1. gregory brown says

    Mittsy isn’t interested in anything other than the elite stratum of the world he inhabits. I was loath to join others in terming him a Sociopath but that’s becoming a more useful description every day.

    Unfortunately, there are too many potential voters who share his worldview, even when supporting him is obviously to their disadvantage economically, socially and morally.

    I wonder if Lyndon LaRouche lurks somewhere in the background whipsering sweet things in Mittsy’s shell like ears, just as the ghost of An Rand croons lullabies to bottom boy Ryan?

  2. Gus says

    @steve: They want the taxpayer to pay for their kids religious education. That is the main part of the voucher nonsense in Ohio. The charter schools in the city districts do no better than the regular public schools and they take funding from the public schools. The Ohio plan has more money coming from the local district than from the state for a voucher. They want to kill the public school system. Glad Romney is admitting it.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Wow, Mr. Outta Touch can’t identify with the “little people”, huh, so he smacks down a public school teacher during their round table discussion. OK, boys and girls, you know what to do, send Mittens to sit in the dunce chair until after the November presidential election…then send him straight home to think about what a rich dumbass loser he is.

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