Fringe Blogs Titillated: Slain Ambassador May Have Been Gay

Kevin_dujanChicago's Kevin DuJan, the gay, right-wing blogger who believes liberals have ruined his love life, did the following bit of serious journalism:

He set out to research a story last Friday on the teachers' strike, but failed to find any striking teachers.

Lacking anything better to do, he elected to check up on a rumor that Chris Stevens, the murdered Libyan ambassador, was a gay man.

He received a tip from he-doesn't-say-who to go to a bar called Second Story, where he met a man who calls himself Dino and works at Chicago's Serbian consulate.

He was told by Dino that, yes, Chris Stevens was gay, and was killed for it.

He drew the following conclusion:

You won’t hear any of this in the media, no doubt, but in Chicago’s
diplomatic circles at least there is no doubt that Chris Stevens was gay
and that pretty much anyone in the diplomatic world knew that. That
includes the Libyans who were hired as security at the consulate in
Benghazi who betrayed Ambassador Stevens and assisted in his murder.

Meanwhile, the White House is ignoring the fact that a gay ambassador
to a Muslim country was murdered and they are in fact still pretending
that all of this is about some obscure movie about Muhammad

DuJan did find some substantiating evidence for the gay-Stevens claim, and it's this: Back in college, Amb. Stevens was friends with the playwright Austin Tichenor, alleged gay and co-creator of the famous Reduced Shakespeare Company, and over the last several days Tichenor has been posting old photographs of him and Stevens hanging out.

DuJan's story has now gone viral among the fringier blogs. Here it is at Free Republic. And in another spot at Free Republic. Here it is at RomanCatholicImperialist, and BeforeItsNews, and the SaveAmericaFoundation. I've got no idea if the story's true. It could be. Many people are gay.

But even if it is true, it's tacky, and not just because it seems those pushing the story are doing so in the hope of making some ghastly political point. It's tacky, too, because they've decided to believe a rumor about Stevens's treatment by his killers — that he was raped both before and after he died — and to describe that treatment in great detail, trying to seem horrified by what they're writing while very unsubtly luxuriating in it.

Still, this hurricane of ugly blogs has had at least one pleasant consequence. It has made commentators at Free Republic speak up for gays:

This is an idiotic thread. The guy lived for half his life in North
Africa or the mid-east and he died serving his nation. Who gives a sh**
about what someone thinks about what he does or does not do in private?
It is totally irrelevant.



  1. says

    well that’s a typical approach from gay right-wing guys: choose to find an angle, any angle no matter how obtuse, to spin it into “Look at what President Obama isn’t doing!!!” nonsense.

    right. Obama and his admin are covering up an anti-gay angle. RIIIIIGHT.

    meanwhile, the chosen party of DuJan and his merry band of ball-less brothers, continues to promote and encourage anti-gay bigotry in America while President Obama and his admin have embraced LGBT Equality as part of their political platform.

    So, of COURSE DuJan is doing this. He can’t say anything pro-LGBT about his own party so he has to invent somehting to be mad at President Obama for.

    Yet again, gay republicans fail.

    It’s like when the plebes at “” were angry and upset when President Obama came out in support of Marriage Equality. They were fuuuurious. “Oh, he’s not doing enough!”

    oh shut up. the men you’re voting for are doing not only less, but actively working to UNDO all that President Obama has done and will continue to do.

    T Y P I C A L

  2. Sean says

    I don’t come to Towelroad to read stories that would be, and in this instance, ARE, found at FreeRepublic.

    Please use better judgement.

  3. mikenola says

    i am always curious why so many people this asshat any attention at all? he is a waste of human flesh who makes money selling out gay people, people just like him.

    it’s disgusting and dismaying that in 2012 we have to constitutionally put up with fuckwads and what vile crap they can spread with a keyboard.

  4. silverkjk says

    A prime example of Rick Santorum’s statement yesterday that only stupid people will support the right.

  5. says

    Every minority has this kind of turncoat. They feel disdain for their own kind. Everett Rupert is a recent example. It’s always someone else’s fault that these guys are gay and therefore, all other gay people are targets. There should be no mystery to him that no one wants to date him or that he has no gay friends and no real happiness in his life. He is the lowest of lows in the gay community. He should be shunned (just as Rupert should be shunned).

  6. jason says

    I don’t mind Kevin DuJan. I think he’s a concerned citizen. Keep in mind that the Dems like to manipulate the gays for votes. It’s a manipulative relationship. Since Obama declared his “personal” (not legislative) support for gay marriage, what has he actually done to facilitate the path? Has he even declared one pro-gay executive order?

    Obama wants our money in the same way a drunk wants what’s in a barrel.

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    If everybody in diplomatic corps who is gay were killed tomorrow the whole goddam industry would dry up pretty fast.

  8. Miguel R. says

    This is about the demonization of Muslims. I am Christian, and I think that other religions should be respected. The problem with such a position, right-wingers might say, is that even though you respect their rights, they don’t respect yours. This is their point- they are just too stupid too put it so simply or clearly. OK. Let’s say that Mr. Steven was gay. He devoted his life to helping Arab-American relations. People protested telling Americans that they respected him. Does that not matter? A few crazies don’t spoil the bunch.
    Look- right-wing fundamentalism and Muslim fundamentalists are a small part of society who want to pretend that they represent all of society, especially because they DON’T. Life is passing them by, and they need each other to confirm their sick games. Reason, respect, and dignity will win. So why stir up trouble?

  9. RFH says

    I’m sure that if the amb felt threatened that he wouldn’t have been there.
    The 2nd Story Bar is an obscure bar in an expensive area of Chicago where men in suits go for lunch or after work to pick up young men and hustlers.

  10. Piet says

    In San Francisco, his actual friends from the Bay Area are pretty unanimous in saying that he was definitely straight, had an eye for a beautiful woman, and chose not to marry while he specialized in diplomatic hot-spot postings. Obviously, this isn’t quite the gospel the gay world, or even the straight world, wants to hear but it is at least coming from people who knew the ambassador personally and not at third hand from someone Mr. DouChan won’t name. I don’t care one way or the other, but Kevin D is a tiresome piece of work with his conspiracy theories and his right-wing nuttinesses. He should hire a regular rent boy and get his ashes hauled more often — it might sweeten his temper.

  11. James C. says

    Kevin DuJan also claims that Barack Obama is gay. Seriously. Google it. He’s not remotely credible.

  12. Randy says

    Why didn’t DuJan have the ball to blog this story when Chris Stevens was alive. Why blog it after he’s dead and can not defend himself. I guess it’s true, “you can’t libel the dead!”

  13. Dan says

    I’ve been to the Second Story bar a few times, and all I have to say is don’t believe anything anyone says at that place.

  14. i could go on, but I won't says

    My impression from the news stories of the four men slain at the consulate in Libya was that two were gay. But, so what? That did not just suddenly come to light. If they were gay I’m sure those around them knew of it. It’s just too bad that something like that can’t be mentioned in the news without it seeming to be inappropriate. Whereas wives can be mentioned as a matter of course.

  15. Hue-Man says

    Piet said: “Obviously, this isn’t quite the gospel the gay world, or even the straight world, wants to hear…” I can’t speak for the gay world but his sexuality is of no concern to me. His death, however, is a reminder that many diplomats put their lives at risk every day. Remember this when the TeaParty/GOP demand less and less government by eliminating “useless” bureaucrats.

  16. Kyle says

    Sounds like an inaccurate theory to me. A gay ambassador would not be sent to a muslim nation, given the nature of the job. There is a lot of vetting in the state department.

  17. EchtKultig says

    Everybody already knows that people who work in American Embassies are CIA and the CIA do not hire gays.

    Posted by: Dan | Sep 17, 2012 12:28:21 AM

    Wrong on both counts.

  18. Bob says

    Obama is about inclusion– he would NEVER say “I’m not gonna send the best person, because he is Gay”
    — but maybe the security should have been greater because Stevens was apparently Gay

  19. Icebloo says

    I don’t think most of these crazies believe what they are saying. They are just trying to create attention so they can be famous and make money. There is always a paying audience for these crazies to talk to so they just keep saying all this s@it to keep the money rolling in.
    It is SO SO SO easy to be controversial and get attention.

  20. says

    A lot of things have me upset by this blog.

    1. I’ve only seen one article suggest the Libyan guards “betrayed” him. That’s a strong allegation, and seems to me a lot of proof is needed. We need to know that truth, but let’s not bandy about that word without the facts, and let’s certainly not take a Brietbartian blogger’s word for it.

    2. Fringe right wing bloggers really are the scum of the earth. Have they no decency?

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Dan: Look up James Hormel. Clinton made a recess appointment of him as Ambassador to Luxembourg in 1999. He’s the first openly gay ambassador.

  22. jason says

    There is no such thing as a gay world or a straight world. We’re all one world – get used to it. I don’t base my world on sex acts, and neither should you.