1. jw says

    i’d blow him in a heartbeat
    as i imagine many guys on his campus would
    no force needed
    perhaps the force was the turn on

  2. Homo Genius says

    When i was in high school i was dating a big SMU Frat Guy. Id be snuck into the house to “pleasure” him. Aside from leading the Frat, he was also a Student Gov big wig. They voted against some gay student policy that was big news at the time. My 16 year old self was baffled because 1/2 the people on that board were gay.

    @nico – its a university. but its kind of a stuck up “old money” type place. Like a James Spader 80’s character would have gone there.

  3. Yupp says

    JW : He’s certainly not the worst, but…I don’t know, I wouldn’t do it with him. Too square-looking or something.

  4. secure214 says

    Does not surprise me. SMU is full of these closet cases. Frat-type guy’s with smug personalities. Just like Rick Perry. They are all over Texas.

  5. Bwana says

    Having lived near Southern Methodist for 20 years the act itself is not surprising. There is a lot of guy on guy action on and around campus (at least according to Grindr) but the school itself has been listed as one of the most LGBT-unfriendly schools in recent years. There is a lot of homophobia on campus and it’s basically rooted in the fact that a lot of these boys come from very wealthy and extremely well-connected families who stand a lot to lose if Mummy and Daddy find out that their precious little Johnny is a homo. And the school itself is notorious for burying stories about on campus guy-on-girl rape as evidenced by recent stories in the Dallas Morning News showing that only one man has been convicted in a criminal court of an on-campus rape of an SMU female in the last twenty years and that guy wasn’t even a student at SMU. They have an “internal court system” comprised of students and faculty who process these assault cases and mete out punishment without the accused rapist ever seeing the criminal justice system. Over 200 women have reported assaults on campus since 1990 and no SMU male has ever been convicted in a court of law for the crime. They is an overwhelming sense of entitlement in SMU students from the moneyed families and they go to any lengths necessary to protect their futures and their inheritances. Funny though how the guy accused of assaulting another guy didn’t get to go directly to the “shadow court” system.

  6. Biff says

    Earlier this week it was frat boys at the Univ of Tennessee giving each other wine* enemas. One of them nearly died and the fraternity has been banned from campus. Now we hear about another self entitled frat-rat raping a male student. I almost but not quite feel sorry for them. Self hatred keeps them from having normal relationships so they rape and engage in kinky pseudo sexual group binge drinking weirdness. Sad.

  7. Coffee&Chicory says

    The double standards at play here are incredible. Had the victim been a woman, this would have been hushed up quite nicely. But homophobia knows no bounds, even when it results in justice.

  8. luminum says

    The guy is a sexual offender! He forced himself on another person. Some of you here need to learn how to separate the reality of sexual assault and rape from consensual fantasy.

    Assuming his guilt is proven, I hope he gets what he deserves…

  9. AngelaChanning says

    Jeff is right. If anyone on the jury has these kinds of attitudes, it may be difficult to get justice. The recorded call is very damning. You watch, he will say it was some sort of role play.

  10. Kyle says

    How does a guy make another guy blow him without a gun, knife, etc? Fight him off, walk away, whatever. I’m sorry, but this victim is a puss.

  11. Yupp says

    Kyle : Well….I think it IS difficult, but possible. If I was judging the case I’d strongly consider the size of the accuser as well as the accused..

  12. Reppin2 says

    LMAO….These students are so confused with religion and so suppressed from showing their real feelings, I would not be surprised if this kind of thing is not going on more often. I hope this school closes.

  13. Alex Parrish says

    Physical force might not be the major factor in the rape (if proven.) The alleged assailant clearly had powerful connections and power can be used as a force as well. Whenever two people are in unequal power situations abuse is possible. That is what S/M is all about — but it is usually done consensually; apparently this was not. Who knows what power the assailant wielded: status in a frat, placement in a social circle — any number of power situations come to mind.

  14. Chris says

    Why is this newsworthy on a national scale? Sadly, sexual assualts happen on college campuses all of the time (sometimes by people from prominent families on campus), but they rarely make the news. The fact that the violence in this case was man on man is the only distinguishing factor. The fact that this is getting any attention is pure sensationalism.

    The same was true of a story last year that got a lot of attention (including here on Towleroad, I believe). Two women were “caught” having sex in a dorm common study room. Again, college students get caught having sex in inappropriate places all of the time, but because these were two women, it got national attention.

    Towleroad is better than this!

  15. voet says

    Something no one has mentioned here, why did this happen twice before it was reported? I wonder if there is more to this story.

  16. chuck says

    Forced sex is different than consensual sex. Especially a case which occurs in a bigoted University, where many students in power are closeted.

  17. steve says

    This is sad on all levels. The guy is a rapist clear and simple if he did what has been reported. That said, is he also a gay man raised in an environment so repressive he has no sense of how to express his feelings in an appropriate manner? I’m making no excuses for him. I can however imagine a young man caught up in the twisted belief system of the wealthy. A feeling of being entitled but forbidden to be anything but a straight clone of the power class.
    And the victim, what if he had feelings for the perp but wasn’t willing to act them out? What a sad betrayal all the way around. Everyone loses because of the attitude of the entitled class.

  18. Ben in Oakland says

    Maybe iit’s just me.

    But the story somewhat stinks. No gun, knife, or other weapon. Oral sex.

    This is to an assault that having your own teeth in your mouth couldn’t have easily stopped. Or more accurately, cut off right at the beginning.

  19. Caliban says

    If I’m reading that newspaper article correctly this is one event that took place in two location, a parking garage then at the fraternity house. So this isn’t a situation that was ongoing, where you start to wonder “Why did the victim keep putting themselves in that situation?”

    And coerced sex is rape, unless you’re a Republican like Todd Akin or Paul Ryan who believe that if you acquiesce, even out of fear, it isn’t “real” rape. And fear of violence isn’t the only kind of force that can be used.

    If this guy is a BMOC at SMU I wonder who his family is, what their business or political activities are.

  20. Yupp says

    I want Ari Ezra Legalname to get in here and give his opinion on this situation with these naughty Texas WASPs…

  21. JohnAGJ says

    There is probably more to the story that will come out in trial, but if this young man is guilty of that which he is accused of than I have no sympathy for him. In that case I hope he gets the maximum punishment.

  22. says

    typical rich right-wing brat with a learned sense of delusional entitlement. well done, family! you bred a sociopath! good on ya.

    y’know, in a more progressive liberal environment these guys can actually be Out, and date, and get laid without “resorting” to assault and threats and secrets and lies.


  23. Yupp says

    Or…a typical rich gay from a family who tells him he can do no wrong, thinking he can force himself on a straight boy. Who knows..?

  24. Yupp says

    Kevin : He looks a LITTLE bit hotter there, but still needs a better haircut. (Needs cropping closer on the sides. My opinion only).

  25. says

    @Kevin, too true. Yet aint it oh-so-bloody-typical of the ‘country club republican closet-case’ sort?

    Any second now I’m sure GOProud will jump to his defense and insist he was pressured into assaulting that other male by a group of “armed black youths in hoodies with Obama stickers on their cars.”


  26. Alexx says

    So I’m guessing the guys notoriety of being a descendant of a founder of the University is how he pressured the guy to blow him? I’m not sure I buy that, but these are only minor details. I’m sure there is a lot more we don’t know.

  27. says

    Oh, I’m happy Towleroad reported on this. I’m so reminded of Romney physically assaulting a fellow student who was gay and a blind faculty member, and then declaring it just “pranking” once he’s running for office. At least this will be better documented when the man accused of rape enters the political field.

  28. says

    Gays are painted as sexual predators, without moral capacity, violent, unable to love. Some of the comments on here seem to reflect that. My hope is that the victim will have loved ones nearby that can help bring some healing.

  29. Billy Crytical says

    It’s sex. If you look at sex badly you will want maximum punishment. Sure, if he forced himself on the other student it was wrong but he should not be convicted and sentenced to a prison term. Community service would be more appropriate. “I don’t want to be unpopular” is not an excuse for not saying no. When I didn’t want to do something I would say no and I was left alone.

  30. DG says

    “a scholarship committee chairman”
    Is it really so difficult to imagine what kind of threat can be made from that position?

  31. Michael says

    I don’t buy this at all. Once would be questionable but twice??? Yes, rape happens but there are way too many holes in this story.

  32. GLAW2014 says

    Is anyone really shocked here??? A closeted gay republican who would have eventually got into politics and kept voting our best interest in equality down. And yes the guy may look cute, but so do a lot of serial killers and rapist. Think with you other “head” for a change!

  33. Yupp says

    Michael: Something MIGHT have happened, but….yes, for now there are too many holes to be able to say for sure what happened. That’s why all these gays are just screeching their own wishful thinking (“a Republican rapist..!!”) instead of being wait-and-see. And with all the times gays have f–ked up that way in the past, you’d think they’d have learned by now to proceed with caution.

  34. Caliban says

    Look, it’s a pretty big sign that the victim went to the campus police and filed a report. To do that he had to admit that he’d performed oral sex on Mahaffey, an embarrassing admission for most young men, especially at a conservative school like SMU. Something was wrong enough about what happened that he did it anyway. And Mahaffey admitted on the phone “I know you didn’t [want to do it].”

    One odd thing though. “We have to say it was consensual…” To WHOM do they have to say it was consensual? Who else knows? That implies that other people know about it other than just themselves, right?

    If they were “caught in the act” that would complicate things greatly because if the victim was TALKED into it, wasn’t thrilled about the idea but was convinced to do it, then they were caught by frat members he *might* exaggerate the level of coercion or force, say “He MADE me do it!” to save face.

  35. ChristopherM says

    You people defending someone who admitted sexual assault in a phone call are really repugnant. Seriously, that is just sick.

  36. Markt says

    I think he just admitted it was forced on the phone to keep the sexy scene going. Really, he forced him to blow him? The guy was just mad that he left him to his own devices after he came down his throat.

  37. gregory brown says

    @uffda: a Methodist is either a Baptist who needs a checklist on salvation, or a Presbyterian who laughs at such a Baptist.

  38. Bob says

    AS SOMEONE WHO HAS GOTTEN MANY MEN TO GO FARTHER THAN THEY PLANNED — I can understand the “force of will” attraction. However, one has to learn when “no” means “no, for sure, don’t”.
    I am pretty well SHOCKED that posters do not recognize that rape is an act of violence, not of sex. We aren’t mindreaders, to tell if John is as Gay as Christmas — straight guys get blown by Gays every day. Texas is full of people who have a twisted view of life.
    John has blown something as well — he has blown away most of his life.

  39. Jake says

    This doesn’t suprise me either. Mommy and Daddy taught him well that he’d get along much better playing straight. This is the evil that comes from living in the closet.

  40. brotherdoc says

    I wonder if the assault victim was a fraternity pledge who was being hazed in some way in this incident. Does not condone it but might supply a context in which force or violence would not be needed, only intimidation and the threat of being refused membership in the chapter. “Blow me, pledge, or you’ll never get initiated into this fraternity.”

  41. NwYrkr says

    I agree with the posters questioning this. The blowee, absent a gun, knife or other weapon of force is in an extremely vulnerable position , the blower is the one in the position of power and can cause immense amounts of pain and disfigurement.
    As there was no mention of a weapon involved, I’m puzzled as to how the element of force is involved. Seems a difficult burden of proof for the prosecutor, something a good defense attorey will be able to rebut.

  42. John says

    Wow! The guy’s alleged to be a rapist and here we have people saying how hot he is and that he could do them.

    What if the person had allegedly raped your mother or sister?!

    No wonder there’s that large element out there that thinks we’re a bunch of sex-crazed perverts!

  43. says

    I doubt too much will come of this. Rapes are seldom successfully prosecuted, regardless if it’s same-sex, even with damning evidence.

  44. ratbastard says

    Ridiculous. Throw the damn book at him. Assault is assault, and there’s nothing to laugh at. Guys can and do get sexually assaulted and it’s not ‘fun’ or amusing.

    Let sunshine try and pull that cr*p in prison. Unfortunately, he probably would be put in segregation.


    We have another hazing/sex scandal at a suburban school here in Boston involving the football team. 4 indictments for sexual assault, no details released yet. Unbelievable. Most the guys doing stuff like this would bust a beer bottle over the head of a gay guy on a saturday night, or drive around neighborhoods with large gay populations yelling f*g/f*ggot at random dudes.

  45. MateoM says

    Yupp: I’m sorry you don’t want to take this seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. Stop belittling the situation.

  46. Michael says

    Give me a flying flippin break.

    So let’s say someone rapes you…. Are you going to avoid being alone with that person ever again or do you allow yourself to get back into a situation where you could be raped again?

    If there is someone who wants you to blow them and you don’t want to what are you going to do? Say no and then proceed to go down on then or say Hell no and walk away?

    I am bewildered this happened a couple of times and since the blower didn’t have enough balls to walk away he gets to cry rape?

  47. "The Gay" says

    Uhm, no weapon was used, and you didn’t just bite it ?

    Something about this story, and all the “what’s wrong with you posters, heeee waaaaaas raaaaaped” comments elude me.

    Stop being the victims.
    And stop hating those of us that refuse to be victims.
    And stop hating us for telling you to stop.

    Just stop.

  48. Diogenes Arktos says

    I do wonder with BrotherDoc that this might very well be hazing. Some fraternities are famous for having “homosexual” rituals as are some sports teams. Of course the frat will deny any of this goes on. Having read the frat’s statement (I’m not sure where) I do wonder if it’s a homophobic coverup for their behavior.

  49. mike128 says

    First of all, what’s up with everyone here blaming the victim? The police seem to have a recorded confession.

    And secondly, why do people assume this guy is gay? Rapists are about power, not sexuality. This guy may have used force or intimidation to get a blow job, not caring who the victim was (male or female). This kind of same sex abuse happens in fraternity culture all over the country, and the guys who do it are not all closet cases.

  50. Roger says

    The victim is also an SMU student and may have even stronger connections than JD. There are a lot of questions to be answered before we can jump to conclusions. The recording is the damning evidence. Even if JD is let off, any political career he might have hoped for is dead plus the story will follow him forever, taint any relationships he might form……its a lose-lose situation. The fall-out at home (Sp MO–very conservative–home of the Evangelical church) will be hard on Mom and Dad.

  51. Brent says

    Guilty until proven innocent? My kids have gone to school with J D Mahaffey since elementary school. J D has always been a well mannered, hard-working, polite young man. It is hard to believe the amount of hate coming from people that don’t know him, just based on allegations. It is funny how people can make gay slurs about another person as long as they are from a different political party. This whole accusation is questionable. What man would perform oral sex on another without a fight? J D is not a large, bulllying type person. What rape victim would call up their attacker the next day and say “you know, I didn’t want to do that.” Why the religious slurs. Southern Methodist has no connection to the Methodist Church other than the church owns the land the university is on. Part of the benefit of living in the U.S. was Innocent until Proven Guilty. Now, the press and a bunch of hateful people can smear a person’s reputation based on allegations. What about waiting until it has been decided in a court of law.

  52. says

    Too bad, “Brent”, that you (like your kind always does) chooses to say “It is funny how people can make gay slurs about another person as long as they are from a different political party” rather than attempting to be intellectually honest and acknowledge that JD’s chosen political party….you know…does a lot worse that say gay slurs.

    they actively encourage and promote bigotry and prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people.

    which is why your good friend JD is such a pathetic coward. And so are you, btw.

    Good to know he has friends like you. Were you jack-off buddies growing up in your happy closeted-republican coward enclave? đŸ˜€

  53. Yupp says

    Brent : I think you’re only picking out the people who are posting “Guilty!” here and ignoring those saying “There are a lot of holes in this story” and the like.

  54. Brent says

    LittleKiwi: Sorry you are such an angry person. I just meant to defend a friend of my kids that seems to be convicted before given due process.

    Yupp: You are right. Just frustrated by all the anger against what I have always seen to be a good kid. Thanks.

  55. Andrew says

    If a not very physically intimidating looking 19 year old Mahaffey, who is unarmed tells you to blow him and you do instead of punching him in the mouth and fighting him off, you are part of the problem. I would say that you are a pussy, except the PC crowd would go nuts.

  56. says

    The guy is a sexual offender! He forced himself on another person. Some of you here need to learn how to separate the reality of sexual assault and rape from consensual fantasy.

  57. Grant H. says

    Rape is wrong, you idiots. This is real life, not a porn. He’s a predator, no matter his other issues. And he violated a person. The victim (who is obviously very brave) in this is going to have years of stigma and who knows what other problems. Grow up, guys.

  58. Rick says

    Some of you people really crack me up. The deepest fantasy of many gay men (I dare say most) is to be manhandled and dominated by another man……and then you turn around and act all puritanical when it comes to “sexual assault” as in this instance.

    Just another example of the absurd contradictions that characterize so many of you……you believe in “gender-non-conformity” and worship women as “icons”, regarding traditional masculinity as belonging to “Neanderthals”……even as you long desperately to be dominated by such “Neanderthals” as evidenced by your jock fetish.

    Yes, this culture is all screwed up when it comes to men being able to relate normally to each other socially, emotionally, and sexually…….but “gay” culture is generally part of the problem, not part of the solution……and is no healthier or natural than straight male culture, being, in fact, every bit as screwed up if not moreso….

  59. Dan says

    This is an accusation. There is not a conviction yet. It’s crazy this is a national story if it really is. Maybe it’s just a national story in the gay press and blogs.

    Caliban states close to what I was wondering. It seems like someone saw or caught them and maybe the victim was not as into it as the aggressor. The victim sets up this guy with the phone call and he is not the gay one. Of course, if this guy is a pledge of the fraternity its another story and this guy is toast.

    A good defense lawyer wins this case and this guy will become the republican governor of Mississippi in 25 years.

  60. Yupp says

    You idiots screaming “He’s a sexual predator !” should consider all the facts of the case (that we know, such as the alleged victim going back to the guy a second time) and also consider how much of the case we don’t know about. Accusations of rape don’t necessarily mean there was a rape. Plenty of false accusations. Once DNA evidence came about, tons of innocent guys have been released after spending years in prison.

  61. Matthew Cheek says

    I used to wait on this kid all the time at the country club his parents belonged to. I hope this kid goes to jail and gets pounded in his ass til his eyes bleed.

  62. Ray says

    As someone who was intimidated into forced sex by a person who had power and prestige (he was a priest, I an altar boy) it saddens me when I read so many people jumping to defend the accused in this situation and assuming the victim must have ‘wanted it’.

    He confessed on tape, you morons.

  63. says

    @Brent, i’m not an angry person. I’m a happy openly-gay liberal. :-)

    One of the perks of being a Liberal is that I get to, you know, date guys. Because I don’t have any reason to hide who I am to appease the people I choose to align myself with.

    Kudos to your coward of a friend. One more closted-homosexual Gay Republican @sswipe who needs to get his kicks by…well…. the tape speaks for itself.

  64. Yupp says

    Ray : That tape is….a confession? Or further roleplay between consenting partners? (And even in its worst scenario I’d hardly compare this case with a horrid priest molesting an altar boy).

  65. Hmmmm... says

    @Littlekiwi…thought you might be amused to hear that a certain poster with whom you’ve had exchanges here detonated my gaydar long before I heard his overly-nellified intonation of “hellooooo, nancy” at a PTA meeting. In the midwest the self-loathing closet cases immerse themselves in lifting up the republican party and fundamentalism (in his case Assemblies of God). So, no mystery how he found his way to a gay website to defend this kid, representing the latest generation of a long line of rather cruel and always “entitled” clan. Yeah, I knew them too.

  66. Timmy! says

    GODDAMN! I wouldnt need to be forced to blow this stud…and i’d DEFINITELY keep it under wraps just so I could KEEP sucking his cock!