1. say what says

    last week clint lost a debate with a chair

    this week mitt lost a debate with a dead man

    or worded a different way

    20 years later and Teddy is still kicking mitts @ss from the grave


  2. andrew says

    Ted Kennedy was a giant. One of the greatest Senators in the history of our Republic. He had some major flaws to be sure. On balance he achieved far more good than bad. As an Irish American, I am so proud that he came out of our rich cultural heritage.

  3. KC says

    What a sleaze bag. And a master “flip-flopper,” to use a term his cohorts coined for Kerry.

    “I was for rational health care (bid for MA Senator) before I was against it” (Tea Party bid for US President).

    “I was for a woman’s right to choose (bit for MA Senator) before I was against it” (Tea Party bid for US Presidency).

    Pretty much any view – he was for it as a MA governor/senator candidate, then against it as a 2012 presidential candidate. And willing to flat out lie to make his point. What a sleazebag.

    It goes on and on. Will his starry-eyed Tea Party supporters ever question him on his former (pre-presidential bid) stances? I thought not. I’m looking forward to the debates. Obama – this is your big chance. PLEASE don’t pull any punches!

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