1. Patric says

    Oh, Gigi. You don’t give Willard enough credit. This guy makes Nixon look honest.

    The work requirement in welfare reform? $716 billion in cuts to Medicare payments to insurance companies which were used to close the donut hole for seniors and extend the life of Medicare? The really big lies upon which Romney has based his campaign are unprecedented in modern presidential elections. is not your friend, Willard!

  2. Caliban says

    Classic projection- accuse the other guy of doing what you’re guilty of.

    I’m convinced Romney is a clinical sociopath according to the guidelines of the DSM and Hare’s Psychopathology Checklist. (Sociopath and Psychopath are interchangeable terms.)The reason he can say anything, contradict himself several times in the same day, is because he has no core values other than personal ambition.

    Looked at through that lens a LOT of things in Romney’s past suddenly make sense- the school bullying, the Seamus incident, his lack of empathy and inability to connect, inappropriate responses, hostile reactions to authority (Olympic guard, arrest at lake), Bain business practices, liberal in MA/Conservative now, cold and “robotic” demeanor- the list goes on. It’s why you get that “uncanny valley” feeling from him like you’re watching something pretending to be human but not quite pulling it off.

  3. Brian says

    Putting aside the obvious hypocrisy, I think it’s very funny that he’s pretending they’re actually having this debate about how to handle Obama’s supposed lies. Of course Romney will ignore them and talk about what he wants to talk about. He’ll also ignore all the moderator questions and everything else that’s going on in the room. romney is currently having his talking points tattooed to his brain so he can be just like a wind up doll, and will spew out his talking points regardless of whether they relate to the question at hand, no more and no less.

  4. RMc says

    ROFL…..Projection much? Mittens has told over 600 lies in the last 30 days including one very big one that proves his plebeian foreign policy would start WW3. SHUT THE F@#K UP Mittens you uneducated barbarian.

  5. keating says

    And Stephanopoulos wimps out on the questions — just like every other network-news journalist, from David Gregory on down.

  6. BABH says

    Well there it is: the full Goebbels.

    This is not some unconscious projection. This is a calculated propaganda campaign, deliberately lying to a segment of the population that Fox News has, over the years, carefully cordoned off from reality.

  7. EchtKultig says

    Gigi, it’s actually an insult to the memory of NIXON to associate him with Romney! As amazing as it seems, Nixon would practically be a democrat these days on many issues. Romney is best compared to Herbert Hoover, and even that’s probably a stretch.

    And, as for trying to pre-spoil the debates…smooth move there, Mittens. Liar liar, pants on fire – is the best you can come up with? Without his father’s prestige backing him up and paying for his prestige education, this guy would be selling used cars in Provo.

  8. Scott says

    And Mr. Romney could have been pointing out said “things that aren’t true,” if such exists, BEFORE the debates take place. Problem is, he hasn’t. My assertion is that Romney is setting up so when he doesn’t explain why he has not produced more tax returns, why his budget plan fails economically, why his name appears on the NOM pledge to traditional marriage, it will be because he was soooo busy with trying to refute lies.

    Good move on his part. So, how do you make this tactic a failure?

  9. EchtKultig says

    Not that Nixon wasn’t a corrupt liar – I merely meant on an overall scale of regressive politics, Romney is much more evil.

  10. Ryaninsacto says

    This is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. Project your faults onto your opponent. If your opponent is a war hero and you never served in a war, then call your opponent a coward and say he didn’t deserve his medals. If you’re a liar… Well, see above video.

  11. EchtKultig says

    Caliban, you do have a convincing case there. Not to flaunt Godwin’s law, but it’s pretty terrifying to think this man might share the same sort of soul as Hitler’s.

  12. DeeVee says

    Oh, honestly Lucy, I mean Mitt. Getting us to lower our expectations of you BEFORE the debates. This is not the way to do debate prep. Anyone who’s participated in Student Council knows that.

  13. Jack M says

    If Romney had enough knowledge, he wouldn’t have to pick between exposing any so-called lies from Obama and talking about what he wants to talk about. He would be able to do both. This shows you that he can call Obama a liar, but can’t back it up by calling him out on anything. Because he just. Doesn’t. Know.

  14. Reggie777 says

    This from the man who lied about Obama apologizing for the attacks on the embassies abroad?

    This from the party that lied about the existence of “death panels”?

    Wow! Breathtaking hypocrisy!

  15. Steve says

    It’s very 3rd-grade, if you ask me – he’s a liar, no he’s a liar, no he’s a liar……blah blah blah. I hope Obama wipes the floor with Romney.

  16. bobbyjoe says

    So Romney’s now so desperate he’s reduced to “I know you are but what am I”?

    Really, at least John McCain had a little honor somewhere, and you could kind of feel him gritting his teeth when he pandered to the lowest common denominator.

    But Romney is a man totally without honor. Not even a hint of it.

  17. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Romney increasingly resembles the people in one of those horror movies where humans are taken over by machines or extraterrestrial aliens. He is preprogrammed. I can’t wait to see him answering every debate question like one of the Stepford wives.

  18. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Homer,

    Markus and “?” are certified Romneybot nutjobs. Rick does get a little distracted by gender studies, but I’m pretty sure he’s not a Romneybot. He stated once that he personally has no use for Romney. One would hope he hasn’t changed his mind.

  19. RxR says

    mittens and his lyin’ veep are total and utter pieces of sh*t!!!!!!!!!

    shameless fascists, bigots, hate mongers, narcissists, etc, etc. Our world would be a far better place without their disgusting existence

  20. woodroad34d says

    Let’s see, since Mitt is a liar, thief and fraud, one can only assume that he really meant that Obama will tell nothing but the truth during the debates. It also shows how scared he is that he’s not smart enough to win a debate.

  21. ChadSF says

    This is just rich! He’s turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving. I personally look forward to the debates and based on the title of this post. I’m sure it will be the other way around.

  22. NY2.0 says

    Poor Willard, all his poll numbers are heading in the wrong direction. He’s beginning to see the writing on the wall.