… so am I a bully or a victim? Do you love me or hate me? And am I your sister or your evil second cousin?

    I’m sorry to hear that I’m tied for most awful person ever! My friends and family are really going to be bummed when I tell them *that*:

    “Hey everyone, remember when I came out a few years ago, and told you who I was, and what I was doing and why? And I said that I’m still the same person, but I’m being more honest with myself and others? Well, there’s one thing I’ve been holding back: I am an evil bully. Turns out I *hate* cis lesbians! I’m sorry I pretended to be your friends. Oh, and I’m sorry I attended your weddings and pretended to be thrilled that you could finally get married, and to be so happy for you, when really I was praying to destroy your lives and take away your rights. I’m seriously an awful person, and I just thought y’all should know. Peace!”

    … this is when I run out of the room and set everyone ablaze with a molotov cocktail. Just another whacky day in the life of a trans woman!

    Oh also, I hope I made it clear that I *hate* gay men too, just not lesbians. Also, I’m a Nazi. I feel like I’m forgetting something… Oh! Instead of taking hormones I eat female kittens. After water-boarding them to death.

  10. says

    just ignore the trolls. gay people who harbor such bitter disdain for our trans brothers and sisters do so only because they’re furious about their inability to be themselves with the same strength and resilience that trans people do.

  11. Fenrox says

    DJ, Rafel, You guys are the worst. So illogical. You are judging a group based on your perception of a small number of that group. That is effing basic discrimination that you yourself have fought against in many ways. What a pathetic situation that you are willfully blind to this. Grow up.

  12. Deb says

    Sorry to say this but I’m with Rafael. And I am not basing my judgment on a small number of people. In my work, I deal with trans people every day. They definitely have a problem with women, and lesbians in particular. We have had to issue warnings as the result of threats and demeaning language directed at our lesbian staffers by both “transmen” and “transwomen.”

    You all can check this out for starters:

  13. Donna says

    OMG we are the worst!! Seriously we have strategy meetings where we come up with plans for threatening and injuring cis gays and lesbians. We just hate you all SO MUCH OMG we are filllllllled with rage. I am seriously the biggest, most violent bigot EVER.

    Well, actually I’m tied with my girlfriend, another trans lesbian. And I guess my best friend too. Really, like 1/3 of my friends are trans lesbians.

    It’s super hard, because we’re lesbian *and* trans, so we hate ourselves and want to deny ourselves equal rights. We have this big murder-suicide pact where we’re gonna kill all the cis lesbians and then kill ourselves because we hate all lesbians.

    As a lesbian, I gotta agree with everything said here, all trans people are TERRIBLE.

  14. Sarah says

    But trans activists do threaten lesbians constantly. They threatened them at the Dyke March. They threaten them at MichFest. Recently a transman leader of the main LGBT group in Kentucky had to resign because he posted violent threats against a lesbian online.

    There is something seriously wrong with a lot of trans activists. I am not saying every last one is violent, but many, many are. I think there are emotional and psychological problems that trans activists need to deal with and they project their hostility onto lesbians and gays. Scary.

  15. says

    Yo seriously I am like *constantly* threatening cis lesbians. Like I have all lesbians on speed-dial and EVEN WHEN I’M ON THE TOILER POOPING I’m like “Hey girl, I’m gonna getcha once I drop this deuce!”

  16. MK G says

    wOw where dO you people live? It is very very unfortunate that you do not have or already posses incorrect information about transgender individuals. I am Transgender … i do not hold hate towards lesbians and definitely do not have the brow for violence. My life is already complicated… why push the envelope? Transvestite is not Transgender. Educate your mind and your arse will follow!

  17. Gerard says

    I find it interesting that 2 “trans” commenters here take violence so lightly. Donna laughs at it and even takes joy in reading about a trans activist firebombing of a bank in June. (Yes, Donna, that really did happen. Google Wells Fargo and trans activist.) MKG says that he doesn’t commit violence only because it would further complicate his life. No morality or empathy with a victim of violence there.

    Best lesson in life is to always keep 100 ft. distance from a trans activist.

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