1. Tristram says

    Total cop-out. He clearly has a stance, and that is that homosexuality is a sin. That’s the last time I take anything this man says seriously. I’d love to hear what he says if asked if he thinks that beating slaves is okay? After all, the ‘scripture’ supports this. Get a clue Osteen.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Osteen has a stance and it’s a “wide” stance. He chooses to “stick to the things” he knows? He should stick to his name, address and age, then; because the Bible refers to straight men engaging in same sex acts, not people who are in fact intrinsically gay. His point of view is not fact. He reads and interprets the bible (as all straight people do) from their perspectives–so of course straight is good and gay is not so much. He hasn’t the intelligence to think in any dimension other than 2D.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Osteen is no different from thousands of clery worldwide – Christian, Jewish, Muslim et al – who proclaim homosexuality as a sin when, in fact, they not only have no basic understanding of being gay but choose not to understand it in the name of their God. It’s why I pay no attention to what 99% of the clergy have to say about, well, anything! They hide their deep and profound ignorance behind their religious interpretations while condemning a large segment of humanity to Hell.

  4. "The Gay" says

    The media, towlroad included, rarely says anything positive about people of faith that support us.

    It’s all about being as extreme and offensive as possible. Positive news isn’t news.

    One might assume we have no support from churches and the faithful from this constant barrage of BS.

  5. Mona says

    I think Towleroad has done an admirable job of publicizing religious leaders who are friends to the LGBTQ community. Joel Osteen, however, is not one of those leaders, so I feel the scorn heaped upon him by the readers of this blog is well-deserved.

  6. says

    Osteen believes that the more than 6 million Jews exterminate in the Holocaust are in “Hell” for all eternity since they committed the “sin” of not “acknowledging Christ as the one and only Son of God and also God Himself the Word Made Flesh.”

    Therefore he’s an appalling idiot who should be ignored.

  7. Keith says

    It’s also funny because Osteen’s show cites scripture very little and Jesus almost not at all. It’s a nice show full of positive pep talk and little vignettes about people who kept going against the odds, etc. Then in the last 5 minutes it’s as if Osteen suddenly remembers that he really should mention Jesus, so he throws that in there almost as they cut to commercial.

    In short: his show isn’t all that Bible-centered or even particularly Christian. It’s Tony Robbins with a thin Christian overlay.

    Also, he’s not normally into talking about sin. He’s about being upbeat and smiley. That makes me wonder if he really cares about homosexuality personally, or if he’s too afraid to offend the Congregation who pay to attend his church (you have to buy tickets from Ticketmaster when he goes on the road). It may simply be about the business. If that’s the case, it’s sad that he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to his congregation’s prejudices.

  8. Mike says

    He looks gay to me, what do you think, is he hiding something like Ted Haggard? If he were a real preacher he would know that the bible says that God created all men, gay and straight to be born on earth and love one another. You know what they say about people who attack gays, they are closet gays trying to make people think they are straight.

  9. says

    I believe people like Osteen uses the bible to his own economical egotistical advantage. Preaching to people, inferring to people that he has the ‘gift of God’ is nothing more than a marketing strategy and an easy way to stroke his ego. This man lives a life of privilege and wealth and wants the world to believe his purpose on earth is to lift others up. Yet he doesn’t practice what he preaches. His preaching is to benefit Joel Osteen and only Joel Osteen.

    Could he walk away from all this tomorrow? No. The money, position and power he holds is simply too great. He is not serving God for one minute. He is serving Joel Osteen.

  10. Matt says

    This Osteen character is a pathetic fool, however, this debate about “choice” v. “born this way” is a dead end and really should stop. It is profoundly stupid and based on numerous false assumptions.

  11. says

    Osteen says, “I stick to issues I understand.”

    …and yet you go on TV to flap your gums about gay people. The next time you feel like talking about us Joel, please just STFU.

    “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”

  12. Caliban says

    “It’s Tony Robbins with a thin Christian overlay.”

    Absolutely, Keith. Joel Osteen is nothing but a feel-good preacher of Prosperity Gospel, which holds that if you send HIM money then “God” will bless you by making you rich. He’s a scummy televangelist living high on the hog by bilking money from those who can ill-afford to part with it. Never mind that this alleged “Christian” contradicts the words of his own supposed savior at every turn, particularly in regard to the importance of money and wealth but also by ignoring that whole “judge not lest…” business.

    The only difference between Osteen and a traveling con-man tent revival preacher is Osteen has a bigger tent.

  13. RxR says

    Osteen is just a gigantic loser who gets off on judging other people. He stands proudly with other hateful bigots who motivate hate speech, hateful action and hateful legislation against the LGBT community. Shame on you Osteen, may your God judge you as harshly as you judge others

  14. Oz in OK says

    “I stick to issues I understand.” And he’s shown over and over and OVER again that he has absolutely no desire to understand LGBT people – our hopes, dreams, and even our faith.

    I want to say to him – ‘You want to understand LGBT people? Then humble your pride, and volunteer at a youth shelter for LGBT youth. Listen to their stories about how many of them were thrown out on the street by ‘loving christian parents’. Listen to their stories about being forced to endure ‘ex-gay therapy’ until they were suicidal. Listen to their stories of how they were forced to do anything – ANYTHING – to survive on the streets while their straight brothers and sisters basked in their parents’ ‘Christian love’. Listen to their stories of how they were publicly humiliated in the churches they grew up in, and lost their friends – friends they thought they could count on until these ‘good Christian youth’ suddenly became Job’s Comforters. Listen to their stories of their LGBT friends who couldn’t take it anymore, and killed themselves.

    Or he could volunteer at an AIDS hospice. Hear the stories of the dying, of how they were ostracized and thrown out of their homes, their communities, their churches. Listen to their stories of having lost everything, and reduced to abject poverty because of an illness – while ‘good Christians’ held up their signs screaming how AIDS was punishment from God, and how they deserved to die and rot in hell.

    Or he could volunteer at an AIDS Survivors group. He could hear the stories of men and women forced to watch the loves of their lives wither away and die, with no help from their former friends, family, church or community. He could hear their stories of rampant paranoia and fear. He could hear their stories of watching their loved ones dying, then bigoted and hateful ‘Christian’ families swooped in and took everything, because the Courts refused to acknowledge Wills, Powers of Attorney – documents these couples spent thousands of dollars to procure.

    But he won’t. People like Joel Osteen would rather stand behind their gilded lecterns and bask in the ignorance of pleasing the mob – I mean congregation. People like Joel Osteen would rather close their eyes to the horrible truth of what we have endured at the hands of Christianity. People like Joel Osteen have no desire to understand why so many LGBT citizens burn with hatred toward Christianity.

    In short, he’s ignorant – and he wants to stay that way.

  15. Lucas H says

    He’s an actor on a stage. Who knows what he really thinks?

    I suspect the comment above, that he’s just saying this stuff to keep his audience (and the $$$$$$$$) is accurate. Not that that makes it any less wrong.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    “this debate about ‘choice’ v. ‘born this way’ is a dead end and really should stop”

    Probably not in our lifetime. The Religious Right have “evidence” that it’s a choice – and that’s not going to go away any time soon. This is one of the issues why they think the SPLC is guilty of spreading misinformation about the LGBT community – hence, should be labeled a hate group.

    On the other hand, I’m glad straight people are being asked if they chose to be straight.

  17. Michael says

    Anyone who says Olsteen is straight must be deaf, dumb and blind. He is arguably the gayest guy walksng the planet. His lisp makes Cindy Brady look clean and crisp.

    And stick to things he understands??? Like if he didn’t condemn gay people then we couldn’t be part of his money making sideshow?

    These preachers have turned God into the ultimate money table.

  18. court jester says

    He’s a business man that happens to sell religion. Mitt’s cousin. BTW, does this mean that all white people are opposed to gay rights? If this guy were black or latino I can only imagine the “those people” comments coming from the likes of Jason, Markus, Anon, etc.

  19. scott says

    ugghhhh….. gag. Beyond his views on “the gay condition” or whatever, he’s a guy who preaches that you’re only blessed by God if you’re wealthy and successful. Complete contradiction of everything Jesus taught.

  20. Icebloo says

    This is the idiot who goes on TV and tells people to pray for a new car or a bigger house. He is not a Christian. Christianity is not about praying for material possessions – that’s called capitalism. They are very different.

    This guy is mega rich and he has done it by getting all those mentally weak, brainwashed sheep to send him money or pay to hear him speak. That is not a good example of Christianity either. He is just a right wing, profit-making businessman who pays NO TAXES on his income because he is a religious worker.

    It’s time ALL religions paid their share of income taxes.

  21. FunMe says

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
    MATTHEW 24:24

  22. GIA says

    We forget that it hasn’t been very long since we’ve come into into the mainstream. Joel Osteen is a man who has been taught in the ways of the bible and by not taking a stance, he is trying to be cautious not to offend anyone – something you should appreciate and respect yourselves. I mean there is more acceptance of the LGTB community and still all I ever see is so much hatred towards straights who don’t share the same feeling. I say live and let live and know many straights that may not understand my preference but they aren’t anymore bigoted and mean than some gay people I know. I go to a church that isn’t neccesarily gayfriendly but everyone knows I am and accepts me as I am. I just wish others could be less intolerant towards straights that aren’t there yet. Stop the anger and the bashing of christians in particular.

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