Ozzie Guillen Defends Yunel Escobar’s Anti-Gay Slur: ‘In My House, We [Use] That Word Every 20 Seconds’

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, who was punished in 2006 for making an anti-gay slur about Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti ("What a piece of [deleted] he is, [deleted] fag.''), reacted to a similar incident by Toronto Blue Jay shortstop Yunel Escobar this week.

Marlins_guillenGuillen defended Escobar:

On Tuesday, Guillen said he didn't think Escobar meant to be offensive.

"I think he just did it for fun. I know he didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. Nobody is that stupid," he said before the Marlins hosted Atlanta.

"In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I've got three kids," Guillen said. "For us, it's like 'What's up, bro? What's up, dude?' It's how you say it and to who you say it. But that's our country. We have to respect this country. Sometimes for us it's funny, for other people it's not."

Escobar received a three-game suspension and must pay his lost salary to GLAAD and the You Can Play project. He will also undergo sensitivity training. Perhaps Guillen should join him.


  1. Jonathan says

    No, Ozzie, you’ve demonstrated repeatedly you’re that stupid. It’s not “how you say it and to who you say it.” It’s a reinforcement of the hetero-normative paradigm that oppresses difference and being un-masculine.

    Or to put it in simpler terms, it’s keeping the faggots in their place.

  2. says

    UH…as a former NYC bartender in a restaurant who heard “maricon” used by the kitchen staff about the waitstaff…um…i’m pretty sure I/we know what it means.

    and just because you and your fellas keep saying it a lot doesn’t make it ok. “Hey, we always say f@ggot..”

    Uh. K. You can stop, you know.

  3. Rick says

    “It’s a reinforcement of the hetero-normative paradigm that oppresses difference and being un-masculine”

    Because, of course, being attracted to other men sexually EQUATES to being un-masculine in your view, right? Right.

    A perfect example of the internalization of societal norms that I am always referring to–many “gay” men have basically accepted the idea that being attracted to other men makes them of inferior masculinity….and so they play out the part, modeling their behavior on women and adopting effeminate mannerisms, which is just the OPPOSITE of being truly liberated and self-accepting….in fact, it is as conformist as it can possibly be.

    Which is the REAL source of ALL our problems.

    If gay men did not behave that way, then they would no longer be disrespected and subject to taunts and putdowns of this sort.

    It is entirely your choice whether or not to continue with such behavior, but I can assure you that if you do, you will NEVER be respected or accepted by other men and no amount of passage of legislation or media pressure will ever change that.

  4. denisonnison says

    Stop being stupid people… sometimes words become a part of the culture and take on different meanings. If there were a death penalty for saying “faggot,” all of you would be on the firing line. What if someone took offense with YOUR use of it, even though you claim it’s your right, you don’t mean it that way, etc? It doesn’t matter how you say it, you say it all the time, in Spanish they do as well but under different, non-hateful circumstances. Learn about the quirks of language and move on.

  5. Bosie says

    the problem with latin culture these few men that have not evolved. I’m glad they are not allowed to get away with “I dont mean to offend” YES THEY DO…they know exactly what it means. I say put them all in GLAAD sensetivity classes idiots.

  6. CKNJ says

    Denisonnison, there are many words I could use to describe your excusing of ingrained hate speech, but I am too polite… pity you and all these clueless people that use and excuse hate speech can’t see your way to decent public discourse too!

  7. says

    actually, RICK, you’re wrong as usual. how can i prove it? simple – the gay men you’ve dedicated to living your anonymous internet life to hating are out there living real, authentic, visible lives.

    and you’re anonymously bitching about it on the internet. from a place of cowardice.

    i dont’ know any straight males who take issue with the gay males you take issue with.

    you are living proof that a life wasted in the closet drives a person to crazy miserable delusions.

    you can continue to scream your bitterness from your anonymous internet handle. it won’t make your own life better, it won’t find your a man, it won’t make anyone respect you, but most importantly it will in no way negatively impact the lives of the gay men whom you blame for your own inability to live an Out and Honest life.

    when you finally die nobody will miss you and you will not be remembered.

    it’s a funny thing – miserable posters on this site have called me a “Stereotypical flaming queen” and all that jazz…well, um, I also remain a close friend of the Burke family. Y’know, the You Can Play folks. General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Straight sports family, whose gay son came out and was tragically killed in a car accident a few years back. They didn’t say “we’ll respect you if you’re gay as long as you’re macho and play sports”

    quite the opposite. it’s “we’ll stand by you because that’s the right thing to do”

    i understand, Rick, that guys like you are furious that those “femmes” can live openly in a way that you’ll never have the balls to. But your projection of misery is ugly, and transparent. you’re a worthless coward. you really should kill yourself. have some drinks. drive yourself home.

    or keep coming here every day to complain about those people who arent’ living closeted lives like you are. if living vicariously through an anonymous internet handle is all you have left…well…that’s beyond sad.

  8. belo says

    Ozzie, saying it repeatedly to your kids is your way of instilling shame and fear into your kids in case one of them turns out gay. You want to force them to remain in the closet. You’re teaching them to hate gays. It shows how homophobic you, your family, and your culture are whether or not you realize or admit it. Shaming your kids into a hetero-normative mindset should be considered child abuse.

  9. ratbastard says

    So he uses a lot of bad language around his kids. Says something about him. I can remember my father one time blurting out ‘f*ck’ when he was angry about something and my mom glaring at him because he said it in front of us kids. Funny. Now I admit I have a bad habit of swearing, but I certainly didn’t pick it up from my parents. Everybody’s different I suppose.

  10. Ricco says

    And so according to Ozzie Guillen if in my home every twenty seconds we call each other, both the adults and the children,racial slurs representing the ethnicity of Ozzie’s home country, equating the slur with “What’s up, Bro?” and “What’s up, dude?” or wrote the slur Black makeup under the eye he would accept that it was all in good fun?

    Bull Sh*t, sugar!

    What a load of disingenuous cr*p!

    What he means to say that is their country they don’t concern themselves with the feelings of gay and lesbian citizens, that it is open season on the gay community, and that even their children are permitted to disrespect a whole group of people in misdirecting an anti-gay slur at a friend?

    All in good fun?

    And when it is directed at someone they do not like . . . is that also all in good fun?

    I repeat: “Bull Sh*t sugar!!

  11. Carlos says

    @Rick Masculinity and masculine behaviors are learned behaviors as much as effeminate one. Only society deems what is masculine or effeminate. Read Boyarin’s _Unheroic Conduct: The Rise of Heterosexuality and the Invention of the Jewish Man_. He pretty much explains that in some cultures, like amongst European Jewry, “masculinity” and being butch is seen as being uneducated and undesirable. Being soft spoken and gentle ie “effeminate” is what men should strive for.

  12. Rick says

    “I don’t mean to offensive either,Guillen, but you’re a stupid c*nt.”

    Another example of the gender-confusion I referred to in the first comment. Try referring to another man you are going after aggressively as a “pr*ck” or a “d!ck” instead of as a “c*nt”, Jack. Really, it is not that hard.

    And related to that, let me add to my first comment that if Escobar had used an equivalent of the word “sissy” or “pansy” instead of the equivalent of the f-word, then I would have had no objection to what he did and he undoubtedly would not have been called on the carpet as he was.

    Let’s be clear about this. Slamming someone merely for their sexual orientation is out-of-bounds or should be…..but slamming a man for being an effeminate, masculinely-deficient coward is entirely kosher and always will be.

    A point that needs to be made in all of this.

  13. xael says

    I am cuban and i am gay and some of my straight friends say this, i know they mean no harm, it is part of a culture that has moved away from the machismo and just “recycled” the word…. sometimes when i’m stuck in traffic and someone cuts in front of me i say it too…and no i dont mean the old lady that almost hit my car is a gay man …..it is used in the Caribbean ……. i dont think Escobar meant to hurt anybody and the apologies are never good enough for the bitter ones ….we (gays) as a community are more sensitive than a nipple piercing …everything is an attack, everything is an insult… chill

  14. Pete N SFO says

    Despite his ignorance, he’s right. The word is used often, probably w/o considering the real meanings, and he’s living in the USA where it is different from his personal experience.

    Given all that, and now that you know, will you still be using that language? I suspect, yes, because as this entry notes, you were already called on homophopic language in the past.

    So, why exactly would anyone waste any further time on you? Most people wouldn’t. You live in the world you create, fool.

  15. UFFDA says

    RICK says – parenthesis mine -“If gay men did not behave that way (effeminantly, affectedly, flauntingly), then they would no longer be disrespected and subject to taunts and putdowns of this (the degrading) sort.”

    This is so obvious it should never need stating, yet it does and RICK alone, consistently makes the trenchant point: affected, effeminant “gay” behavior as seen – almost “established” – in our media is not only mockably distasteful to most men, but also, thankfully, not actually representative of most gay men.

    Still, I must alwys make the point, there are those who cannot help a certain kind of obvious effeminant behavior and these, often very sweet men, deserve all the respect and love the world can offer.

  16. Rick says

    “Masculinity and masculine behaviors are learned behaviors as much as effeminate one”

    Only the culturally-specific manifestations of masculinity are learned, but masculinity itself is entirely based in nature.

    The physiology of men is different from that of women, just as the physiology of males in other species is different from that of females. And these physiological differences–levels of testosterone vs. levels of estrogen, just to use the best-known example–absolutely drive behavioral differences……..the greater aggressiveness of men compared to women being tied entirely to these physiological differences and being one of the defining features of masculinity.

    And this is the case across cultures, regardless of the specific cultural expression that that aggressiveness takes (whether through ritualized warfare in more primitive societies or through violent sports like football and hockey in modern North America)

    The desperate attempts of “gender-non-conformists” to contravene nature will fail as all such attempts do……which is why effeminate, cowardly behavior in men will always be rejected by human beings everywhere and will subject those who demonstrate it to contempt and rejection, as it should.

    And the sooner gay men come to terms with that reality, the sooner we can get on with changing the gay male culture to fit the larger male culture, which is the only way homophobia will ever be truly eradicated.

  17. says

    the fact that the “Rick”s of the world can never put a face to their statements proves them wrong. If you’re such a real man who’s such an Impressive To Heterosexuals Homosexual then why hide? Because you’re a grown adult wimp whose balls have never dropped.

    I don’t know any straight men who take issue with “gay men who are effeminate” – I only know insecure homosexuals who do that, because they’re still walking around each day in fear of being “known as gay.”

    man up already.

    that rick and his fellow fake-online supporters are the only plebes who follow this mentality speaks volumes. you’re all clamoring for a revolution that will never come, and it’ll never come because the only guys who want what you want are all collectively too cowardly to do anything about it. seriously – off yourselves. you’ve already wasted your lives, no sense in continuing.

    yup. rick is here to bash effeminate men. anonymously, of course. that’s how cowards roll.

  18. says

    dear gay men who think that “Masculine Representations of Gay Males” are the *cure* – start with yourselves, show who you are.

    seriously. it’s all about the masculinity, eh? start with yourself: show us this example.

    ten bucks says you can’t. because you’re simply not man enough. take a lesson from the “fems” you loathe – learn to no be afraid of what others think.

  19. Rick says

    “He pretty much explains that in some cultures, like amongst European Jewry, “masculinity” and being butch is seen as being uneducated and undesirable. Being soft spoken and gentle ie “effeminate” is what men should strive for.”

    No wonder there are no NFL players named Weinstein or Manischewitz and no wonder Barney Franks speaks with a lisp and no wonder Jewish mothers are so famously domineering. Here it is, everybody, proof of why Ehrenstein is such a total queen! And then there is Woody Allen…..


    Seriously, though, you are confusing “gentlemanliness” with “effeminacy”. Highly-educated men in the upper levels of society do not manifest masculinity in exactly the same way that a blue-collar, redneck lumberjack does……but their behavior is still entirely distinguishable from that of women in all kinds of ways that reflect nature and a masculine ethic.

    Behaving in a refined, gentlemanly fashion is by no means the same thing as idolizing women and modeling one’s behavior on them….and worshiping them as “divas” and cultural icons to the exclusion of men…..much less referring to other males in the feminine vernacular (she, “girl”, etc.)

    Apples and oranges. Sorry.

  20. Joel V says

    “In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids,” Guillen said. “For us, it’s like ‘What’s up, bro? What’s up, dude?’

    ugh, what trash. I feel sorry for those kids.

  21. AJ says

    Whether people want to admit it or not, the use of the word f@g and f@ggot are completely changing in this country. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly reccomend watching an episode of South Park called “The F Word”. The town decides to use the word to signify Harley Riders because their loud bikes “ruin everyone’s nice time”. The kids on the show start it, and are shocked when they are told that those words signify someone gay and say they would never use it to speak of someone who is gay. South Park gets it right sometimes.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should use the word EVER but I’m from a different generation. I think about what the last thing people killed for their sexual orientation heard on this earth. I guarantee they were called one of those words. For that simple reason, both words sicken me.

  22. Pommie says

    We can’t expect much from you or your family either when retardation flows in you guys’ veins. We sympathize with traumatized, uneducated, uncivilized, people like you. And btw given the fact that your home environment are not healthy for children, some Child Care organizations should surely get after you guys.

  23. woodroad34 says

    I have to stick up for @Jonathan; I think he’s being misunderstood. People like Ozzie think “faggot” is funny because it diminishes anyone who isn’t their vision of ‘masculine’. Strength of personality comes in many guises and just being butch doesn’t necessarily connote ‘maculinity’. In fact Ozzie’s jock butchness belies his lack of masculinity.

  24. Michael says

    I’m not buying the “But in our country…”

    This isn’t your country, this is America and you know damn well somethings aren’t the same. If you’re that clueless I highly recommend you move the f*ck back to where you came from.

  25. We are Here says

    “”In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids,” Guillen said.”

    Sounds like child abuse in the form of emotional and psychological torture.

  26. Lalala says

    This is just like how American kids needed to be educated to stop saying things like “That’s so gay.”
    It took them awhile to see the insult.

    Some Latinos are going to need a similar lesson. Hopefully, this is a start.

  27. Marcus says

    I guess it’s okay to start referring to Cubans as ‘Boat Rowers’ then in our family, right? I mean it’s funny and other people might not understand our quirks of language.

  28. Billy Crytical says

    It’s about associating things that are bad with gay people. It’s an underhanded way of saying gay people are bad. Is it going to take 2x4s to the head to get heterosexuals to understand that gay people KNOW what they do, that gay people are INSIDERS to heterosexual culture, that gay people have grown up around heterosexuals?

  29. Lalala says

    I don’t mean to be an apologist for Ozzie.

    I’m just trying to offer the perspective that while Ozzie in an a-hole that needs to check himself… I don’t believe that he’s anti-gay, a-hole, but an ignorant, insensitive a-hole who comes from a culture where ‘maricon’ is sadly thrown around.

  30. Rick says

    I think it’s totally fine, because I get so turned on when the guys I pick up at my Evangelical church call me “a little femme f****t” while I wear my Swiss Miss outfit and take a dump in mouth.

  31. ratbastard says


    David Reimer
    The boy who lived as a girl



    I understand some gay men just can’t believe there are gay men who aren’t remotely, naturally ‘fem’ or ‘campy’, but there are. I don’t know why, but nature made a few [small in numbers] males who have pronounced feminine as opposed to masculine traits. Probably a genetic issue. Some [most?] of these males appear to also be gay. Society traditionally has associated ALL homosexuals with these traits, when of course this isn’t true. But, there are some gays today who still demand perpetuating this myth, presumably because they themselves are ‘fem’. There’s nothing wrong with being what you are, but there is something wrong when you demand others who share the same sexual orientation be like you, or they aren’t being ‘real. This is similar to what occurs among other minorities like blacks, some of whom fault other blacks for not ‘acting black’.

  32. Lance says

    Lololol here we go with “masccccc” Rickman and Ratbastard The Boy Wonder.

    Go outside and bludgeon some more kittens to reaffirm how masculine and incredible you are. Maybe then you will become more palatable to the heterosexual people who surround you and whom you so desperately try to please.

  33. Roman Bolliger says

    On the contrary: I think that Yunel is not only that stupid, but also some kind of Yunelidis trying to seem masculine by (badly) hiding her urge for makeup with a homophobe one.

  34. Rick says

    “Go outside and bludgeon some more kittens to reaffirm how masculine and incredible you are”

    No, Lance, I will pick up my pet cat and caress him gently, thanks, and show him how much I love him. I would, however, beat the crap out of any man who tried to harm him in any way.

    That YOU would define masculinity in terms of “bludgeoning kittens” just goes to show how screwed-up effeminate gay men typically are and how utterly and profoundly confused they are about normal masculine behavior.

    And that is the problem we need to correct.

  35. says

    Actually, Closeted Anonymous Ratbastard with the fake-dead dad who was killed by Fake-blacks, take what you said and reverse it.

    There is nothing at all in society that has to do with “perpetuating that myth” – that’s something Closet Cases say as an excuse to not Come Out. “Oh, you just want me to be a fem like you”, said the closet cases, ignoring the reality that nobody has ever said that.

    the sheer fact that the resident trolls who can’t stop boasting of their own masculinity while deriding what they consider to be “femme” are completely incapable of showing themselves and the “masculine gay men” they profess to be speaks volumes.

    there are no people out there, or on here, insisting that gay men need to be _________. with the exception of the cowardly anonymous grown-adult closet cases who demand, actually, that all gay men should be…well, i think you know.

    gay men who denigrate and insult what they’ve been conditioned to call “femmes” are just like anti-gay republicans who get busted sucking c**k in a bathroom – you project your anger to distract from what you really are.

    nobody ever, EVER says “all gay men need to be _____” except the insecure closeted guys who are still pathetically living each day hoping they can pass for straight?

    and none of you naysayers can, or will, prove me wrong about this because you all insist on being completely anonymous.

  36. rick says

    Of course i’d never kill my cat. I need him alive so he can hunt mice for me to shove up my butt while I dance around with my tiny penis tucked back. Oh how I envy women for having vaginas!

  37. says

    as i’ve said a billion times, if these so-called Pillars of Masculinity could show us all this incredible example of theirs, maybe we …uh…”fems?” could figure it out, eh? LOL

    so far, it seems to be a masculine man you need to log on to your computer and anonymously spew anti-woman and racist ideologies.

    therefore…the most masculine people in the world are….uh, those anonymous youtube commenters? Eek.

  38. ratabastard says

    Why do some gay men think masculinity is a bad or evil trait in males? Please explain? And why would you associate bad things with masculinity? You all of course have been brainwashed into thinking:

    Females=good, pure,smart

    Males=evil, rotten, bad, dumb, violent.

    It’s pathetic.

    And Lil’ Canadian, one more time: Yes, my dad was badly hurt by a group of black males who assaulted him because he was white. If you lived in NYC like you claim, than you wouldn’t find this hard to believe. Either that, or you’re gullible and naive.

    And my mentioning what happened to him doesn’t make me ‘racist’. I am not racist, don’t hate black people.

  39. says

    no, i just like that you misspelled your name this time “ratAbastard”, showing that you’ve been jumping back and forth between anonymous profiles.

    rock on, coward.

    i’ve never met anyone, and that includes any gay males, who think concepts of masculinity are bad things. i’ve only met anti-fem cowardly gay males who make up some “you want me to be a fem!” non-argument.

    your fake-dead isn’t dead from fake-blacks. that said, if your story is true, i’d like to find those black men so i can buy them a bottle of champagne. they did the world a good service.

    but hey, at least your idiocy reached a new low!

  40. UFFDA says

    RICK – you’re great. I love the wrench you throw in the clone works which get more representation her than they merit. Just make a little room for the guys who can’t help their sometimes quie feminine behavior.

    And please note good people that the so labeled “RICK” post with reference to “dump in mouth” has long been correctly identified as LITTLE KIWI, the lowest (and anonymous) reptile in disguise on this site.

  41. jaragon says

    The problem with some gay men in Latino culture ( and I’m Cuban by the way) is that they think real men are suppose to be straight- and gay men are inferior. But this is about acceptable use of slurs- Guillen might want to say what ever he wants in the privacy of his home but once you become a public figure you have to use your brain before you open you mouth.

  42. UFFDA says

    FURY – I mean his assumption of RICK’s name in order to denegrate him. No he’s not anonymous, he’s ubiquitous. But never gives his real name or hereabouts…just a wuss with a mouth.

  43. "The Gay" says

    All you Harley riding fagots make me laugh.

    Seriously, though, these remarks are amusing; the fem queers are all upset at the butch queers that point out that their affectation is a fake put-on that serves primarily to marginalize themselves, and the fem queers, as usual, whine about how closeted and self hating anyone is that refuses to accept the fake put-on.

    There’s something distinctly phony about gay men who try so hard to conform, something hypocritical and ridiculous about it.

    Here, let me help you, if you want tolerance from people, you should practice it. If you can’t get along well enough with other gay men, how do you expect to affect change among straight people’s attitudes about us ?

    Every day I see posts here from the same tired queens who jump to conclusions about other posters words, silly little teenage girls acting all offended without ever thinking to ask for some sort of elucidation, without making any attempt at all to understand where anyone else is coming from.

    It’s obvious that you are young and inexperienced, and that you think that having a blog with pictures you claim are of you is some sort of substitution for the work older gay guys have done that makes it possible for you to live your lives they way you can now. Maybe you should grow up a little bit, you aren’t in high school anymore, start behaving like adults for a change.

  44. jamal49 says

    Ozzie, honey, you say “maricon” around my house you’ll get your teeth shoved so far down your throat you’ll have to sit on your dinner plate to chew your next meal.

    Pues, Ozzicito, que te jodas puta maricon pendejo.

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