Man ‘Lynches’ Empty Chair Representing Obama

ObamChairLynchWow. An Austin, Texas man managed to merge Clint Eastwood’s recent “chair as Obama” skit with one of the nation’s sickest racist traditions, lynching, by tying an empty chair to a tree in his front yard.

When a fellow citizen expressed her concern over his method of protest, the man, Bud Johnson, reportedly yelled, “I don’t really give a damn whether it disturbs you or not
 You can take [your concerns] and go straight to hell and take Obama with you. I don’t give a sh*t. If you don’t like it, don’t come down my street.”

The website Burnt Orange, which first drew attention to this display of anti-Obama rhetoric, explains how the transitive property of violent hate works here. You know, just in case the meaning is lost:

One could easily argue “it’s just a chair, what’s the big deal? That’s not racist!”

However, in light of Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention, in which he had a largely one-sided conversation with an empty chair he pretended was Barack Obama, this imagery is now associated with the President.

The image of the chair is associated with the President. Now, lynch that chair from a tree, and you’ve got a pretty awful racist sentiment calling for lynching the first African-American President!


  1. says

    Obama’s win was a devastating blow the mindset of the bigots of the country. The crazy has come out of the woodwork.

    newsflash – ya lost the war of northern aggression, the south will never rise again, and no matter how proudly you wave the flag of your losing-army, it will always be just that – the flag of a losing army. and hating black people will only prove your pathetic bitterness. this is digusting.

  2. woodroad34 says

    You know when you forget something or misplace something, you casually say to yourself “I must be losing my mind”? Well a good place to look for it won’t be in Texas. They get rid of Anne Richards and vote in Bush and then Rick Perry; when is something good going to come out of Texas?

  3. AJ says

    In all those years that W was committing war crimes, stealing elections, etc, etc I don’t remember ONE person trying to lynch a representation of him. Can we ASK them to secede from the union again?

  4. MarkUs says


    Empty chair. “You can’t do that to our Obama!” In “Keeping Austin Weird”, of all places.

    Step on an empty chair: “HATE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. DAN says

    @MARKUS: you are sick if you condone this. Your hatred of the President has gone beyond partisan. You need help.

    Btw, remember your quip criticizing Obama on Letterman? What about Mitt & Ann on Live with Kelly yesterday? Answering the biggest softball questions ever! At least Letterman asked tougher questions. But Thurston and Lovey are perfect in your books I guess.

  6. MarkUs says

    I just saw footage of an effigy of Obama with a dog face being tossed into a fire. But it’s from Pakistan. You know, where they don’t hate US, they hate THE MOVIE.

    BTW, Gallup has Obama’s convention “bounce” from +8 to 0 today.

  7. Kelly O'Connor says

    Will you please, PLEASE stop publishing crap like this! I log into your site many time during the day, and I assume and expect honesty.

    Please stop with the slam crap. I* know who I might vote for, but I look to your site as a resource. Stop with the slamming trash.

  8. Afro says

    Being black Im offended because he used a folding chair when Clint clearly was using a contemporary Italian Stool. The folding chair shows, this guy clearly has no class.

  9. says

    now, i fully expect the legions who were furious about the “unpatriotic, unAmerican” statement by Natalie Maines a decade ago will be out in full-force to condemn this un-patriotic attack on the President of the United States.



  10. Mary says

    No matter what this man may think about his supposed superiority to Barack Obama due to their different races, the fact is that he is a vulgar loser and Obama is President of the United States. I’ve noticed that those who claim racial superiority usually have nothing else they can point to with pride – often they’re too angry and lazy to have the discipline needed to achieve anything. I always want to say to them “If you have suoerior genes why not do something constructive with them by working toward a goal?” For those tempted to analyze this type by saying “Hate is just easier for them”, I’d disagree. It takes a lot of work to truly hate – consistently year in year out. It’s like the kid who’ll spend an hour thinking up a lie for why he couldn’t do his homework instead of spending 20 minutes actually DOING the homework.

  11. JON says

    I realize you can say what you want about this man’s actions. He is also entitled to his opinion. But the fact remains, THERE IS NO NOOSE, so the smoking gun does not exist and you can’t read his mind or true intent. He put an empty chair on a rope held up by a tree. Who are you to determine his true intent. FREEDOM of SPEECH still exists! And lets not throw gayness into it as I work for them, have them as friends or any phobias I might have. I DON’T.

  12. MATTT says

    @JON are you for real? Because it wasn’t an actual noose? Umm, how do you put a noose around that chair? Are you trying to make excuses on a technicality?

    “Freedom of speech, freedom of speech” is what you guys like to cry when you make foolish remarks. For one thing, I don’t think this qualifies as “speech”…maybe freedom of expression. I might be wrong here. Two, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want and not be free from the consequences of those words. Some people forget that.

    Maybe you all should spend a little more time on the really important things in life instead of sulking and whining the past four years because the black man won the election. Get over it already.

  13. MATTT says


    “President Barack Obama holds clear leads over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in three other swing states—Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa—according to new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist College polls.”

  14. Jack says


    This doesn’t constitute speech? Yes, you are wrong. As wrong as it gets. Not sure how you could reasonably conclude that it isn’t…

    On the other hand, I agree with you that none have the right to be shielded from the consequences of their speech (except to the extent that we ARE shielded from government-imposed consequences). That’s the beauty of freedom of speech–it allows us to counter noxious speech by criticizing and mocking it, and using our own voices to combat it. And I’d certainly join the chorus combating this particular speech.

  15. ratbastard says

    Wow. A crazy guy ‘lynches’ an empty chair ‘down south’ [well, Texas at any rate] and the usual feces flows. This is a mildly amusing non-story blown grotesquely out of proportion. I’d suggest the OBSCENE violent crime and violence in general rate among [for example] young ‘minority’ males in our urban areas [how many murders in Chicago so far this year? Well over 300] is of FAR GREATER concern than this lone crazy guy hanging a chair from a tree. ‘Progressives’ of course won’t touch the issue of violence and violent crime especially in ‘minority’ neighborhoods and urban areas with a ten foot pole, except to repeat ad nauseam their ‘ban all guns’ mantra, because that would involve unpleasant un-PC subject matter.


    His neighbors ‘ratted’ him out and Austin, Texas [the capital of Texas] is of course in fact EXTREMELY ‘progressive’

  16. NAN says

    @ATBASTARD, NVTODD, JON, et al. So why else would somebody hang an empty chair from a tree? Your responses are the typical “that’s not what it means, it’s not my fault that’s what you think it means..wink, wink.” Give me a break.

    RATBASTARD: once again you accuse other people of doing exactly what you do. Feces from our mouths? Then you let it pour out of your mouth about something that has NOTHING to do with the subject at hand. All so you can go on about “the minorities” AGAIN. This story is NOT mildly amusing. It may get a chuckle at your klan meetings, or at a Teabag rally, but it sure as hell ain’t funny. You are sick.

  17. says

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