1. Stefan says

    Superficial stock characterization? Check. Narratives built almost entirely around emotional and sexual manipulation? Check. Standard gay types (hipster, chub, twink, pseudo-straight, etc.)? Check.

    Funny that so many great writers and other great creators of art are gay and yet we seem to have such a dearth of media to reflect a fuller spectrum of the gay experience. A lot of gay guys–just like a lot of everybody–exist in the middle. A little flamboyant, but not femme. A little straight seeming, but still proud. A little tempted and a little flirty, but still loyal. A little juvenile, but still trying to be responsible. A little guarded, but still out. A little introspective and uncertain, but still optimistic. I could go on.

    Great writing recognizes that the most interesting drama and comedy happens not in hyperbole and stereotype but in the everyday. Maybe that’s too high a standard for this show, but I wish it would at least try to move past stories and phrases that seem pulled from the Gay Guide to Tropes.

  2. JH says

    Loved this episode a lot! It was cool to see the back story on this and get some more context on Jack. He’s such a great character, and the development of him from episode 1 until now is awesome.

  3. Chris says

    I don’t understand Stefan – I think it’s one of the better gay series there are. It’s not stuck on the coming out story and tries to be frank and somewhat realistic but also plays with exaggeration, like a TV series would. I like it.

  4. Blake says

    I love Hunter Canning, he is doing a great job as Jack and I really find him attractive.

    I know Jack “cheated”, but after this episode, I feel more supportive of him than Mitchell.

  5. Ben says

    I’m guessing Stefan didn’t even watch. I just watched all 5 episodes – stuck home after a tonsilectomy – and I have to say I enjoyed it greatly. A lot of pathos. I like the the protagonists are completely likable, but remain true to themselves. The guy that plays Jack and the guy playing his new bf are great actors. Mitchell and Oona…hmmm, could use better actors. Anyway. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  6. Scott says

    Honestly, the ending was the best part- not becuz of the sleaze and skin, but becuz someone finally put that awful match out of its misery.

    And to the guy playing Mitchell, I really hope you interned it this way, because he is a totally assh*le. I prob woulda let the guy continue blowin me if I had you as a bf. but seriously, when people KNOW they’re not compatible, and everyone is saying the same, it’s maddening to see people continue to hurt each other staying togethr.

  7. RandySf says

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge Mitchell based solely on this episode. I do think that this episode was clearly meant to try to make Jack more sympathetic (but really, so was the last episode) after starting him off as a truly “toxic” character in the first episode.

    Jack was right, though, that breaking things off was a good idea for everyone involved. Good episode.

  8. Zack says

    Thanks to Jack, everyone is better off now—Oona, Greg, Mitchell, and himself—and yet, as we’ve seen, Oona and Mitchell will vilify him for all of it! Jack’s true colors show through here, and they’re anything but toxic. Poor guy.

  9. karl says

    > Both Jack & Mitch are great relatable characters, they have struggles and realize they sometimes inhabit stereotypes, but also undercut those stereotypes with details of human compassion. The look of Jack carrying a single shoe on the subway melted me. > Mitchell! > Jack! > The way that Jack decided to “play the bad guy” so that Mitch could do what needed to get done is the best portrayal of the way real people navigate relationships that a TV writer has presented in a very long time. > As the audience moves from simplistc assumptions of Jack’s toxicity, to an understanding of mutual imperfection, mirrors the growth of the characters. > These are the best gay characters in the media these days – except Max Blum. And just by choosing this period of everybody’s growing up (the disolution of your first real relationship) it’s telling a story nobody thinks is important. I see myself so much on screen it’s sometimes hard to watch. Then I remember I remember how much I grew.

    Read more:

  10. UFFDA says

    Stefan’s got it right. This is hack writing and hack characterization with none of the odd, blindsiding turns of event that make a real life story. Most won’t notice or care becase most don’t notice or care. Doesn’t make it bad, just leaves it at the middle brow level of filler.

  11. Sergio says

    OMG!!! You guys are so predictable. Throw in a couple of good looking men, some sex, and the usual straight guy attraction BS and you are all fans of a poor quality show. I am with Stefan on this one. The writing is horrible and the acting is even worse. The dialogues are worse than Telemundo’s afternoon cheesy soapoperas, and the stereotypical characterizations are abundant. The plot is super predictable, like many of you, and the entire setup reeks lack of talent in writing, acting and directing. I watched all 25 minutes and 3 seconds of it hoping that it would get better, when in fact it got worse. I give it two thumbs down because I only have two hands, if I had more I would give ALL thumbs down for this show.

  12. stingo says

    There are aspects of it that I like and aspects of it that are like, meh. But on the whole, I like it more than I don’t and I can only wish it gets better. Pardon the pun.

  13. Steve says

    Sorry y’all, but I have to say I’m over The Outs. I was so excited by the first couple episodes, but the non-consistent character motives along with the stereotypical homosexual drama has lost me. I’m sticking with “The New Normal”. At least they are mixing things up a bit!

  14. Sergio says

    @Leroy: “I watched all 25 minutes and 3 seconds.” It is a reference to episode 5. The video above runs for 25 minutes and 3 seconds with credits. I would not wast my time watching episodes 1 through 4 because I know what to expect from the show: bad acting, poor writing and an overall lack of talent. Your comment made no sense, so I assume that you are confused to weather I have watched all episodes.

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