Newly-Appointed, Drunk-Driving, Anti-Gay SF Archbishop to Be Protested at His Installation Mass

Salvatore Cordileone, the newly-appointed San Francisco Archbishop who was the architect of Proposition 8 and was recently arrested for drunk driving in San Diego, is to be protested at his installation mass on October 4, the San Francisco Examiner reports:

CordileoneIn what was seen as a provocative move by the church, an annual drag queen event held at the Castro neighborhood’s LGBT-friendly Most Holy Redeemer Church was initially cancelled, but then reinstated “as long as their behavior was church-appropriate.”

While activists aren’t saying exactly what they plan to do for Cordileone’s Oct. 4 installation mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral, they’re signaling something more than garden-variety picketing.

“Traditional demonstrations with signs don’t work anymore,” said Sister Zsa Zsa Glamour, who declined to provide a real name. “We’re still deciding on how best to respond to his installation.”

George Wesolek, an archdiocese spokesman, said church leaders are aware of the protests and security measures are being put in place.

“We are going to be fully secure,” Wesolek said, adding that the planned three-hour event is fully booked, with invitations sent out and parishioners having claimed all available tickets. “They have to stay off the plaza. The police will be there, of course — we want to disrupt any attempt to disrupt the ceremonies.”

Nonetheless, Wesolek said the church will respect protesters’ First Amendment rights.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    @Gregory — You’re so right… it seems unfair to schedule two competing drag events simultaneously. I’ll bet the RC church’s installation will have costlier dresses, but the drag-queen event will be prettier and much more fun, too!

  2. Pete N SFO says

    With nearly daily press releases from Bishops and above from these people about the dangers of allowing Marriage Equality… there should really be a huge showing from gay people, women, and anyone that understands how dangerous it is to have churches influencing public policy.

    San Francisco is iconic in the minds of gay people, I hope they don’t let the opportunity pass by.

  3. stranded says

    The very thought that there are enough pedophiles and their enablers to congregate publicly and without shame, enough to fill a cathedral, is really frightening. Multiply that by millions of these pedophiles and their enablers around the world and it’s chilling how easily people can become so self-deluded and predatory.

    They honestly believe that they have a divine right to dictate religion into public policy while openly mocking us for our faith in real, adult love. It’s an absurdity that increasingly gets more and more sickening to me.

    Who needs the approval of these people? I don’t, and wouldn’t want it if they offered it. I mean, really, do any of us want their approval?

    Although I can’t be, I would love to be at the protest outside, but I say make the protests more like a celebration to counter the somber coronation of malignant pedophilia taking place inside the Jesus-Kill building.

    The distinction must be made clear of who and what we are and who and what we are not, which is, to start with, that we are not pedophiles and their enablers. Those people inside the church can’t say the same. That’s a pretty solid distinction.

    These holy pedophiles and their enablers have given to themselves the miraculous gift of determining who is and is not pure and holy, and who is and isn’t fully human. They have no room for any messages beyond their own cultish sensibilities.

    Again, we need to make a clear distinction between their message and ours. To those who gather outside their self-declared sacred site, I say party like you’ve never partied. Show us your life and your love and all the strengths that partnerships made of commitment and courage can cultivate.

    Show the world that you are not them. You are not what they blame you for. It’s them, and it’s always been them. The pedophiles and enablers. Their message must be revealed for what it is—a predatory cult. Our love is real, theirs is just a ruse.

  4. Ken says

    “as long as their behavior was church-appropriate”

    What if the attendees at the Most Holy Redeemer event don’t want to oppress women and sexually abuse children?

  5. Homer says

    Well, it’s not like the Vatican is known for its severity in imposing penalties for its errant shepherds. If the strongest measure that their church is willing to mete out to molester priests is “re-assignment” then, certainly a DUI is nothing to lose sleep over as far Cordileone’s institution is concerned.

  6. the curmudgeon says

    everybody is suddenly marking their terrority. the occupy movement pisses in the mission district to keep out the upscale resteraunts, the exhibitionists piss in the castro to keep out the baby stroller crowed, the catholic church pisses in san francisco to keep out the anti catholic gays. meanwile, islam in the fastest growing religion in the world and soon it will be pissing over gays, catholics and anarchists. the clock is ticking. of the seven countries that provide the death penalty for being gay, all seven countries are muslim countries, tick, tock, tick.

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