Dublin City Council Approves Marriage Equality 38-4

DublinPicAfter much campaigning, equality activists in Dublin got their wish yesterday as the Irish city's council voted 38-4 to allow same-sex civil marriage there.

From a celebratory press release via Joe.My.God:

Two motions in support of marriage equality
were put forward – by councillors from Labour and Sinn Féin – and passed
at last night's council meeting, having been considered jointly. Dublin
City Council joins Cork City Council and Belfast City Council, who
passed similar motions in June, as well as Omagh, Down, Moyle and
Magherafelt District Councils who passed motions during the summer

"This is a wonderful step by Dublin City Council to raise
awareness of this important issue at a local level. We'd like to thank
the councillors from both Labour and Sinn Féin for their initiative, and
our supporters in Dublin who spoke to their councillors over the last
few months about raising the issue," said Marriage Equality Director
Moninne Griffith.

"Marriage equality is not just a national issue, it's a
local one. It's about respecting and protecting loving couples and
families who are part of our communities and treating them as equal.
That is why putting the issue on the agenda at local level is so

A lot of Irish lads and lasses are no doubt pretty pleased at the moment.


  1. Ozu says

    Does this mean same-sex marriages performed in Dublin will also be recognized in the rest of Ireland?

  2. says

    Yes we are pleased, Andrew.
    But we will have to wait until these resolutions are passed into law at a national level.

    And when that happens will our marriages (no different from straights’ marriages) be recognised as valid under Private International Law in the USA ?
    If straights’ marriages are thus recognised as valid, in the USA, having been properly performed in a valid jurisdiction, Ireland, what possible basis could there be under Private International Law for not recognising such marriages ?

    The parties have the capacity under their own domiciliary law, they observed the formalities; why then should the USA law impose a recognition restriction which has no basis in capacity, formalities, consent,or jurisdiction or domicile ?

    Oh what a tangled web bigotry weaves.

  3. CH says

    This is just an endorsement, isn’t it? This article reads like Dublin legalized marriage equality. Based on the JMG link, this was a motion in support of marriage equality, not a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in Dublin.

  4. Wolfgang says

    This post is written a little bit misleading. Dublin City Council approved a motion to SUPPORT the introduction of civil marriage in Ireland.
    Marriages are a state issue, not a regional or even local one.
    These city councils voice their support for marriage equality on a local level to hopefully convince leadership on the national level to act.
    It should also be noted that some of the cities mentioned are in the REPUBLIC of Ireland while others are in NORTHERN Ireland, so they are supporting this question across two different national regions. :)

  5. says

    Yes, this resolution of Dublin City Council does absolutely nothing in legal terms.

    The law requires to be changed at national level; whereas we have Civil Unions at the moment , we want the absolute equality of same sex marriage……so that all marriages are equal.
    But this Resolution of Dublin City Council is welcome; it shows the way public opinion is going, ie against any discrimination based on gender or sexuality.
    i still want the names of the four bastards who voted against the resolution…..

  6. jsb says

    Why does it seem that eventually Africa and the USA will be the only places where we won’t be able to legally marry? Doesn’t say good things about our supposedly advanced country, does it?

    Even if you dislike President Obama, If elected, Mittens packing the SCOTUS will set our struggle for equal rights back decades.

  7. Disgusted American says

    Ireland – Hey America- I’ll see your Liberty and Justice for All,and raise you REAL Liberty & Freedom!

  8. MaryM says

    Well this is very good news.

    True it does not legalise marriage equality however Dublin City accounts for almost 25% of the population in the Republic of Ireland, so the endorsement of marriage equality by the city council is a big deal.

  9. says

    @ JSB :

    You said it, brother !
    If Justice ruth Bader Ginsberg goes , followed by Bryer, you will have a conservative doctrinaire Supreme Court for a generation.
    Then it’s goodbye marriage equality and DOMA repeal and hello DADT all over again.
    And as for Roe -v- Wade, well it goes without saying……..

    This is a meltdown election.

  10. Cburg says

    To be fair, a second similar motion was passed in the second largest city, Cork a few weeks ago so it it quite reassuring. All of the national parties have come out in favour of marriage equality although an official statement from the Prime Minister/Taoiseach has not yet been made. If it weren’t for the fact that we is BROKE, this would probably come to a vote sooner.

  11. candideinnc says

    My conservative Catholic Irish-American relatives will be dumbfounded. The idea that Ireland would be more open to gays than the US will really set them back. I love to see Holy Muther Church eat dirt.

  12. andrew says

    Less than 50 years ago Eire was a “priest bound” nation. The Roman Catholic Church had a strangle hold on the Irish nation. Those days are over. Today the Gaels live free of the smothering dogmas of the past. As the grandson of Irish immigrants, I couldn’t be prouder.

  13. billyexpat says

    Jackfntwist — you must be Irish there in Boston, not sure. Live in France but love to read your comments because, though often hardcore and close to reactionary for some issues, make me both laugh and think. Your first comment on the local measures is all thought — your PS all jackfntwist! Keep it up.

  14. billyexpat says

    Jackfntwist — you must be Irish there in Boston, not sure. Live in France but love to read your comments because, though often hardcore and close to reactionary for some issues, make me both laugh and think. Your first comment on the local measures is all thought — your PS all jackfntwist! Keep it up.

  15. says


    In answer; yes ! I’m here, USA, with my BF.

    But I’m also in Ireland – not “Eire” as some tool above calls it…….see Supreme Court decisions on that issue !!!