1. says

    This simply confirms what we have all known ; that Romney is a self-satisfied smug shallow social climber…….who does not give a phuck about the working people of the USA.

    And he sure is in the right grouping for this self help !
    “Let’s look after our own class and phuck everyone else.”
    He is the most despicable piece of dirt that has promoted himself at the expense of any value system.
    He could teach Henry of Navarre (“Paris is worth a Mass”) a lesson in hypocricy.

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, Mitt, if he loses his soul ?

  2. Gr8guyca says

    Thanks to early Democratic ads about Bain and Romney’s own statements, he is rapidly becoming “defined” for many Americans.

    That definition paints him as completely out of touch with the middle class and, in fact, anyone who is not privileged. He has lived his entire life in a cocoon of well-off White people. (Having also grown up that way, I can understand it.) But he has shown no real interest in reaching out beyond that. Unlike the Kennedys who grew up rich, Romney has never really reached out to help others. His charitable good deeds have largely been to Mormons, people in his “club.”

    I think that he is very smart, but completely dispassionate about human emotions. In a business sense, he would have let GM go into bankruptcy and get reorganized. That is a valid business answer; it is not, however, the right emotional answer. Simply having a headline that read, “GM files for bankruptcy,” would have had emotional repercussions across the entire US economy – with staggering consequences.

    As you look at the statements in this video, it’s interesting to note that they are not really gaffes. He is not misspeaking; he is saying what he believes. That’s why he has not withdrawn them, he only says that he spoke ‘inelegantly.” I would suggest that, in his case, “inelegantly” has become a synonym for “honestly.”

    I used to think that Romney was a good person whose policies I disagreed with. But his own statements show him to be callous and indifferent to the needs of those less fortunate than he is. Which is, in effect, everyone else.

  3. ratbastard says


    That St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast is similar to a roast. It’s basically all bad jokes and everyone mocking each other and themselves, basically laughing at yourselves. I believe the Brits and real Irish call it ‘taking the p*ss out’. I know some people don’t understand it.

  4. Andrew says

    I don’t think that Romney is an evil man. He was born into a rich and politically connected family, like Bush, Bush and Kennedy and thinks that the Oval office is his by birth right. He will do and say anything to get his birth right.

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    In addition to “inelegant”, Romney described his 47% comments as “off the cuff”. Given the gaffes he has made in prepared remarks, if he’s this bad “off the cuff”, I think we’ve got to believe he could single-handedly start WWIII.

  6. RedRoseQueen1 says

    Romney is not, and never has been “intelligent” as some have suggested. Rather, like “W”, he was propped up with Daddy’s money and a gaggle of financial advisers (whose concern is and always has been the “bottom line”) and did whatever it took to make MORE money from “hostile take-overs” putting Americans out of work, often robbing them of pensions and shipping jobs overseas. I don’t think he’s “evil” any more than I believe Bush was evil.I think they were both just little “Richie Rich” boys (without that comic book characters awareness and compassion)whose GOAL in life is to hold the highest office in the USA (and perhaps the world) and will do anything to achieve that goal in order to obtain historical immortality. Maybe “out of touch” with reality and “soulless” would be a more appropriate description of Romney.
    I wouldn’t vote for him as dog catcher.(Wait…I just remembered his family dog on the car roof gaffe, so SERIOUSLY he’s not good enough even for that job!)
    If, after the election is over and Obama can settle in for his second term, we find that Mitt was a “plant” for the Obama/Biden camp all along, I’ll issue him an apology.After all, who is doing MORE for the Obama campaign than Mitt Romney?

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