1. JIm says

    This is one gay man who never has & never will find Kathy Griffin funny. She’s a gossip who dishes about celebrities, not a comic who tells well constructed jokes. Sure, she said a lot of nice things about “the gays,” but I’ve always found her attitudes toward gay men patronizing and used as a stepping stone to fame. She’s also looking awfully done over. She should ease up on the Botox and Restalyne.

  2. mikatune says

    I think comics like Kathy Griffin and Sandra Berhard are great because they don’t do rehearsed corny one-liners that c-level Vegas comics do. It also proves they are naturally funny because both of them perform mostly off the cuff, for the most part.

  3. tom says

    Without that handsome face he would be a nobody. What a waste of a beautiful looking outside on such a selfish, gullible inside. No wonder he was hanging out with The Situation from Jersey Shore. Ewwwww.

  4. Andrew says

    If Kathy was anti-gay rights, I would love to see how “positively blooming” and “smoking hot” posters would find her. I notice that often, on this site, if you take positions that are contrary to the current politically correct ones, many posters comment on your physical unattractiveness. Just sayin!

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