1. Jack M says

    Whether he’s lying or not, he’s disagreeing with Romney, not a good thing to put out in the public eye. Perhaps they are not as close a team as they would have us think.

  2. says

    Everything about homosexuals is anathema to Opus Dei; Ryan will fight each and every aspect of gays trying to obtain equal rights, whether that is DADT or DOMA.

    He is doctrinaire Catholic agenda; he has sworn to propagate Catholic faith and morals in public life.
    The USA constitution is therefore secondary to this higher power he serves.
    If that is from his heart , as you say REPPIN 2, I find it despicable.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    “in line with running mate Mitt Romney’s position”

    How about a link for *that* one? If true it would be celebrated on Facebook page Mitt Gets Worse – and it’s not (yet?).

    It’s interesting that Ryan talks about reviving the American Dream. How about the American Dream for LGBT people?

  4. says

    His statement is conceding defeat. It’s not from his heart. If bringing back DADT would help get Mittens and him in office, he would support it in a minute. He simply knows that it’s a done deal now, no thanks to him.

  5. Jay says

    Such a liar. He doesn’t say that the 700,000,000 that Obamacare saves are counted in his budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it. Or that he voted for the defense cuts! As for DADT, which he voted to keep, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  6. cam says

    This means nothing. All he’s saying is that he does not support reversing the repeal of DADT. He opposed reversing DADT in the first place. He does not feel that LGBTs should serve openly in the military. The interviewer should have asked him to confirm this. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is in any way support for the LGBT community by this homophobic catholic just because he’s admitted defeat on this one issue. There are plenty more he’s still fighting against.

  7. kp05 says

    I’m surprised GOProud hasn’t written up some press release praising Ryan for his [what they’ll call pro-LGBT] stance. This is an example of “proof” not all Republican legislators are anti-gay to them. Maybe they’re busy making a medal for him.

  8. Caliban says

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a sign that Ryan is in any way pro-gay. He isn’t, he’s just admitting the political reality that reinstating DADT is so problematic as to be nearly impossible.

    For one thing it would be opposed by the military itself, even by those commanders who are anti-gay. The gays-in-the-military issue has been around at least since the 80s and a LOT of time has been wasted on it. Now that it’s over and done, no one wants the hassle of dealing with it all over again. Plus they know that any reinstatement of DADT or a similar policy would only be temporary, contingent on the winds of political change, and they’ve got better things to do.

    One of the main reasons I was so interested in the repeal of DADT is that I believe gays serving openly in the military will bring about changes in all walks of life. Once openly gay people have “served their country” in the military, how are you going to deny them all the rights others have? You can’t. I look forward to the day that a currently serving person in the military sues over not being able to marry.

  9. Blake says

    This means nothing when the teapublican platform says otherwise.

    Let them reinstate DADT, so the armed forces can lose even more highly skilled individuals, before romney starts a war with Iran or the entire Middle East.

  10. emjayay says

    Ryan is a weasel and a narrow minded idealogue. But he does recognize one thing. After telling a hundred thousand soldiers that it’s OK to stop hiding, none of them can unhide. You can’t Not Tell if you’ve already told.

    Santorum, being even more stupid and narrow minded than Ryan, did explicity say he would reinstate DADT, but not kick out anyone who came out under it. It would just be OK to harass and beat them up and deny them promotions and stuff like that I guess. And only kick out the new ones who sneaked in.

  11. emjayay says

    Ryan’s comment is in line with Romney’s on DADT. They disapprove, but the genie is out of the bottle. Both justify their voting or talking against DADT repeal because the army shouldn’t be doing “social engineering” and/or if they do it shoudn’t be when wars are going on, but in some mythical future era a world peace.

    Of course, one war, two wars, no wars….it turned out to not be much of a problem at all after decades of talk about unit cohesion and showers and close quarters in submarines and foxholes and everything else they came up with.

  12. justandra says

    Last I checked, troops are always in harm’s way so if you go by the statement of some who say pick a better time, there will never be a “good time” to repeal DADT so its good they didn’t.

  13. says

    This just means Paul Ryan can count. 80% of the populace supported the repeal of DOMA back when it was repealed — it’s probably an even higher number now.

    I imagine DADT’s repeal polls higher than oxygen.

  14. Brian says

    Why doesn’t he just admit the fears of the right wing (including him) about the repeal of DADT were totally wrong? The negative effects of repeal amounted to nothing. What Mr. Ryan really needs to do is repudiate the homophobic Republican platform, which seeks to relegate us to 3rd class citizenship. I would be willing to listen to the Republican message on lower taxes, smaller government, and individual initiative. But I absolutely will vote for President Obama and the entire Democratic ticket. I know the President has my back, and the Republicans cannot be trusted. A pox on the homophobic Republican Party. Obama-Biden, 2012!

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