1. SFshawn says

    Hasslecrack is a mess. No brain cells in that bubbly little head but f’able for all those straight idiots in the world.
    What a tool!

  2. says

    I bet she spent all night thinking up that quote. And then she called her family to run it by them to see if it sounded buzz-worthy.

    Oh Hasswelbeck. You rich white privileged footballer’s-wife.

    I get it. Different women. Different points of View. But why exactly is there a need for the Rich White Heterosexual Christian Republican’s point of view on television? Folks like Hasselbeck are the reason the GOP base remains dedicated to voting against their own best interests – it benefits Hasselbeck for those po’white-trash folks to vote GOP. but not themselves.

  3. shle896shle says

    Not so surprising. She’s your typical heartless right-wing Republican who cares more about the rich than anybody else.

  4. mike8787 says

    “I worked hard to get famous by randomly landing a spot on a popular reality show, and then married rich. Why is everyone else so lazy?”

  5. Redebbm says

    WHY did Kristin Wiig have to leave SNL? We need another of the oh so accurate parody of the rants that Hasselbeck goes one.

  6. Disgusted American says

    another one living the “Privilaged Life” dare preachers to others??? Hey Elizabeth – STFU

  7. MikeSin says

    Typical Hasselbeck. Nothing new here to see. I am always disgusted at how easily Sherri Sheppard plays devil’s advocate. Know your audience? Obviously he didn’t know his audience because at least one sold him out. So her political advise as a mediocre comedienne is to pander to the sub-groups behind closed doors regardless of how much you contradict your previous policy. Brilliant Sherri.

  8. paul says

    the reason so many people are becoming dependent is because of the growing income inequality and lack of mobility. Hassleback is reality TV star who got rich on TV why on earth would anyone expect her to have any depth of understanding of anything even slightly layered or complicated ?

  9. Cris says

    It frustrates me that every one of them missed what I think is the real point. Federal income tax is different than Payroll tax. 67% of the 47% not paying Federal income tax ARE paying Payroll tax. The rest are retired on a fixed income or simply too poor.

    So implying that nearly half the country is somehow on welfare or otherwise dependent on the government for assistance because they don’t pay that PARTICULAR tax is absurd. It bugs me that this point is not being made more clearly and more often.

  10. Mike says

    What do you expect from an anti-gay Christian? They will say anything to destroy who ever they think they need to destroy or support the ones they think they need to support. She tried to save her ass by saying we are all for freedom but for the anti-gay Christians they do not include LGBT people in that freedom, if they had their way the 47% would be put in concentration camps and killed, which is what Hitler did to the people he did not like, Jews and homosexuals.

  11. anon says

    It depends on what you mean by “dependent”. Everyone depends on the govt. for some things. The typical person, though, always gets back less than they put in to the system, as with casinos. The number of actual “winners” are few.

  12. BillinSonoma says

    Here’s the thing that mittens and the rest of that party don’t get. Or do they not wanna know ? or are they just butt-level stupid? I can’t tell. A significant portion of Mitt’s described 47% DO vote republican. And myself, and most everybody I know in life, are members of the other income tax paying 53 and will NEVER be available for a Repub vote, given the current mix (ugh) of the party. So exactly what delusion is he living under ? And don’t get me started on the fact that my marginal tax rate is double the mittens…..

  13. Ricco says

    It must b nice to be a talentless loud mouth who goes on a reality show, “Survivor,” and for whatever inexplicable reason, garner the attention of an ABC executive and given a job talking about stuff for which one knows absolutely nothing, and get paid more money than most people in America make.

    There is nothing so unattractive as a man or woman who behave as though all their lucky breaks were entirely of their own making. Actually there is: a self-righteous, judgmental woman is prteey hard to take, and all these attributes fit Ms. Hasselbeck to a “T.”

  14. hugo says

    So funny. She even looks like a younger Ann Romney. If only ABC would use her much more sparingly. We did get tired of her quite some time ago…

  15. Markt says

    Everyone is dependent on government – without it even most of the rich would soon be quite poor. Virtually everyone pays taxes. The percentage of people not paying federal income taxes ( as opposed to payroll taxes) is just a sign of the haves and have not society we have created – largely due to Republican policies. All but the 8% unemployed are working – they’re not dependent victims, they are pulling their weight. It only points out how important it is for the rich to pay their fair share.
    America is unique in that it has so many taxing authorities. In recent decades congress has forced states and localities to pay more – so it would tend to reduce the number of people that pay federal income taxes. The largest federal beneficiary programs are paid through payroll taxes – these are paid by everyone except some retired persons and the unemployed.
    Given that thousands of the people/families who don’t pay taxes are quite rich (and he may be such a person in certain years), he just adds insult to injury. It’s disgusting.

  16. Jack M says

    If I had her money, I wouldn’t worry about being dependent on anything or anybody. It’s a shame she doesn’t understand what most peoples’ lives are really like. Who listens to her anyway?

  17. Michael says

    I, too, think it’s obnoxious Republicans are ignoring the fact the majority of that “47%” are REPUBLICANS. Most of the poor states, the ones that are on welfare and aren’t paying those ‘taxes’, are red states.

    Democrats tend to be better educated and thus are employed and NOT living off of welfare.

  18. Michael says

    btw, are there any people with money who are vocally supporting Romney that did NOT get their money from their rich parents or earned it by laying flat on their backs?

  19. Laura says

    What my 95 year old grandmother says about Hasselbeck “I’ve never heard anyone talk so much and say so little.”

  20. says

    Michael, the wonderful thing are the many americans who WOULD benefit from Romney’s tax ideas but who choose to vote Democrat.

    why? because they’re compassionate enough to realize that they’re doing just fine financially and that others in the country are the ones who need the tax breaks.

    i mean, heck, eva longoria (whom i previously had known nothing about) impressed me with her DNC speech. and she’s right. the eva longoria that makes 6-figures in TV work isn’t the one that needs to tax break – the eva longoria who flipped burgers at wendy’s needs the tax break.

  21. MarkUs says

    David Letterman: “So what’s the debt again? Ten trillion?
    President Urkel: “I don’t remember. I mean the EXACT number.”

    Oh, you will, moron. It’s SIXTEEN TRILLION. But that would have been embarrassing to say last night, right?

  22. Sam Armstrong says

    Anyone else notice that Sherri Shepard started talking about Mexicans at the end for some reason?

  23. Sam Armstrong says

    Anyone else notice that Sherri Shepard started talking about Mexicans at the end for some reason?

  24. VDUFFORD says

    This talky mess should be better show especially since it quoted and rehashed so damn much. Romney…afraid…of the View…wait to he meets Netanyahu. There is just NO WAY this guy can President!

  25. Markt says

    Marcus – These comments are about the View. Do you have anything to say about that? Otherwise you’re off topic. The deficit – whatever it is – was created by Republicans – especially republican war mongering. Read the Wall Street Journal a Murdock publication and Republican mouthpiece – it noted on May 22, 2012, that spending under Obama was rising at the the slowest rate in 60 years so: as compared to Reagan the 2 Bushes and Clinton – the slowest in 60 years. So not only are you off topic you’re also just off. Reagan and Bush the lesser are some of the biggest spenders in history. Romney looks like he would do the exact same – cause he likes the sound of war it seems. If you really care about spending then you would stick with Obama who has shown he’s not a spendthrift or war monger.

  26. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Anyone else notice that Sherri Shepard started talking about Mexicans at the end for some reason?”

    Sam, Sherri was referencing Romney’s claim in the same video that if Latinos vote en bloc for Democrats, the country will be doomed.

  27. Caliban says

    From Jon Stewart:

    “It turns out that most of that 47% percent of people who don’t pay taxes DO pay payroll taxes- they’re working, but according to Mitt Romney not hard enough. Like a family of 5 making 50,000 dollars a year, the amount they would have had to pay to attend that luncheon to hear Mitt Romney sh*t on them in person.”

  28. Jim Stone says

    Yes..let’s keep government out of our lives EXCEPT when it comes to who you love and want to marry!

  29. michaelofthegreen says

    Well, I hear she gets to work early, has a sit-down with the producer who has all the republican talking points organized and planned. She is contractually obligated to present an “alternative viewpoint”, no matter how ludicrous. She’s a shill, without any sense of decency or integrity. So predictable how she will talk about any political topic. Poor girl.

  30. Kieran says

    @ Michael: ”
    btw, are there any people with money who are vocally supporting Romney that did NOT get their money from their rich parents or earned it by laying flat on their backs?”

    Maybe Michael Lucas???

  31. Chris in Irvine says

    “You can patronize for what I am thinking…but I am not taking it personal” She’s so stupid.

  32. Guest says

    Well, Blonde idiot, Your child exemption, mortgage deduction, charitable deductions, medical deductions, business deductions, property tax and vehicle registration deduction, etc etc.

    She is not dependent on government. Plus he is all for discriminating against a segment(s) of society because of something his imaginary friend “believes” in. FAIL

  33. Gry says

    Prescription for American success:

    Marry a pro-athlete, then make a supplemental living perpetually breaking into tears on TV.

    I’m gettin’ on this 2-Day!

  34. says

    One of the very lucky “haves” disparaging those with less than she and her husband have, she and Romney have a lot in common, they don’t have a clue about how 95% of Americans live.

  35. Disgusted American says

    this from a woman who’s ONLY claim to anything is a REALITY show, and her MARRYING MOney? Hey Elizabeth – STFU