GOP Senators Inhofe and Wicker Introduce Bill Prohibiting Gays from Marrying on Military Bases by Extending DOMA

GOP Senators James Inhofe (R-OK) and Roger Wicker (R-MS) have introduced a bill prohibiting same-sex marriages on military bases by extending DOMA, and allowing military chaplains to opt out of conducting such ceremonies.

Senator_inhofeThink Progress explains:

The bill has two provisions. The first allows military chaplains to opt out of performing same-sex commitment ceremonies if they object for “reasons of conscience.” This is completely redundant, because the Pentagon made quite clear after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was lifted that no chaplain would ever be required to perform a ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs. This measure serves as cover for the bill’s other provision, which extends the Defense of Marriage Act to prohibits same-sex marriage or “marriage-like ceremonies” from taking place at military facilities, even in states where such commitments would be legally recognized. Inhofe’s statement exemplifies this spin:

INHOFE: President Obama and his administration are dismissing their responsibility to uphold the law of the land by unilaterally deeming DOMA unworthy of enforcement. At the same time, since the repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, they have begun to pressure military chaplains to fall in line with their liberal same-sex marriage agenda. This bill protects military chaplains from being forced to go against their conscience and religious beliefs in regard to this issue. This is something the chaplains that serve this country need and deserve.


  1. Dback says

    Just sent their offices e-mails: “With all of the hungry and jobless people in this country–some of which are in your home state–do you really feel that this is an appropriate use of your time and efforts?

    Please get back to working with Congress and the President on the issues which are truly important to the majority of Americans.”

    (Not added: “So there, you contemptible ____”)

  2. Steve says

    They knuckleheads need to understand that a wedding is not the same as a marriage. You can have one without the other. DOMA doesn’t prevent anyone from having a wedding and telling chaplains that they can’t marry people violates their religious freedom.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Particularly since this would interfere with marriage ceremonies in states where same-sex marriage is legal, I don’t see how this could be at all constitutional.

    Of course, that’s never stopped ’em before.

  4. jamal49 says

    MIKE IN NYC: The Log Cabinettes participated in a self-pleasuring circle after hearing Sen. Ihofe’s comments.

    The GoProud Girls strung up some more party lights and turned up the volume.

  5. says

    …because they care about the economy…right?


    wrong. when your party works at anti-progress social blockades like this they do so because they’re trying to win over the middle-class to poor bigots who make up their base.

    “congrats! we just made your official state motto “we love Jesus!” – btw, we raised your taxes and cut ’em for your bosses”

  6. candideinnc says

    Inhofe is either an ignoramus or a liar, and probably both. The administration DOES enforce DOMA. It is the law, and it is in force. Gay people cannot get married in one state and have that marriage recognized in other states. That is the impact of this unjust law, and it still is something which is enforced throughout the US. What the administration has done has stopped defending the law in court. So Inhofe, STFU.

  7. gayalltheway says

    These two a-holes have no clue what is going in the world, do they?
    DOMA, at least Section 2of it, that states federal government do not have to recognize same-sex marriages performed legally in any state, is going to be struck down by the SCOTUS next year latest. And he wants to “extend” the law?

    This is a joke. That’s what the GOP are concerned about .. not about job creation, not about unemployment, not about the economy.. they are all about putting government into our bedrooms and doctors’ offices.

  8. Akula says

    Any time these bottom feeders come up with crap like this the first thing everyone should ask is “How many jobs will this create?” Because remember they were the ones yelling JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! and I don’t mean Steve.

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