1. KP says

    Apparently the Canadian press is not buying it and is raking Escobar and the Blue Jays over the coals. Patrick Burke is supposed to meet with Escobar sometime in the next week. Hopefully we’ll hear from him whether Escobar is truly remorseful or not.

  2. Pommie says

    “will not happen again in my career.”

    Again..?!? LOL A lot of us just want his career to be over by now.

    “It was not something I intended to be offensive.”

    Really..?? He thought it was cute? He would surely be suffering from Down’s then and needs help. Actually he looks like an idiot too. I can’t really blame him much then.

    “It was nothing intentional directed at anyone in particular.”

    How dumb could he be? He seriously didn’t get this that the incident, of course, has been taken as an insult against people at large and that’s why he’s getting all f*cked up. Poor Mongolian Fool.

    “.It’s just something that’s been said around other Latinos.”

    Then use it in you home, mofo. Use it for your father and mother just don’t go around in public with this, thinking that everyone is as idiot, uncivilized and uneducated as the people among whom you’ve brought up.

  3. fazal deen says

    How stupid are these guys?
    It seems every month or so someone says or does something like this- do they not read or listen to the news?

    I’m now thinking it’s for attention

  4. Jose says

    I am a gay Cuban American. He is correct that it is a very common slur used by Cubans, both men and women, against men. Everyone knows it means ‘faggot’. What gives power to the word is the idea, prevalent in the culture, that a man who has sex with another man is despicable, and much less than a full man. As such, it has become a general term used to put down a man who annoys you or who you hate. When you use it, you don’t necessarily mean to say that the other person is having sex with other men. Still it is a deeply homophobic term and very insulting to many gays when used by straights in any context.

    Just like ‘faggot’ in the US.

    He should know all this. His claim that ‘oh, we don’t mean it like that’ is hogwash. The difference in the cultural context is simply that Cuban culture is more homophobic.

    The suspension is well deserved.

    And the fact that he misspelled the verb (‘Tu eres maricon’ would be the correct conjugation) indicates very poor education.

  5. says

    My fiancé did not know of this fiasco when I asked him last night what “Tu eres maricon” meant. (He’s native Puerto Rican.) He translated, “You’re a faggot.”
    He did tell me that it is used by some of his friends when they do something that screams a gay stereotype. It is not offensive in that context.
    He does however agree that Sra. Escobar is an idiot for using this term without context while wearing the uniform of a Canadian baseball team affiliated with an American sports league.
    Personally, the suspension is an insult because if the word used was derogatory toward women, people of color, or a certain religious group, the guy would be out for much much longer than three days.

  6. shanestud says

    At a Toronto press conference through an interpreter Escobar, to prove that his is not homophobic said the interior decorator who did his home is gay. The guy who cuts his hair is gay. Thanks for all the stereotypes Escobar.

  7. Pete N SFO says

    His measure of whether the word is offensive or not, further exemplifies how absolutely clueless he is…

    Ask around, buddy. I’m sure the gay people you’ve been inadvertently stomping on for years, will have plenty to say.

  8. esperando says

    I’m sorry, but “maricón” is really quite offensive in Spanish; it means nothing more and nothing less than “faggot.” There are uglier words for “faggot” in Spanish, like “joto,” but no other word has the same currency and wide use as “maricón.” Anyone who is fluent in Spanish knows this, so his defense that it isn’t really offensive in his culture is not only dishonest, it’s insulting to the intelligence of every Spanish speaker. But the guy is clearly an idiot; he can’t even spell “eres” and he left the accent off of “maricón.” Spanish isn’t like English, it’s spelled almost exactly like it sounds, so you have to be either profoundly undereducated or a moron to make spelling mistakes like that.

  9. Francis says

    Yunel Escobar did not help himself at all with the press conference. His own GM, Alex Anthopolous, seemed to think he was a complete idiot, and he seemed more concerned with his reputation than actually being genuinely sorry. Seemed dumb as a rock, and the translator was horrible.

    There have been some people coming out in defense of him, saying the word “is used all the time and is not offensive” in the Toronto clubhouse and in Latin culture. All that tells me is Latin culture is very much homophobic/misogynistic, because you can’t wipe away what the word means. Even if you don’t view maricon homophobic, it’s definitely misogynistic. In Cuba that may fly but it doesn’t in the United States and Canada.

    There is clearly a major cultural issue but there are good people who have also come out and said that what Yunel said and did was wrong. It’s just going to take a lot of time to educate and change things. A lot of stupid teenage boys have been defending Yunel because they think what he did was “funny”………….goes to show there is still a heavy disconnect when it comes to the severity of homophobia in the minds of the ignorant.

  10. Jay says

    Why does GLAAD rush in to help save the careers of homophobic celebrities? I had hoped that with new leadership GLAAD would grow a pair. Alas, they are still doing rescue patrol for a–holes. The founders of GLAAD would be spinning in their graves. GLAAD has just become a corporate pr machine.

  11. denisonnison says

    (in all seriousness, you folks going on about the Spanish language need to put a cork in it: “ere” represents the way that Caribbean Spanish is spoken, with no ‘s’ on the end (try talking to one some day), and ‘maricon’ is so common that you will hear grandmothers and 4 year olds saying it in the street – not to mention gay folk who may use it 100 times in a day. That’s not to say it’s right or nice or is intended to make you feel comfortable, but it is what it is.

    Also understake that “marica” is used in Colombia and Venezuela, on an unrelated note, so often that it actually has the meaning of the word “dude” and can be heard all day, any day, including on primetime TV.

  12. says

    Yeah, Canada (particularly Toronto) aint diggin’ this.

    at all.

    this is a city (and country) where the majority of the non-gay communities take real offense and issue to anti-gay bigotry.

    the remaining bigots don’t seem to get it yet. oh well. they will.

  13. denisonnison says

    The funny thing is, everyone screaming in this thread also says ‘faggot’ from time to time, but of course they have the right to because they ALWAYS use it with so much love in their hearts.

  14. jaragon says

    He really does comes across as big dumb jock-perhaps he did think it was a joke- I don’t understand why none of his team mates stopped him before he stepped on the field.

  15. Paul in Honolulu says

    If he and his temmates didn’t expect anyone to see his odious remarks, why did he write them on his manly mascara? Doesn’t anyone associated with the team (other than Escobar) realize that there is such a thing as television, which includes close-ups? Of course he wanted everyone, including the television viewers to see exactly what he had written.

  16. Nait says

    Sports Stars are role models, and not the “hero’s” they are made out to be. This scum needs to be banned from MLB for one full season with no pay. Then we will see how sly he thinks he is

  17. growup says

    I believe his apology entirely…with good reason. I have many English-as-a-second-language friends who use similar comments without realizing their impact when translated word for word to English. Including many French Canadians. Even in English the terms gay and faggot, while extremely offensive when used to negatively comment on ones’ sexuality, are often used to express or imply perceived weakness of others in competitive situations. Including by my gay friends. In these situations the terms are meant equally offensively as weakling, dummy, stupid, etc. But no more so. This is a non-issue at this point, and it’s time to focus on important things.

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