California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Banning ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy for Minors

Good news. Jerry Brown signed SB 1172, which had languished on his desk for more than amonth after being passed by California's legislature in August, the SF Chronicle reports:

Jerry_brownThe bill, SB1172 by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance (Los Angeles County), bars mental health practitioners from performing so-called reparative therapy, which professional psychological organizations have said may cause harm. Gay rights groups have labeled them dangerous and abusive.

"This bill bans non-scientific 'therapies' that have driven young people to depression and suicide. These practices have no basis in science or medicine and they will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery," Brown said in a statement to The Chronicle.

Brown approved the ban after the public release of two other lists of bills signed and vetoed earlier Saturday. Lieu's bill is expected to appear on a new list to be released Sunday.


  1. Mike says

    Thank God, Ex Gay Therapy is banned for children in California, now we need to ban it for children and adults all over America with California leading the way, doing the right things to make progress for America and make earth a better place.

  2. Jack says

    Be fait to brown. “languish” makes it sound like he ignored it. Brown usually signs and rejects bills togeher at one time. Brown signed 64 other bills yesterday also.

    he did a great thing. Don;t make your post sound snipy

  3. Bob says

    The anti-gay Christian/psychotherapist have been stopped from torturing any more gay children. The good news is California once again moves to the front of the crowd to be a trend and pace setter for America by banning ex gay therapy that has been proven to be torture of gay children who would die or kill themselves as a result of the torture by these criminals who need to be arrested and put in prison for their crimes against humanity. Now these evil anti-gay Christian/psychotherapist will have to get real jobs and not quack ones that scam people out of money for the torture of their gay children. Who let these mad men lose on our children in the first place and how can we keep them from doing this again? America needs to stop these anit-gay Christian/psychotherapist before they kill anybody else in America.

  4. Mike says

    Hmmm…..victory? Dangerous road. Next make it illegal to engage in exgay therapy for adults, then make it illegal to promote celibacy for homosexuals, then what. Limiting freedom from the Left is just as dangerous as limiting it from the Right. Libertarianism is the only way to assure freedom. This is a dangerous precedent and a narrow minded “victory” by liberals.

  5. says

    Mike, if you can’t tell the difference between brainwashed adults electing to engage in this junk therapy and the young being forced into it by their parents then you’re utterly lacking in intellectual discernment. which is to be expected as per your comments about “the Left” and “liberals.”

    thanks for sharing, plebe.

  6. says

    Parents forcing LGBT kids into quack ex-gay therapy is the opposite of “freedom,” Mike. The danger here was in the clear harm fake therapy causes, not in any fantasy precedent you think it might set up. And what’s with the promoting celibacy? Why would a real libertarian want to promote celibacy?

  7. Nancy Horrigan says

    Mike, your snippy little remark made me even happier because California no longer allows “ex-gay” “therapy”. Because victory is always so much better when you get to gloat over someone annoyed and bitter. Thanks!

  8. Mary says

    Mike, you don’t need to leave Towleroad. I understand your viewpoint even though as a social conservative I’m the furthest thing from a libertarian.

    It’s difficult to decide when to interfere in the parent-child relationship. We don’t want children simply becoming vessels of the state. But then neither are children mere possessions of their parents. They are separate human beings whose well-being can sometimes be harmed by parents. Those who oppose abortion (and I’m one of them) are already siding with the right to limit what parents can do to their children. The goal should be to avoid both extremes – letting parents do whatever they want to or for their children, and creating “liberationist” movements which will really only liberate children from what government and political activists ( of the left OR the right) want them free from.

    And Ernie, why wouldn’t a libertarian advocate celibacy? I assume that Mike was referring to voluntary celibacy. Or are libertarians supposed to advocate as much sex as possible to counter social conservatives (who often speak as if sex should be limited to marriage where it can do the least amount of damage(!)?

  9. says

    @Mary, it wasn’t a serious comment. I just thought Mike chose an odd and dubious example. Why would libertarians advocate for either celibacy or promiscuity? They shouldn’t care. The minor point is that many who declare themselves libertarians are actually social conservatives in disguise.

    As for ex-gay therapy: prohibiting proven quack therapy for children is merely a sign of progress. Parents are still free to counsel their children however they like in the home, however misguided they may be. But there is a reason why medical “professionals” (or snake oil salesmen) can’t use children as guinea pigs for any therapy under the sun, including those dismissed by all reputable psychological organizations. Mike missed all that to make his weak slippery-slope argument.

  10. says

    Yeah, anyone who believes that adults should be allowed to subject children to “therapies” that have been PROVEN to be harmful, with ZERO proof of doing what they claim to accomplish, deserves all the ridicule they get. This is not a matter of opinion, these “therapies” are medically proven to be harmful to children woth no positive benefits. Any defense of it is defense of child abuse, and I wouldn’t want such disgusting people near my children.

  11. Icebloo says

    I’ve been very impressed with Jerry Brown as Governor. He is such a breath of fresh air after the USELESS Arnie.
    Jerry has common sense and is able to make good, sound decisions.

  12. Leo says

    This law only applies to licensed therapists and could prove to make things even harder on some children.

    There’s nothing in the law that stops motivated parents from committing their children to faith-based therapies run by non-licensed therapists. As it is now many of the people who staff these programs are unlicensed and wouldn’t be effected by this law.

    There’s a real possibility that this could just serve to drive ex-gay therapy underground and into the hands of even less qualified extremists and quacks.

    Just something to be aware of.

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